Can you go to prom with someone that doesn't go to the same school as you?

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Well, when I was at school, you weren't allowed. You should ask your headteacher/principal this question, but don't be shocked if he/she says no.

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Yes you can, my girlfriend went to a rival school and I went to her and my own proms. 2 proms can get extremly expensive though. I recomend only going to the females.
Also one of my other friends went to as i know of 4 different proms.

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well at my school, the person you invite must go to a school in your district

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It really depends on your school. My school you are allowed, however before you buy their ticket you would have to make them sign a form and get a VP or Principle approval. And then when the enter prom they had to bring some form of picture I.D.

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At my school you can :)

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It differs from school to school.

Sometimes kids can get themselves in trouble with girlfriends/boyfriends at prom, so the school bans partners for the next year.

Some religious schools don't allow it, and sometimes the partner has to go to a neighboring school.

Most schools will allow it, yes.

But always remember that if your school doesn't allow it, there is a good reason for them not to.

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Depends on the school ...

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at my old high school you just needed a form signed by the parents and principal saying it was okay.

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it depends as some schools allow it and some schools dont, you will need to ask the principal about it as he/she will tell you wether its allowed at your particular school

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in my school we were allowed to take anyone under the age of 18 and the school checked their records with the school they went to

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It depends on the school. Generally very large schools do not allow outsiders to join into the festivities, because it just becomes to big. Smaller schools aren't always that strict. Find out from your teachers. I'm sure they will be able to tell you.

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