Should I change from a fannypack to a purse?

I’m an 18 year old girl. I’m a senior in high school. And I wear a fanny pack around everyday instead of carrying a purse. But my friends kind of discourage me from it. They say I’m either too old or too pretty to wear a fanny pack. So what should I do?? Go out and buy a purse to “fit in” or should I keep on wearing my fanny pack?? Any advice at all would be amazing! thanks

Answer #1

I find it odd that anyone picks you out because the “in” thing these days is to be different from others, some people strive to be different. You have a unique characteristic which builds up who you are. I don’t think it’s cool for your friends to pick at you about it and maybe next time they say something negative about it you could say something like “I look after me, and you can look after you, how does that sound?” because I mean its your business, you wearing a fanny pack does absolutely no harm. Just because you are a pretty young girl doesn’t mean you automatically aren’t allowed to wear certain things. If you’re going somewhere fancy you could maybe try a purse but I mean for everyday use, continue to use your fanny pack, stand up for yourself and show that you’re strong. If you stop wearing it your friends will probley start taking advantage of that and order you to do other things and eventually they will have complete control over you and trust me, you don’t want that. Stand up for yourself, make a statement that it’s okay wear something that not a lot of others wear. This is you and if people aren’t willing to accept that than they aren’t even worth your time in the first place. :)

Answer #2

Okay, for one, ALWAYS do what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. If you like wearing a fanny pack, GO AHEAD :D If it’s convenient for you, then why not, right?

For me, when I was in college, all the girls would be going around with their pretty little purses that are so tiny you can’t fit anything important in there. AND you had to hold them all the time or if you put it down somewhere you have to keep watching it to make sure no one snatches it… it’s an inconvenience I’d rather not have. Either those, or they’d have their OVERLY LARGE Gucci or Luis Vitton bags that are too big for the things you have with you. Seriously, they have a problem with gauging size of their purses for their belongings or for the convenience of the occasion.

So anyway I opted for a medium-sized cotton sling bag - I have all the things I need with me, I don’t have to hold a goofy shiny purse, and I’m still considered not old fashioned. So really, just do what feels comfortable with you.

Answer #3

I definitly think you shouldnt listen to what others think! if YOU like the fanny pack than wear it!! on the other hand if you do care what people think, I personally do not like fanny packs..they are kinda outdated =/ but if you like it by all means you rock that fanny pack!!! hahahaha dont do something just to “fit in” tho. be differnt. be yourself =)

Answer #4



I personally dont like to what they call “fit in”

ok heres a example me and my friend dressed up like a ninja on some random day and went to school

yes weird I know but im not afraid to be myself and im crazy(:

but if you like fanny packs then DAMN wear one if you want to

Answer #5

I think that if you want to wear a fanny pack nothing should keep you from it. If you want to fit in more and get them to stop talking about it buy a purse, or a backpack. If you’re happy with your fanny pack than you shouldn’t let anyone discuorage you from it.

Answer #6

heellloo?!?!? its 2009. get a purse! a fannypack isnt cute and wont ever be cute again. they make you look big. if you dont want a big purse get a clutch/wristlet. dont try to bring back the fannypack back.

Answer #7

I say do what you want to bring and if you dont want people to make fun of you than bring a purse if you dont care than bring the fanny pack for me I dont really care what people think hope I helped :) <333

Answer #8

They actually have new purses out that are like fanny packs, but they’re made of leather and better materials and prints than the old style ones…Louis Vuitton even makes them!! They’re pretty cute if you like things like that…check them out, then maybe your friends can rethink the fanny pack when they see the new one!

Answer #9

girl,you rock that fanny pack with pride! all my friends get on my for carrying a wallet with chain and waearing it in my back pocket like a man. you do your own thing and love it!

Answer #10

Hahahaha your definitely NOT too old to wear a fanny pack! Your too pretty for sure=D Besides you don’t have to ‘’fit in’’. You have your own awesome style. It doesn’t matter what others think=) It’s really up to you=)))

Answer #11


Fanny packs remind me of the 80’s, and not the good part of the 80’s either. The only people who really wear them now is old men and women, or backwoods hillbilly’s.

Answer #12

I say pimp out your fanny pack! like put saftey pins on it or buttons or anything cool! even draw on it.. maybe it’ll change ppls perspective and start a new trend! but honestly I go wit purses.. but if you used fannies then I would ‘rock them out’!!

