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Can anyone here teach me to practice my psychic abilities? I've always tried but I can't find anyone to help me learn them.

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You have to gain a lot of focus and concentration. Usually you have to be born with these abilities and I don't think you would want that it's not fun. More of a curse then a gift.

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Well you need to find out which specific type of abilities you are looking for and you can find most of them in some type of religion. Once you narrow it down, then practice and ask some type of priest/priestess.

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Here are a few pointers.

Associate with gullible people.

Say you are psychic.

Make general predictions and readings that sound descriptive and personal but could apply to anyone.

Learn to backpedle when you are way off base. If you tell someone they are a loner and you learn they aren't say, deep down you are a lonely person so you seek comfort in having many friends. Learn how to recover so you can be right even when you are wrong.

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im guessing what you want to learn has nothing to do with religion? lol
do you want to learn about things like love spells or finding your aoura or stuff like that? well im not very skilled in that particular department but theres a lot of good books out there! go down to your local booktstore and im sure theyll have somethhing on it, probablyin the whitch or spell section...if they dont ask the people at the front!

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