Should I quit my job at McDonalds?

I have been working at McDonalds for 5 months now, and I am facing the difficult decision as to whether or not I should quit. There are numerous reasons for and against. One is that a number of my managers constantly speak negatively to my coworkers while I am on shift and while I am within earshot. For example one of my managers used terms such as “useless” and stated that I never took initiative and wished that she didn’t have to “put up with me”, whereas my coworker and second shift manager came to my defence. There was no reason for her complaints, merely that she took a dislike to me to begin with.

Furthermore, most of you can understand that customer service can be one of life’s more challenging tasks, and so this is a smaller reason against. Customers constantly abuse me for the mistake of another person, and when I apologize and try to deal with the situation, I am abused further.

On the latter hand, money is a necessity if I wish to have some sort of a social life. I’m 16 years old and a healthy balance is crucial.

I am conflicted and the sub sequential stress is putting a terrible strain on my abilities at school. My grades are decreasing steadily and my moods are often dark and unreliable.

To be completely honest, I hate me job. I loathe it. But I do not want to appear to be the girl who “couldn’t hack it” or was “a pathetic sook”.

So I need your help. Should I quit my job at McDonalds?

Answer #1

If you feel it is doing more damage than good by staying there, you should quit. I would definitely start looking for a new job asap. But remember how hard times are right now, and a crappy job is better than no job at all. I’ve had a job that makes me want to tear my hair out, but when it comes down to it, that job pays for the things you need. Make sure your manager has no reason to call you useless. Just bite your tongue and try to deal with it all.. and once you clock out, scream your lungs out. lol. I think it’s good you’re only 16 and already working by the way.. Hope it works out :)

Answer #2

What are your reasons for quitting your job? Assess whether the job is suitable for what you want to do in life exactly or, whether it pays you enough for your needs. Think thoroughly. Goodluck! :)

Answer #3

iDont think u should ; Your Making money riqht ? so its all good juss do it for the money girl/Boy! lol

Answer #4

its easier to get another job while still in work.

look for a job but dont quit mcdonalds till you have another.

Answer #5

i would because and im not dissing mcdonalds but a lot of their food is fattening and im a gymnist so i watch my weight but you could be harming your body by always eating their food. so much fat isnt healthy. but this is a good test for you. stay working there and see if you can lose weight while working there self control try it

Answer #6

In most cases I’d advise looking for another job before quitting your current one. As Matty mentioned, it is easier to find another job when you are already working. The one thing that troubles me is that you are noting that your schoolwork and grades are suffering. When you are 16 your primary job is education and building a foundation for your future. If you can work while keeping all your other obligations than I think it is great; you earn money while building life experiences. If other things suffer because you work than the job just isn’t worth it. Putting a crimp in your social life is much better than putting a kink in your scholastic efforts.

My advice is to quit and get back on track with your grades and school before looking for another job. If you can’t bring yourself to doing that than try changing your availability so you work less until you can find a better job.

All fast food jobs pay little and work you hard; it is one of the ways they remain profitable in spite of razor thin margins. When you have to work hard for little pay and have a boss who is a jerk or petty backstabbing coworkers that makes it a lot worse.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

Answer #7

There are other jobs out there (even other fast food jobs). Putting up with negativity everyday will hurt you emotionally in the long run. If I were you, I would look around for another job, then when you have found one, quit at McDs. Some other jobs you may want to look at are:

Another McDs (hey, you know how everything works now right!?) A different fast food joint A restaurant (you will wash dishes and maybe wait tables) Working in a shop behind the desk Stocking supermarket shelves In a factory stocking shelves and moving stock In a production line

You could ask at your local church if any adults know of a spot in their job or business open for you, or get ideas for jobs from your friends and other kinds at school.

Answer #8

There are better reasons to quit your job. As someone who’s trying hard to find a job in this tough economy, I’m telling you to stick to it. Chances are, that ONE manager won’t be there forever for you to put up with.

Answer #9

yes i did and i feel SUPER GREAT about it dont regret a thing hahaha

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