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I'm 15 and my new 13 year old stepbrother has been living with us for a 6 months and we get along great so far. We have to share a room until my dad finishes building another one on the house. Since I've never had a brother before is it normal for a boy his age to be comforatble being nude while in our room and he shows me his erection sometimes? Don't know if this is normal behaviour for a boy his age? Should I just pretend to ignore him when he does this? Thanks for any advice.

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wtf if you wer wet and a 15 year old boy was there whuld you show him

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I dont think tat is normal especially since your his step sister that is just wrong. I also agree he does sound like a pervert.

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what...the...nut? is he retarded? I would tell your parents bout the nude part. and erection

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Ok just being nude and not doing anything sexual isn't sexual harassment. I personally don't think anything's wrong with that so long as nuthing sexual is so much as even referred to and as long as no one minds. a guy having an erection, that IS a sexual reference, and like I said before, that is not right. He should not be showing you his erection. Talk to him. If you don't mind him being naked, then just tell him look if you want to be naked fine butt I don't want to see your hard thing. Or if your not comfortable with him being naked then tell him to stop and put something on. Nuthing wrong with nudity, but definatly something wrong with him being hard at the same time. hope this helps :)

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look I think sum people are bein harsh ..

he is no a perv he 13 and prob dont fully understand the consequences of what hes doin girl just say to him when he says look say no offence you like my lil bro and thats not right and then change the sub if he keeps doin it then say look yeah dont want to rewin our friend ship but thats rude and I dont like it and then if he continues sujest havin your own room or tell his mother farther?

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maybe he just that comfy around you "or he likes you..." which is normal 4 a boy his age as you int related but still its not rite.. just ignore it and he'll grow out of it and realise its rong good luck ..

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No that's not normal. That's pretty perverted. A kid his age should be nervous about that kind of stuff. I wouldn't suggest telling your parents yet for his sake of embarrassment. If anything I'd tell him he needs to stop doing that.

If he doesn't stop, then tell your parents, or at least his dad.

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Why would you look? Anyway, I'd just ignore him, hes going through puberty and hes getting a little horny... If it gets worse, you should tell one of your parents. But I agree, it sounds like he's a bit of a pervert.

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I don't know if this is a joke, but if it's not get up literally right now and go tell him that's not okay. If he thinks your okay with it he may get the wrong ideas. If is does get worse then tell your dad.

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No, you do not need to share a room and be sexually harassed (and yes, that IS sexual harassment)

You need to tell your parents, and he needs to sleep on the couch.

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