How do you *like* your answers?

What is your criteria for liking an answer? I usually like the first answer that is relevant to what I asked and answers the question, regardless if I agreed with the opinion or not. How do you guys do it?

Answer #1

Questions or answers? U got me confused

Answer #2

Liking questions ….doesn’t make a whole ton of sense (it’s in the list of ‘to be fixed’)….liking answers, of course, does make sense (eg, you can see what answer is considered the best by the larger community, OR you can select the one that you consider the best as well).

But….well, the description of your question confuses me, too.

Answer #3

I apologize, I corrected it.

Answer #4

I apologize, I corrected it.

Answer #5

As far as answers, I’m the same as u, if the answer is right I will like it weather I agree with the right answer or not

Answer #6

Ok I was sure I knew wat u meant but didn’t want to assume anything

Answer #7

Agree with Jeremy, doesn’t make since to like questions but does make since to like answers :-)

Answer #8

I hardly ever ask a question, but I click to “like” an answer mainly if it conforms to one or more of the following criteria: . (a) It tells me something that impresses me because it teaches me something new; . (b) it amuses me; . (c) It is so similar to the answer that I would give, …..that it saves me the effort of answering the question myself; . (d) It uses impressive rhetoric to the extent that I think. . (e) It is evidently a better answer than one that I have already given. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. . …..”I wish I had said that”;

Answer #9

like! Thanks for the feedback.

Answer #10

Yikes !! ….. Cyberspace stole part of item (d) ….. . (d) It uses impressive rhetoric to the extent that I think.”I wish I had said that”.

Answer #11

I “like” answers that are well written (decent spelling and grammar), that are helpful to the person asking the question as well as others, that is detailed, that answer the actual question, and/or that I agree with.

Answer #12

I ‘like’ an answer if it answers the question perfectly. When I say ‘perfectly’, I mean that it answers the question and if need be gives a brief description of what is needed or what the asker needs to do in the situation they are stuck on.

For example: ‘How do I know when a sausage is cooked?’. A good answer would be ‘When it’s even coloured, hot inside, and has been in the pan for a few minutes’. But a great answer (the answers that we should all be striving to give!) would be: ‘When it is even coloured, hot inside, and has been in the pan for a few minutes (it depends how hot you have your pan). You should have the pan at about 3/4 on the dial. When it had been 1-2 minutes, check your sausage by sticking a knife into it and peering inside. If the meat is still light pink, it’s not done. The meat should be coloured with a browny colour (of course it depends on what type of sausages you have). Make sure you always cook with oil so that the food doesn’t burn or stick to the pan, and make sure to turn your sausage often. When possible, buy pre-cooked sausages that you just have to heat up. They are safer to eat and take any worry away when cooking!!’

Answer #13

Good answer :-)

Answer #14


Answer #15

Oh ok…lol. I was wondering about that last part….assumed it was something quirky which I didn’t get again.

Answer #16

something that pretty much answers the question…. also if its something i would have said :O

Answer #17

The question (to my perspective) is that it should be clearly stated with correct punctuation and appropriate. Of course, I’m 14, not an english teacher.

Answer #18

I would be very disappointed if the ability to like questions was removed. Why do you think it doesn’t make sense, Jeremy or Tammy?

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