Price on a pitbull puppy?

I have a dog im going to breed many people said no not to breed many others said you make much money plus making them happy in a good home so… How much are they I am definatly going to sell…???>>>???:::

Answer #1

Think carefully before breeding, especially pits. They are hard to place and it is very difficult to make sure they go to good homes. Also keep in mind that there are over 2 million dogs killed in the U.S. each year, and the percentage of those that are pits is increasing. You should NEVER breed a dog for money. That reduces the dog and the puppies to merchandise. These are living beings and they deserve better.

Answer #2

I agree with phrannie on the info. , but to breed is still your choice…just know that bitbulls arent an easy breed to place and keep in a good home because of the statits quo on them. Also for myself, in just having my dog bred and a new liter of pups here, it is NOT easy. You can plan out all you want, do all the research you can and still never be prepared for the real deal. My pug had 6 puppies and 3 didnt make it…and the stress of it on me and her was a a lot! My pug wasnt initually a natural nurturing Mom like I thought she would just instinctively be. until that “kicked” in, it left me to get up every 1 1/2 hrs (setting my alarm through the day and night) to feed them, watch them, wipe butts so they could pee and poop, ect…and they are not always born healthy pups like a couple of mine werent and sitting there watching a pup slowly die because the vet tells you there isnt anything more you can do to help it, but to keep it comfortable is heart wrenching. And if you dont have the $$ to see a vet, then what?? Sure, you may make a few bucks on the pups, but are you prepared to put a lot of money into the whole process as well? Its not as simple as let her get pregnant and walla…instant money. I had to purchase puppy formula, made many trip to the store even at midnight just to find something that the pups would accept to eat from, nipples, bottles, droppers, ect…a sick or weak pup wont and cant just normally suck on a nipple. Dont go into it thinking all will be good, prepare for the worse because it can happen and hope for the best so it wont be needed. Even in the best situations, its still a lot of time, energy and emotion that is needed to have puppies. If you still think this is what you are going to go ahead with and do, then I wish you the best, but do it not for the sake of a buck, but because you love the breed and you want to experience this. If its for $$ alone, its not worth it.

Answer #3

Well, here’s the “poop” on breeding…NEVER do it for money! There are a number of breeders on this site, and they will tell you same thing…Having puppies doesn’t always go that smooth…it’s not necessarily smooth AFTER they are born, either…If it were me, I’d have an “emergency fund” of $500 to $1000 stashed for those unforeseen complications in having a litter of pups. Every puppy you lose, will be cash out of your pocket, too.

The US is running over with unwanted Pitbulls (there are more them euthenized in shelters than ANY other dog)…maybe you really do want to rethink “breeding”…finding a “good” home for a Pit, sometimes isnt’ that easy…ask the people who rescue them…there are thousands killed for every one that is recused.


Answer #4

A lot of big answers on here so I will say I agree with all the above, I work at a vet hospital and I also breed a Chihuahua, I see bad things that happen to the mom’s and the pups when the owners did not plan on spending any money before they make any IF you even make any. I owe my vet 1001.88, I had to have a c-section done on my chihuahua, x-ray’s to see how many are in the litter, Deworming for all pups, and fist set of vaccines. I can only say this once and I am not yealling just want my point to be read. A TRUE BREEDER FOR THE LOVE OF THE BREED AND ONLY BREEDS ON TYPE OF BREED AT A TIME DOES NOT HARDLY EVER MAKE ANY MONEY, WE DO IT FOR THE LOVE NOT THE PAYCHECK, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PAYCHECK, Just a great reward of finding a great home and putting a smile on someone’s face, I only sold the one puppy she had for $750.00, you do the math, I did not make anything. Look everyone made it pretty clear how much time and money it takes, And you will have these babies for 8 wks running around your house and feeding them and cleaning up after them and if you don’t sell them all because there are so many pits waiting to be adopted then think about where they are going to go. AND BASED ON YOUR AGE, I DON’T THINK YOU ARE READY FOR ALL THIS, unless your parents are going to be the ones responsiable for all of this or what could happen