Answer #13

If you like your fanny pack, KEEP IT! If people make a big deal out of it, they’re not really your friends. you really cares if you got a purse or a fanny pack?! It’s whatever works best for you! F*ck what other people think. I don’t carry a purse OR a fanny pack. I keep important stuff like money in my pocket.

Answer #14

I say wear it! If your friends said your too pretty to wear a fanny pack then people will start wearing it to cause your pretty and can pull it off! But yes its up to you! Just be yourself! If you like It wear it! Dont let others who are jealous from it change you! What happened to the saying, “What you see is what you get!” Good luck!!! <33

Answer #15

I say you should do whatever you want. If you want to get a purse, get one. If you want to use the fanny pack, keep using it. Don’t stop using it because someone doesn’t want you to. Do what you want. :)

Answer #16

wear what you want. I dont listen 2 other people just because they say I wont “fit in” because I dont carry a purse. I dont carry anything. I put my money in my pocket. I have lotz of puses but I dont use em. I have a fanny pack and im 13 so dont worry bout it. wear what YOU want not what your friends want you 2 wear

Answer #17

uhm. well if you really like it I guess it should stay. personally, I passionately hate fanny packs. lol! I think purses are much much more conveinant and very cute, but hey; if fanny pack = you than that’s what ya got to do! :)

Answer #18

I agree with most of the other people on here. You should decide which you want better. Do what feels best. Because I think fanny packs are cool. I would wear one. And be like Hulk Hogan. Lol but seriously if you like the fanny pack, go with it. I do that stuff to try and set trends and because I like to do that. Ya Know?

Answer #19

I think that if you want to wear a fanny pack nothing should keep you from it. If you want to fit in more and get them to stop talking about it buy a purse, or a backpack. If you’re happy with your fanny pack than you shouldn’t let anyone discuorage you from it.

Answer #20

Ummm, yeahh, you should wear what you want to wear.. The last 60 something advice should give you a good clear view by now :]

Answer #21

haha!!! omg I have one to!! who really gives a damn what they say!! its not there life!! why conform to what they want!! I say wear the fanny pack!!! and besides its cute!!

Answer #22

your 18, I havent seen a fanny pack in like 10 years. when I see one its like a big deal, they are so goofy

you definetly should get a purse =] and you will probably even find that they are soo much more convientent.

take your friends with you to pick one out

Answer #23

ha! I say wear the fanny pack they are great and being differnent id nice and I dont see many people wearing them you should keep wearing it especially if it makes you happy dont do anything just so you can fit in

Answer #24

Hey if you want to wear a fanny pack wear one! Dont be part of the stupid norm! and dont change what you like! I think thats awesome that you wear one, its nice knowing not everyone is the same.

Answer #25

If you want to wear one - do it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. Sure, fannypacks have been around for awhile… if you want, try go purse shopping. Or get some kindof cute bag.

Answer #26

be yourself! don’t listen to what others say. wearing a pack seems so much easier than carrying around a purse

Answer #27

I definitly think you shouldnt listen to what others think! if YOU like the fanny pack than wear it!! on the other hand if you do care what people think, I personally do not like fanny packs..they are kinda outdated =/ but if you like it by all means you rock that fanny pack!!! hahahaha dont do something just to “fit in” tho. be differnt. be yourself =)

Answer #28

hmm, maybe you should keep the fanny pak! If people laugh that get a purse, but other than that if people don’t say anything than you are good to go!!! Sometimes it takes time for people to adjust to the new look!!!

Answer #29

its realy up to you

what do you feel more comfatale doing basicly

if you realy desprately need/want to fit in then buy a purse

but if you feel comfatable wearing a “fanny pack” then leave it

its how you feel more comfatable

me personaly I would get a purse lol

Answer #30

juss keep being your self if you want to wear a fanny pack go for it you look awsome waering it and who cares what your friends say keep rocking it grrl

Answer #31

who cares about fitting in they could b jealous that they can’t rock a fanny pack like you can lol if this is who you are than you wear that fanny pack :]

Answer #32

Just do what you are more comfortable with doing. I personally carry a purse. But hey, do what you want… I saw what you wrote to emodancer.. I definately think you should keep yur fanny pack and be proud and confident!;)

Answer #33

I don’t even know what a fanny pack is well you can hit back at me and tell me what it is. But like what most people sed just keep it. Its up to you newayz. hope the otherz helped but I have no idea what that thing is. Purse will do for me.

Answer #34

I personaly dont like them but so what if you really want to keep it then just face your friends and tell them you are going to keep it weather the like it or not! dont back down to others!

