Would you press the button?

i seen a preview for a movie on a video i watched yesterday and it made me wonder. If you has a button in a box and every time you pressed it you would get one million dollars. The side effect was someone you know would die.

Would you press the button? i would. at least 5 times

Answer #1

Im sure you would. Of corse i wouldnt. Money and the things we have here are only temporary. Im happy with things now. I dont need a million dollars that bad

Answer #2

No, I have everything I need and I like to work for the things in my life. A few million dollars might help with my tuition, my moving out, get me material things that I want, but I already have the important things I need in life. And I certainly would not knowing someone dies.

Answer #3

Can I influence who will die? Or can I just press the button and then the curse randomly hits any one of my friends, family or acquaintances?

If I cannot influence it, I will refuse to press the button, because I could accidentally kill someone I love. No way I’d do that.

If I can influence it… Then the question turns into “Would you murder someone for a million dollars?”. Uhm. Okay, I assume in your fictional video there is no way to track down the death of that person to the button-device. So there would be no way that the button-presser would be taken to court for the murder.

Difficult. I actually know a handful of people who I think the world would be better off without them. And one million is a lot. But then I would have to live with having killed someone. AND I would have judged someone worthy to die. For my own benefit.


I think I’ll just keep playing the regular lottery.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t press it. What kind of person would that make me? That one person that dies would be somebodies son, daughter, father, mother, your mother! Life is more important than money.

Answer #5

no i wouldnt… money is something that i can earn…if i save money, its going to be with me until i die.. but people dont live forever.. life is precious and cant be bought by money…its better to be poor than knowingly get richer by letting someone die..wouldnt that make you a murderer indirectly?

Answer #6

i got everythng i need. money doesn’t buy happiness or love. if it does, wow you got a low self esteem.

Answer #7

In the movie the person who dies is promised to be someone you don’t know.

Answer #8

no pretty sure you would be a cold heartless killer.

Answer #9

Was it well dam then i would slap that button until the world population was down to 2 billion people.

Answer #10

Was it well dam then i would slap that button until the world population was down to 2 billion people.

Answer #11

I could never accept wealth knowing that someone has to die for me to have it. No money in the world would ever make that okay to me.

Answer #12

Yea but then after they are done the guy tell them that the next person that gets the offer to press the button will not know them. insinuating the possibility that one of them or their children will die when the next person presses that button. Its a vicious karma circle. they get theirs in the end. Just like you would get yours

Answer #13

yeah..i guess…

Answer #14

The movie presents a number of interesting angles. How much is a human life worth? One of the points that occurred to me is that people figurative push the button everyday. An insurance company would try to get out of paying a $1,000,000 medical bill even if it meant their customer would die; their job is to be profitable rather than to save lives. Each of us could save lives if we sent $100 worth of antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicine to war torn or developing countries. We could exhaust our life savings to save the life of a loved one but $100 to save an unknown person is a tough sell. If someone does part with $100 do they have to do it again to have a clear conscience? How many people do they have to save before they can start to think of their own self interest? How can they justify living in a nice house and driving a nice car when if they lived in a ratty apartment and rode the bus they could save more lives with the extra money?

Answer #15

. No. I would never kill anyone deliberately, except as an absolute last resort in order to protect any person(s) more important to me from potentially lethal aggressors. .

Answer #16

But i would gladly die, if when it happened 2/3 of the worlds human population would go with me. The fact remains that this planet has to many people on it. which we increase at an astounding rate.

Answer #17

But they still do not deserve to die.

Answer #18

i don’t believe in feeding people in starving third world countries even if all they wanted was penny a day.

Answer #19

By who’s standards are we using for the deserve to die. Are you basing it solely on the sanctity of life concept?

Answer #20

Nobody deserves to die/be k!lled. Whether they are naughtey or nice.

Answer #21

Well, I’m sure we’re all glad that John C isn’t in charge of the world’s population.

Answer #22

hahaha true true. and you changed your name lol. confused me for a sec

Answer #23

i don’t know if one billion people stopped existing right now. that would make a billion less hungry people, job less, polluters. seems like a good idea to me.

