Guitar lessons or driving lessons?

Hey what do you guys think is bettr and funner, guitar lessons or driving lessons

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it depends on which one you like to do more
if you like/want to drive, learn that
if you like/want to learn guitar, learn that
or you could do both
for me it would be guitar, because I play it more

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Driving lessons is more important, but guitar lessons can be fun.

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im guessing that driving lessons would be more helpful, although I dont know wich one would be more fun..

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Well emoheart. guitar lessons could possibly make you money one day, but take the driving lessons. Like when you have a job that is far away from where you live you need to drive. and later in your life you can always take guitar lessons and yeah. Emoheart? Should add me again. My old one got deleted for some reason. And Braidy is gettin me mad. And like when I said mad. I mean pissed.

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Yeah the thing is I'm 14 and its probly gona be a while til I'm behind the wheel

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I would take the driving lessons


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