Answer #35

I hope this was the question you’re talking about… I don’t see any others. but I think you should wear it. if you like it better than a purse then I don’t see why it should be a problem. I like boys clothes better than girls so that’s what I wear to school. I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as you’re comfotable with it.

Answer #36

WHAT IS A FANNY PACK??? wow their are a lot of awnsers on here.. but yeah a fanny pack sound kinda gay.. no offense =).. go buy a purse if people are going to make that much of a big deal about it… ♥3

Answer #37

a fanny pack is easier to keep track of. but then again, they’re more stylish. guys will like you better if you have a feminine purse. save the fanny pack for vacation.

Answer #38

you are being you. being yourself and that is awesome keep wearing it and if your friends are discouraging you wearing it then you really should do what you want not what they want you to do. trust me on this you are way better. :)

Answer #39

I think you should just be your self … wear whatever you want it will show your real charactar and 4 your frndz I think they should accept you as you r…that’s what frndz are 4;);)

Answer #40

Do what YOU like to do! Don’t follow in what people say and fin in. Being unique is the best anyone could be. Well that’s my motto. lol

Answer #41

girl, do whatever makes you happy. people tend to appreciate others for their original sense of style, and if a fanny pack makes you happy. wear it.

Answer #42

honestly…its weird…but im a weird person so I say keep it. honestly if it iz what keepz you happy, why shud they mock u?

Answer #43

lol I have to say if you want to wear that fanny pack wear it and wear it proud.. its up to you if you want to just go with it

Answer #44

I would NOT wear it, I mean its totally up to you lol… and I deffinately admire people that dont care at all what other people think.. but sadly enough. im not one of those people.. my school is so harsh, but then again I dont know what hight school isnt. but its totally up to you. alought I wouldnt wear it, I wouldnt judge some one who wasss, not everyone is this way though, and most people havent seen them in like 10 years, so you have to be ready for the judgment. -do what you like =)

but you knowwhat I think lol -good luck either way♥

Answer #45

Where the fanny pack. be yourself, do what you want, common if they are your friends they will let you be, Was there something wrong witht the dance group on MTv that were called Fanny Pack and also wore them on public tV. This is what I dislike most about people, they all want to be the same, look the same, do the same thing, F that be yourself, stick out and be proud, you could even decorate it into a cool style, and who know;s make more and sell them.

Answer #46

ah the age old question ‘to fanny pack or not to fanny pack?’ jk

ask yourself what you do with something else. like if your hair is out, and everyone else is wearing it in a bimbo ponytail, then do you go bimbo, or leave your hair out?

because then you know what you’d do… and there’s your answer :D

you don’t need me, or anyone else to tell you who to be; or what to wear, say, think or do. be yourself; everyone else is taken.

luv rach

Answer #47

Your friends need to learn to grow up a bit. That’s like someone saying your too old for chocolate! Loads of adults wear those things, especially while travelling or moving about a lot. Also, it’s not a crime to stand out from the croud. Just be yourself and don’t let them bully you into doing stuff you don’t want to. If everyone was supposed to be the same, we would have been born robots. So don’t be afraid to be different because it’s what makes you who you are. =o)

Answer #48

lol wear the fanny pack if you want… screw what other people think… why would you want to fit in… its always funner to stand out and be a unique individual … I have a fanny pack… I tend to forget stuff I put down… lol but I’d say you want to wear the fanny pack do it and tell them to suck it if they don’t like it… but if you want to get a purse go for it… but the fanny pack is cute!!!

Answer #49

Keep the fanny pack !! - you’re just setting a new trend, nothing wrong with it at all !!

Answer #50

eat what you like to eat but wear what the people want you to wear … believe me …

Answer #51

Just rock the Fanny Pack!! Dont worry or care what others think. :)

Answer #52

IF You Wont to wear a Fanny pack, wear one

Don’t worry about what other people think!

Answer #53

Be yourself (:

If you feel good then do it

Fu*kk What People got to Sayy (:

Answer #54

srew people who judge you b your self never give up

natalie hope I helped

Answer #55

You should keep it if you like it. But fanny packs ARE kinda weird.

Answer #56

if you like it no one should tell you what to do.


Answer #57

matador 23…I thought that was HILARIOUS!

honestly…it depends on what you care about more…fitting in and what people think, or being who you are.

you seem to be able to pull off the fanny pack. if that’s you, then rock that thing. I could NEVER do that.

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