What is in your purse (for females only, no lying or skipping anything either)?

Mine: Powder compact, wallet, deoderant, body spray, lipstick, lipgloss, keys, lollipops, babywipes, small notebook, pen, wic booklet, change purse, pink knife, sunglasses.

Answer #1

lipgloss,tissue,money,keys,mascara…damn i can go on for forever!!

Answer #2

I dont carry a purse, it’s not me. I keep my parents’ house keys’, money, and my cell in my pockets or sweater at all times, though. :D

Answer #3

Body spray, Powder, Mace, Knife, Id and that whole shabang, keys, bagbalm, hand sanatizer, Candy, pen, face wipes.

Answer #4

Wallet, change purse, hand cream, hand sanitizer, address book, mirror, keys, sunglasses, pen, chequebook, cellphone, lots of bills, lol

Answer #5

wooh let me grab this suit case i call a purse lets see brush comb toothbrush id pads tamps. tissue a book deoterant make up 2 water bottles another purse some gum and candy keys medicine banaids alcohol pads gift cards an old cellphne a get well soon card money lip gloss mirror 3 phne chargers a camera earrings and necklace lotion grease perfume somebodies glasses my contacts shampoo from ah hotel a hotel key and my ipod

Answer #6


Answer #7

Lord have mercy on your purse! :D

Answer #8

Awww! I wanna answer! >:(

Answer #9

oh i meant hair grease

and i carry a big purse w/everything cause i dnt like asking ppl for things lol hahaha

Answer #10

i would tell you but then you would be totally creeped out :P


Answer #11

I would have to say..wallet, cell phone, keys, mento’s(fresh mint), 2 band aids, 6 q-tips, lip gloss, my traveling mini ck1 perfume, mini body spritzer, compact miror, pen, notepad, Ipod, my sunglasses & either a pack of pocket tissues or the small 20 pack resealable baby wipes.:P

Answer #12

oh and chapstick.

Answer #13

lotion, wallet, keys, ipod, perfume, makeup bag, tweezers, tampon, a pen, chapstick, compact mirror, and some advil.

Answer #14

Wallet, tampons, lipgloss, keys, ipod, cellphone, a ticket stub I never threw away, cigarettes, matches, a lighter, Cyber Green protocol, pens, and gum.

Answer #15

lol nothing i don’t have a purse

Answer #16

tissues,keys,phone,phone charger,earphones,lipgloss,vaseline,glasses,mirror,brush,pens,school book,my calvin klein perfume,tic tacs i have loads more in my massive bag lol.

Answer #17

WOW…just wow! (0,o)

Answer #18

Lol. I hardly ever carry a purse. If I do it is only for a cellphone, wallet and glasses.

Answer #19

i only carry a purse, when i’m on my period, and i know im going to need to change my tampon or pad while im out. thats the only reason, other then that, i just carry my wallet, which usually has nothing in it. if i even carry that.

Answer #20

Band-Aids. Lip gloss. Lip stick. Face powder. 3 different colors of eyeshadow. A few makeup brushes. Germ-X. Money. Deordorant. Finger nail clippers. 2 tubes of eyeliner. Mascara. Makeup remover wipes. Random pieces of paper that I’ve drawn on. Camera. Mirror. Diamond ring that my mother gave me. Q-Tips. Tissues. Hair pin. Gum. An emergency tampon lol. I think that’s all :p

Answer #21

Oh, and my school’s card with my name and School ID number on it(:

Answer #22

I rarely use a purse but a handbag, and when I do:

Chapstick, hair brush, flashcards.., wallet, keys, pictures, glasses, a calculator, tampons, change, rings and hairties.

Answer #23

Mine: wallet, pads(just in case!!!), lipgloss, chapstick, hairclips, extra glasses, ect, ect.

Answer #24

OMG face is stuck like: :O for another hour

Answer #25

I’m assuming that is an extremely large purse, and it’s very heavy. O_o

Answer #26

lol actually its nt that heavy because i have a purse inside of the purse lol but it is pretty big

Answer #27

Geez, everything in my bag…. Little scissors Wallet Socks Belt Bible Princess Bride (book) Lip Gloss Pens/Pencils Camera Mascara

Answer #28

Wallet iPod Pencils or pens Change (10$ maybe) Fresh mints Hand sanitizer Small calendar Check book Comb Products for women Car keys Sisscors

Answer #29

Oh yes and sun glasses.

