Putting my dog to sleep

I have a mix german shepard that is around 5 years in human life my question is I am getting affraid and very uncomfortable with his behavior he waqnts to agitate my yellow lab anymore always taunting him and when they start getting rough and I scold him he gets aggrasive toward me want to kinda say like back off to me just earlier I took them some bones and he has his eating as I walked by him he growled very viscious at me something nhe has never ever done he is in a dog run nut im worried about his behavior and feel he is a liability to other am I right to have him put to sleep?

Answer #1

I agree with Utopia and ifeelcrazy… to a point. Putting him to sleep is a very LAST resort! First…ANY seemingly overnight behavioral change calls for a visit to the VET.

You say he’s in a dog run, how big is it? Is there really room for two large dogs? Room to run? Does he EVER get out for a walk? A game of fetch? Simming? Do either of these dogs get any FUN exercise?? Every dog has it’s limit for boredom…have you ever heard of cage crazy?? That’s what dogs who have been in the shelter for a long time get. Bored to insanity. This dog may have reached his limit for prison life.

There is a type of training called NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free)…that means…before you put his dish down, he has to sit, or down, or speak…he has to DO something in order to receive it…same goes for a bone, or ANYTHING he wants from you…he must DO something… (this will be hard if you’ve never gotten around to any basic obedience)… If you haven’t done any obedience with him, then try a one on one trainer (you’ll come away knowing more about dog…and what he needs to be happy). Exercise and escape from boredom are huge factors in doggie happiness.

Until I KNEW I had done EVERY possible thing, to help this dog overcome whatever is going on with him, I’d be damned if I’d give up on him…It’s called “regard for life”… If, after you’ve tried every conceivable way to help him, and he’s still aggressive towards you…then putting him to sleep might be your only option. Personally, however, I’d see that as freeing him from YOU, rather than freeing you from him…


PS…if the two dogs are just playing rough ( they all sound vicous when the play is rough)…and are outside, then why are you butting in?? Let them play, it doesn’t sound like they have much else to do.

Answer #2

Well I think this is very selfish of you and Utipia and Phrannie coverd it. Do you realize 5 years old in human years is about 1-2 years old in doggie years. You are the one that is not being the leader.

Answer #3

If he isn’t properly trained yet,you may want to find a professional trainer that way he’s know when to get aggressive and when not to be,don’t put him to sleep because you’ll regret it later and miss him like crazy.

Answer #4

I think you should keep the dogs seperated for a while and find a new home for the german shepard he probaley might be jealous or ext cause I think putting him to sleep might be to much unless he is attacking

Answer #5

Well ypu could try and put in him behavior classes. But if you can’t stop them from having the vet put him to sleep then I think you shoud’ve tried some other options but if you can have them stop it, then try the behavior classes. but if they don’t work, then I guess its time 4 him 2 end.

Answer #6

I do some volunteer working at a dogs rescue home, I got involved with two dogs fighting a member of staff cam to help me and told me that if they start fighting you should never get involved and if they cant get on to keep them away from eachother. when it comes to food dogs can change very quickly so when you give your pet food always split them up to stop fights. I agree take your dog to learning classes or just try to keep them away from eachother.

Answer #7

I agree with utopia…just because YOU can’t control YOUR dog doesn’t mean you should put him to sleep.

Firstly take him to a vet, to make sure that nothing is wrong with his health…because alsations can get very agressive because of health problems and the are VERY prone to struggle with chronic constipation…that could make him aggressive and is what happened to ours

Secondly if nothing is wrong take him for some behavious classes and learn to manage your dog.

Answer #8

No! You are NOT correct to put him to sleep. You just want to take the easy way out, easy for you. Find out why he is aggressive. Many times it is related to a health issue or some other underlying problem. An animal behavior therapist can help. But don’t just put him to sleep. My gosh, what is wrong with you that you would even think that that should be an option? Maybe he just needs a better owner. Maybe your other dog does also.

Answer #9

If he growled at you thats never good. If he’s ever bitten anyone he might be a liability. Do you take him for walks much? try taking the german shepard for walks or finding a way to drain some of his energy so he doesn’t feel in the mood to be aggrasive. I have 3 labs and the two boys always play rough each trying to be the dominant one. If that doesn’t work you can always send a video or letter to Cezar Milan from the NatGeo tv show

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