Should I quit my job and go back to school to be an RN?

I am about 11 weeks pregnant and planning on quiting after the baby is born anyways. I am not making enough money and this is not what i want to do all my life. My fiance says he can take care of the bills untill i get outta school. I just dont know if i should wait untill the baby is born or now. What do yal think?

Answer #1

My opinion - I’d stay home with baby for awhile before starting anything. having a new baby is wonderful, but it’s also a lot of work and a lot of adjustment. Both your children would benefit from having you home for awhile, and once you are comfortably into a routine, you can consider taking that RN course.

Answer #2

Yea probably a good idea. Gonna have to stay home about 3 months or so untill i can leave her/him with a baby sitter. Plus the courses start in august and thats when im due. Starts again in January. Good thing about this school is its only a couple days a week for two years :) or three if i want the bachelors degree.

Answer #3

think i should untill i pop

Answer #4

I think you should be an RN eventually. :) It is good money, and probably a rewarding position.

Answer #5

yea thats what i really wanna do :) Cory says i can take off now if i wanted but probably should wait untill i pop lol. then worry about school after a while

Answer #6

I think you should be an RN. It’s a great job with great money and your helping people. But you should continue working for now and put money away for your schooling to become a RN. That’s what im going in for within the next few years and let me tell you it’s not cheap.

Answer #7

Yea i can get financial aid though. Seeing as i am a single mom of two. Well engaged but not married yet ;) so i can get financial aid to pay for it. Plus there are student loans that will help.

Answer #8

are you married yet? no then all could end tomorrow and any person who puts all trust in some one else for life will fall the hardest.
but i see no reason to not earn income even if you do go back to school since there is a pretty huge chance after your degree you still wont have a job in your field of interest for more than a year. i know it’s harsh right? and hard to believe that you go to school learn, pass, get degree and bam still folding clothes in sears or cleaning up tables at the local diner.

life is rough get a helmet

Answer #9

I am 25 yes i know life is rough have been through it all. Im not married. The date is set. next year spring. Either way i have back up plans. I am going to school to be an RN… There are LOTS of job opinings for a nurse. Wont take long at all actually. I wont be able to work and go to school. I have a secretary job. Mon-fri 8-5. So one will have to go. Then my fiance works nights. Daycare is to expensive to pay for with a waitress job. that is what i will be working for. Wont need it.I have family to watch them while i go to school. After i get my degree…. If i cant find a job right away in my feild of interest then i will look for a temp job. But i wont have to jugle both. I will already have my degree. the school i go to helps you find that job after i graduate. Almost garunteed a job.

Answer #10

Plus if something were to go way wrong i have family who would love for me to stay with them untill i graduate. My mom really needs me anyways. She could use some help. But i dont want that but that is my back up plan

Answer #11

i live life expecting everything to break and no day go unchallaged and everything that lands in my way i simply walk on by unaffected cause i’m prepared school and work happens and you hear there are huge amount of nurses needed but two of my friends are nurses and one works at out back and a hospital only 2 days a week. the other target they both been out of school for over 2 years.

just don’t think that a degree is a guarantee as you have to remember all those people in class with you want that job too. or in the end you’ll like it i have a friend how has three majors been in the work force 3 times and is back again this year for another major cause he didn’t like his job choices yet again. and the man made 40k on what i make

Answer #12

well i have been researching the topic and it seems like jobs are just hard to find nowadays witht he economy. But nursing is in the top 25 to survive. I will just have to dam good and be better than the rest :/ which will be hard. But im determined. Even if i have to relocate

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