Answer #30

And reciepts

Answer #31

Well there’s like 1,000 things in here…pens and pencils, 2 mini umbrellas, tampons, comb, lighters, 2 mirrors, wallet, 3 types of polish, a change purse, sunglasses, hairbands, a flash drive, a notebook, chips, Vitamin Water…

Answer #32

Cell phone, Wallet, Pads,sunglasses, condoms, money, headphones, ipod, papers, empty lotion bottle, cotton, qtips, nailpolish, and scrunchies (:

Answer #33

Haha sameee! Except for not glasses…. Sunglasses if it’s summer, mittens for winter

Answer #34

mascara, eye liner, tampons, eye lash curler, trojan magnums, blood donation card, debit card, pictures of family,change(ching ching”nothing wrong with change btches” lol) let’s see what else uh and that’s basically it

Answer #35

Takes a lot to creep me out.

Answer #36

That is not a purse……That is a whole village!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D lol!!

Answer #37

straightener huggies(remove makeup) coverup chapstick bracelet garnier fructis sleek and shine hair stuff a glue stick nail clippers mini swrew driver a heart shaped.. thing. idk how to describe it. empty perfume bottle notes from school mini hair brush eyeliner. bookmark money :D tweesers ponytails pencils highlighters and a sharpie somebodys comb? and a lint roller!

and that, is whats in my bag.(:

Answer #38

oh! and candy,gum, and a tiny bouncy ball(:

Answer #39

A brush Makeup Hair Spray Mirror Ponytails Headbands Pens, pencils Gum, sometimes cell phone Jewelry Tampons Pills wallet Deoderant Perfume Sunglasses glasses, in case i loose my contacts somehow A baseball bat….. jk! lol Contact solution And a sock??!!! hahaa yeah thats it. i need to fill it with more stuff, i feel like im not prepared. that shall be my next task!

Answer #40

uhm. house key phone pen ussually change, and money personal products a few stripes of paper foundation perfume &my schoool i.d.

Answer #41

money. tampons. key. lipstick. eyeliner. walet.

Answer #42

Oh my! Everything but the kitchen sink! I

I have: wallet, brush, mini mirror, pens and notebook, batteries (for my camera), rescue inhaler, little bottle of advil, mini deodarant, tampoons, a couple of granola bars, mints, 3 lighters, scissors, glasses, sunglasses, hair clip and pony tail holders, dog treats and poopie bags, little sewing kit and a camera. : )

Answer #43

WHEN i use a purse.. which is like never lol

Answer #44

^^ for some reason im not surprised lol

Answer #45

hahahaha omg d(o_O)b

Answer #46

my favourite part.. somebodys comb? ahaa

Answer #47

Looking at these lists…I’m not much of a girl. Uh. Strawberry chapstick. Fortune from a fortune cookie. Piece of lint?

Answer #48

well my boyfriend bought me this purse for my birthday it has an umbrella in it with a little spot for it and its really cute it matches the purse and also my makeup case which has lotions & mascara in it, my wallet w/ 0$ and some odd change, benedryl tablets, 2 types of perfume, a bunch of receipts, my old car registration & my taxes payed on my car, 5 gum (the new watermelon, so good) & two bottles of anti biotics

Answer #49

I forgot Trident gum Dog whistle (I have no idea why) Tape Floss Buisiness card from my chiropractor

Answer #50

Lipgloss, keys, wallet, hair ties, university ID, a random pamphlet on sushi from Otaru, a rodent cage card from the animal facility, flash drive, old concert tickets, two cell phones and a pen

Answer #51

I dont usually carry one. When I do, there’s pens, papers and a book.

Answer #52

Lip balm, cigarettes and lighter, iPod ,lotion,pads,germ x, driver licence, school i.d, credit card,gum, camera,pen,condoms

Answer #53

aha wow. you must have a pretty big purse

Answer #54

hmm, i.d, mini calendar, cell phone, phone sock, pen, notepad, tampons, lipgloss, mini perfume, lip liner, mirror, keys, money, wetwipes, breath mints, tissues, face powder, panados, A STRAW????, a spare watch, lotion, bank card, battery operated portable phone charger… yeah i think thats it, but why the heck do i have a straw in my bag? lol

Answer #55

someone got too excited at mc. donalds and grabbed an extra straw ummhmmmj

Answer #56

depends on where i’m going if it’s work im going to its two pens 3 notebooks (1 sketch, 1 course work, and 1 for all the stuff i forget) 2 lipgloss 2 mascaras 1 eyeliner 2 perfumes purse (with a lot of change) phone ipod tissues all my bus tickets from like the past 6 weeks water empty gum packets (at least 5) 1 half packet at least 7 random bits of paper with lists on them and god knows how much other rubbish

Answer #57

and keys!!!!

Answer #58

lol you can say that again. its fascinating, the things you’d find in your handbag!

Answer #59

wow aha

Answer #60

unused poopie bags I hope..lol

Answer #61

That’s impressive, you must have super toned arms.

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