Is the quality of life really better in the Southeastern U.S. than in the Northeastern U.S.?

Do people who move from the North to the South ever miss it and want to come back? It seems from the way people talk that the South is the promised land, and the Northeast is hell on earth. Is that really how it is? Are there any people who actually like it in the Northeast?

Answer #1

I’ve lived in New York for about a year (Ossining, in Westchester county) and now i’m living in Miami, Florida - only been here for a month but I vastly prefer it here to Westchester county.

The weather is better, even if I did commute, it wouldn’t take an hour and a half (as it did when I worked in New York City) and the people are just as friendly, generally, they’re not in such a rush as they were when I was in New York City (it seemed like everybody was very impatient to me, coming from Oregon / Califonia).

My 2 cents.

Answer #2

What I have seen of Florida, it seemed very dirty. I was only around Disney World for two weeks, but I do not think I would want to live there.

Answer #3

I live in Texas and love it!! You can have your big city lights (Dallas, Austin or Houston) as well as your country living. And the beach isn’t too far of a drive. I have been to Georgia, California and all the states in between, but I can’t say I would live there :)

Answer #4

Well it is Texas, but we are not really in the east, more in the middle.

Answer #5

Depends on what YOU need for YOUR quality of life. If you like aspects of winter and clearly different seasonal periods , pick north. If you would prefer less extremes in temperature and possible hurricanes and lots of humidity, pick SE. This is really your choice, but thanks for asking for our opinions. At this point these are my top favorites: Charlotte, NC; anywhere in New Mexico; Pe Ell Washington, I like to be alone sometimes but still have ocean and mountains available, PLUS housing is really cheap! Of course there’ s no jobs, so that should go into this equation also.

OK, fav location with job possibilities, Tucson, AZ’; Sisters, OR.

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