Puppy Potty Training

I have just gotten a puppy (3 1/2 months old) and it has not been potty trained as the previous owner kept it outside. Can someone advice me on the best way to get him potty trained? and also his mama is a boxer and supposedly his dad is American Bulldog… I can’t tell what he is mixed with?!??!?! (There is a pic of him on my profile)

Answer #1

Just if you have time put him out doors every hour and wait untill you see him go potty. Then make a great big happy fuss over it and tell him what a good boy he is!!! He will then start realizing that when he needs to go, he’ll go to the door so watch him. Dog’s learn quickly! so just be CONSISTANT with the training and you will have a happy dog with a happy owner. I trained my dog max to shake. When it snows or rains outside and he’s all wet. I tell him to shake and he shakes his body outside before he comes in. How I got him to do this is I showed him. When he was standing outside, I would tell him shake max…then I would do the action myself over and over…Meanwhile telling him to shake max! He eventually got it and how wonderful it is! He doesn’t come in all soaking wet and shake inside my house. Now I tell him once and he steps away from me shakes himself and comes forward to come in. Give them lot’s of praise and love when they do something right just like you would with a child.

Answer #2

The number one ingredient to have a house trained dog is…vigilance. You must make housetraining your ‘thing’ for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. Keep slip-on’s by the back door, and a bathrobe or something quick to get into handy…because for this two weeks…housetraining will be your mission.

Your goal is…to beat the puppy to the punch…You’ll learn his signals just by doing all that vigilance…like they’ll start sniffing, and circling…you pick him up and take him out BEFORE he goes…Rules of thumb are also…For puppies, take him out immediately when he wakes up (do not let him follow you to the door…pick him up and carry out the door)…take out immediately after eating. During play a little puppy should be taken out every 20 minutes or so (aren’t you glad they sleep so much??

If you’re trying to train an adult, you still need to get them out immediately after they wake up…and after they eat…they can go longer during their play time.

Crate the pup/dog when you cannot watch it (when you leave, or are ultra busy)…instinct is for them to not dirty their nest…so make sure the crate is only big enough to stand up, turn around, etc…A new puppy will need to get out once during the night…but that only lasts a week or so…You don’t want the puppy having to go so bad he dirties his nest…you do NOT want to break that instictive barrier…once that’s happened it’s hard to undo.


PS…when you get the pup outside…say ‘pee pee’ or whatever…then love them up BIG when they go…this will get them to go on command, and save you from having hang out and wait in the future. A pup can learn this by 3 months old.

Answer #3

Is it the white and black spotted puppy? Did you see the Mom? The reason I ask is I don’t see Boxer in your dog?

Ok Potty Training is not as hard as it is consistent. You have to take your dog out at the same time every time. At first take him out every hour during the day while he is not in his crate. Oh you must use a crate. After he eats take him out 15 mins after he eats, give him 15 mins to eat and pick up the food DO NOT LEAVE FOOD DOWN, DO NOT FEED DOG anything else except a biscuit 3 times a day as a reward.

When I say take dog out I mean you take your dog out on a leash and you go to the spot you want your dog to potty and your say over and over again “GO POTTY GO POTTY” say it in an urgent manner. When your dog pees or poops praise him in a very excited voice. ‘GOOD JOE GOOD JOE”! After a few days go to two hour and then three and always go to the same spot and always give your dog only 10 min. to potty. If he does not potty, do not say anything just take him back in the house on the leash. You do not take the dog off the leash you leave him on the leash at all times with you while you are potty training so that the dog does not sneak off and poop some where in the house. If you have to tie the leash to your pant loop, and have a leash attached to your coffee table or computer table where ever you are going to be spending time. Your dog stays in the same room as you do.

Always have your dog on a leash in the house in the first months, this leash trains and helps you keep track of what your dog is doing.

When it is bed time. You take your dog out and put him in the crate when he is done going potty and you are ready for bed. Do not get ready for bed after you put puppy in crate be ready for bed and put puppy into crate at the same time.

Your dog should sleep in a crate in your room near you. When you get up do not let your puppy out until you are ready to go out. What I mean in you have you house shoes or shoes on and take your puppy out, DO NOT LET YOU DOG STAY IN CRATE AFTER YOU GET UP! For more then a few minutes he has to pee as bad as you do in the mornings. Always say “GO POTTY GO POTTY!’ and praise when he does and don’t say anything if he doesn’t. You want to teach your puppy to potty on command. They can and will and you will find this to be a very good thing to teach you pet. Especially if you go to the Vet’s and they want t stool sample and your can give it in 15 mins and most people are still trying to do this an hour later.

Go to your Public Library and get some good books on how to train your dog. They are free and fun to read. SUPPORT YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY!

Answer #4

you can get really good books about this subject from your local library, that would be my recommendation

Answer #5

when we got our dog we got a kenal to put him in at night or when we leave or if hes bad we call it his house and when we say “jet get in your house” he does. to potty train we took him out like every 20 min and after he got done drinking or eating some tips we got were to never punish mistakes only reward success like if he goes potty outside when you come in give him a treat. take him to the same spot in the yard everytime and constantly chant “ do your buisness” you have to expect mistakes. if you give him treats everytime he pottys outside he will figure out thats how he gets treats all a dog wants to do is to make you happy. I hope this helps you

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