Answer #24

I’m sure if one billion people stopped existing right now, everyone would freak out and religious fanatics would have a heyday.

Answer #25

Yep, John C, if the world population were half or a quarter of what it is today, the remaining people would sure be better off. But the people who die for that are not. So. Who is to judge? Who is the one who decides who lives and who dies? A god? I know you think that such a thing doesn’t exist. And I don’t believe either. A human? What human would be worthy enough to be that judge? Actually: Anyone who volunteers for that job should on no account be allowed on the job. Actually, I think anyone who would willingly sentence millions of people to death should be the first on the list. There was a little house painter from Austria who wanted to be the one to decide who was human and who was sub-human. He was the leader of my country some 80 years ago… his name was Adolf. I wouldn’t want anyone like him to rule the world.

Answer #26

boom !

Answer #27

Adolf was a genius ok. but i never once said i don’t believe in the possibility that god exists. i don’t think any decision should be made by a single person or group of people lets keep it simple flip a coin head’s you die tails you live.

Answer #28

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

Answer #29

Being a genius doesnt mean he was a good person just means he was particularly great at somethin.

Answer #30

i agree doesn’t dispute the fact he was a genius

Answer #31

no it dont and im not trying to. He clearly was. but in a bad way

Answer #32

no because theres never anything for free in life and what you send out comes back times seven and thats a hell of a scary thought

Answer #33

I’ve given money to the UN population fund. The way I see it the main difference between places in the world with high standard of living and low standard of living is reproduction. In better parts of the world people limit the number of offspring to the number they can support. In low standard of living places people do not limit their offspring guaranteeing that most people live in hunger, squalor, and hopelessness. I agree with you that sending food, medicine, and such is merely delaying the problem. The real solution is fewer kids. My example was to illustrate that while we might not press a button to kill someone we through inaction let people die.

Answer #34

I don’t think he was genius. Had he been genius, he would have won that war. No. He repeated several of the mistakes that made Germany lose WW1. War on two fronts. Bad idea. Yet he thought he could win, simpply because he was megalomaniac. And he had a visoin. A vile and nasty vision. He sought world domination. And he needed a scapegoat, a powerful enemy a “Feindbild”. So he could claim that the nation was under attack. That way he could mute any opposition. The pacifists could be called unpatriotic and anyone who questioned his methods was called a traitor. So he sorted people into “good”, (his chosen, aryan race) , “bad” (people to kill - jews, gypsies, people with inherited disabilities) and “slaves” (everyone else). There’s nothing genius about that frekaziod plan, except where it comes to manipulating people into actually following his bullsh!t.

Answer #35

Attempted genocide still exists today and those in power do push those buttons and that……..is not make believe.

Answer #36

have you looked around America i can drive to walmart and see 6 families that had more children they could afford. hinch the need for welfare and other government programs. the problem with most those stupid poor sick starving people is they live in a dam desert. i feel no pitty no matter how many people starve if you choose to live in a place with no food and no water. your right we allow millions of people to die every day all over the world yet there is four times as many people on the planet today than 100 years ago. i think we should get twice as many people to die as are born each day until this planet thins the F out by a few billion people. all global and national problems in the world can be tracked back to to many F-ing people

Answer #37

no your wrong first he build an army and invaded a country before any poeple else in the world had any idea he was even training troops. the result of world war 1 was the disarming and removing of a standing army from there country. yet this man you don’ t think was a military genius rebuilt both and invaded Poland with out any one knowing what was happening. his greed lost him the war. but not the fighting on two fronts he was winning that. his army was beating the Russians and the British at the same time the problem was with his allies the jap’s who involved my country the American’s in the war who came over in such force he could not continue. was he crazy sure was most genius are. But no other military leader at his time period could do what he did. to my limited knowledge of past regional wars i honestly think no other leader has ever preformed such a brilliant plan of operations with out people figuring out something was amiss before the attack. Want to dispute his vision really? he rallied his entire country behind him willing to march to there deaths and murder others from the words he was able to preach. People can not like him all they want but he did something no one else in the world could do.

Answer #38

truth if only it would happen more often in more places

Answer #39

I would never press that button.

Answer #40


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