Quija board?

does the quija bard actually work, or is I tmade up. I was sitting in my bathroom, wit my bros, and we were tryong 2 get it 2 work, but nutting happened. how do you work that thing, and does it actually owrk???//

Answer #1

Of course not! It is a game you play for fun, like with your friends and stuff. It does not actually work…

Answer #2

Its the devil

Answer #3

I don’t think it’s a good influence on someone - we must be careful and discern if something is not of a positive/uplifting nature in our lives…Take care !!

Answer #4

A ouija board is supposedly used to communicate with spirits. Scientifically it is believed that people using a ouija board subconsciously move the marker to the letters rather than any ‘spiritual being’ having anything to do with it. It all depends on what you believe though. :)

Answer #5

you need to get the real one.

not my experience but my friend’s. one of her sister was close to playing with it, she backed down at the last min. well yah, her friends brought it to school and played it in a school bathroom. My friend’s sister was outside waiting for them, suddenly she herd screeming and the stall bathrooms were banging, her friends came out pale and shaking. since then the bathroom is close, it’s never open.

Answer #6

It doesn’t work - all it is, is a trick of the mind. If enough people put their hands on the thing, it will move to but only because you are all putting so much pressure on it from different angles - so of course who ever isn’t holding it as hard they thing will move in that direction at that time.

Answer #7

ya it really does work.I don’t know why it didn’t work with you but believe me it does work.when my mom was little her and my aunt got one just to mess around with but it ended up freaking them out because after they asked their question it started to move by itself so they went and threw it out and never used it again

Answer #8

ok I will admit when I first played with one I thougt to myself “how could a game made by milton bradley really work” then it really did work for me and one of my friends, one night it told us (we were all hanging out at the playground) that one of us was going to get hurt that night, as we were all walking home one of our friends fell and broke her collar bone , True story take it for what it is worth

Answer #9

depends on what you get. screw the parker bros game go straight for the wooden one.

Answer #10

All I know is that my sister once used one and she ended up getting rid of stuff she owned (tarot cards, crystal ball, etc.). Plus she was told by a psychic reader that she has to stay away from “wicca”, which is to do with something like that. I think my mum is afraid of stuff like that. She refuses to watch films like The Omen or The Exorcist. Plus she got annoyed when my sister talked about buying or using an Ouija board, saying that something bad will happen. I reckon something is weird about it all. The doors in our house sometimes open and close by themselves (there was no wind or other people to close them). Be careful, whatever you decide to do.

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