How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?

whats the best way to shave the vagina without razor bumps?

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use nair it helps get at a lot of the hair and it alsoo it doesn't let the hair grow back 4 about 4 months. atleast. but I don't have any so I am getting this from a friend!
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Either get your body waxed or use nair products it works. Trust me it wil work.

How to shave my pubic hair

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There is stuff you can buy to get rid of those bumbs. Its at beauty stores, like ulta..

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After I Shave I put on antibactiral cream over where I shaved and it seems to help and helps if you cut yourself

Hope this works for you to..

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I have very sensitive skin, and I never could shave without getting bumps, until I got some advice from a dear friend of mine. She said to put deodorant on the shaved area directly after you shave. And the deordorant can't be the gel kind, it needs to be the white solid type. Well, I tried that and I havent developed a single shave bump since!. Of course I do all the above, shave after the area has been thoroughly moistened with warm water, use a new razor blade, use shaving cream with added moisturizers. But even after I did all those steps before I would still get bumps, until I started putting my deordorant on the shaved area... I have even dry shaved in a crazy rush before, which normally would cause both a rash and shave bumps, But I just put deodorant on the area and it stopped the bumps and the razor burn was minimal...

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just trim it with sissors

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You should either sit in the tub for a few minutes or stand under the shower a few minutes. The warm water will soften the hair.

When you shave you should go with the direction the hair grows, but in my experience this doesn't get a very close shave.

There are also products that help fight razor bumps. Try Bikini Zone products. They have a shaving gel and they also have an after shave gel that work wonders. Both of those are available at walmart... but you have to do a little searching. Sometimes it's with the nair and wax and sometimes it's with the shaving creams and men's aftershave.

Find out more about Bikini Zone products:


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Waxing would be the only way to acheive the no bump look that you desire. Wrok for me and I have been shaving for years. I tried the nairs and the other products out their like that, but I have really sensitive skin and the chemicals that are in Nair and Veet were really hard on my skin and I was in a LOT of pain. To each is her own though. I wax, no doubt about it.

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Most of these answers are pretty accurate, however to acheive a smooth, bump-free bikini line at home,you need a combo of all of the suggestions. Make sure to keep the area clean.Bacteria is the main reason for bumps.A great trick is to purchase a personal electric shaver, it gets the hair closer to the skin, without much irratation.If you wish to use a razor, take a hot shower or bath, and use a washcloth to gently exfoliate the bikini area. Use a gel shaving cream with vitamin E, or something to moisturize the skin. If your razor is clean and sharp enough, you should be able to shave in the direction of the hair and still get a close shave. If you still have bumps, use a gel or cream razor burn/bump product.(dont be afraid of the mens products!)

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Get nair for bikini and underarms. Its made for sesitive skin and even comes with a cream in the box. I had the same porblam and I heared bout nair so I got it and it worked great and thank god I have NO MORE RAZER BUMPS!!!

hope this helps

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what kind of deodorant do you use?

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