Answer #5

that’s another thing I had done too that I didnt add in the previous message…vet x-rays. They aren’t necessary, but nice to do so you have an idea of how many to expect. whether you are a “professional” breeder or a one time breeder, doing the best and the most you can do to help the Mom and pups is the best…not just for safety and care, but ethically. Breeding just for the sake of breeding w/ out thinking of all the things that could happen & being prepared for it isnt good. Make sure you have a vet available on call at all times no matter what the time day or night in case of emergencies…through the pregnancy and especially the birth and after. I called my vet many many times during the preg. and wheil she was in labor(and that was at night and early morning, 5:30 am) …and during the 1st couple weeks. Then when they are old enough, as many stated here, shots, worming ect… my pups are about 4 weeks now…I have only 3 here and boy…poop, poop, poop…lol and peee! LOL Yes, they are cute! And so easy to get attached to…BUT be prepared for all the REAL realities, get past those okk and then you can enjoy them! :) (and then you get so attached its hard to part with them)

Answer #6

Gosh I wish I could tell you how hard it is to have a litter of puppies and the work that goes into cleaning and feeding and tending to the Mom and pups. I think Puglover has given you a good idea of the work involved.

There are rewards in seeing the pups eyes open and when they start to walk but there is a lot you don’t think about. Like letting the Mom in and out and keeping the pups warm and keeping the Moms nipples clean so that she doesn’t get an infection in her milk or nipples and make her or the pups sick. Than when she gets tired of cleaning all the potty and even though you have been cleaning the puppy box now you are cleaning it more than once a day and don’t forget to bleach.

Than you have to start feeding Mom more so that she doesn’t get to run down and she will of course potty more, oh and the first week she doesn’t want to leave the puppy box so watch out for messes and than you have to drag her out to potty.

Oh than you have to feed the puppies, when you start feeding them Mom stops cleaning any puppy potty and than you really have to clean after the little poppy machines.

Now I haven’t even started on tails and dew claws do they do the tails on a Pitbull? If not you still have to do the dew claws at 3 days and than hoping the puppies are all healthy so that there are no extra Vet visit or surgeries, you than have to make sure the puppies have their vaccinations at 6 weeks and oh don’t forget the wormings Better go to the Library and check out books on “Breeding a Successful Litter” and “Whelping a Litter”

Oh I forgot you have to keep the puppies warm so your electric bill will go up especially this time of year. But if you check out the books you need to you will have the information on how warm to keep the puppies.

Better join our Dog Group it will help. Maybe you better not breed it is a lot of work and you really don’t make money, you are lucky if you break even. You have to love your dog and be set on improving the breed and working with the pups to make the best pets you can. But for your breed I would be checking out the laws first. Some states even have laws regulating your breed.

We have seen a lot of people on this site that have had so many problems with this breed. They love their dogs but don’t understand why they do the things they do.

Answer #7

As a breeder, my advice is do not breed unles you A) Have an absolute deication to not only your dog but to the breed and have dogs that will enhance the breed B) Are prepared to lose money, lose sleep, lose days at work, and give up any free time you have C) Have researched your lines and the lines of the dog you plan to breed to D) Have homes lined up for your puppies E) Have tested you dog for breed specific genetic defects

Puglover stated it very truly. It does not always work out the way you plan. There are a ton of things than can go wrong. You need to know what to look for regarding something going wrong in the pregnancy, with the delivery or with the puppies. Things can turn for the worse VERY quickly and you may find yourself in a life or death dash to find a vet. It is not about making money. You will spend plenty before you see a single cent. It is not easy to stand by your much loved female dog as she looks at you with trust and is in pain. It is not easy to lose a newborn puppy for reasons we do not always understand. Puppies are adorable but as they approach the 4 week mark, you will begin cleaning up poop and pee and believe me it is a never ending process. It is non stop work from the time the puppies get up until they settle down for the night. There are many hours spent socializing, beginning the paper training, weaning them from your mama dog. And in between all of that, your mama dog never stops needing you!!! Think it through long and hard and decide oif it is really worth it.

Answer #8

make sure the dog has good bloodlines before breeding it otherwise they will be undesireable… a good blue pup or redboy could go anywhere from $500 to $2500… whats your pedagree say??? whats the bloodlines?

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