Pregnant at 13

I am pregnet and I am13 what do I do my mom will kill me but I got raped so will she still be mad and I want to keep the baby I am scarred

Answer #1

If you need someone to just listen, just talk to, or pray with you:

24 hrs: 1-800-488-4673

Ask-A-Nurse: 1-800-892-8260

Rape Support: 1-800-656-HOPE or 1-800-656-4673

How do I tell my parents:

Answer #2

she wont be mad. you were attacked that wasnt your faly. go to for help

Answer #3

I got date raped about 2 weeks ago and im turning 15 next month, I dont know what to do… Im scared!

Answer #4

just tell her… she will understand! and you got raped sooo he could get in trouble… I got raped and he got 5 years in prision…

Answer #5

you need to tell her you were raped before anything else. look at her and say “mom, I was raped.” the say “and im pregnant and im keeping it.” she will understand because it was not your fault! or talk to a police officer or doctor first and the 2 of you can tell your mom together. that might be the better thing to do, especially if you think she may still be mad.

Answer #6

You gotta tell her! If you don’t she will find out anyway, you get kind of a tummy when baby starts to grow! if you were raped then you need to contact the police and you mother definitley needs to know this! I would want to know if this happened to my daughter! I would NEVER hate my baby girl if something like this happened to her!

Answer #7

I understand how you feel but you need to tell your mom that you were raped and you think you may be pregnant it is very important dont worry your mom will want you to tell her I am sorry that this happened there are a lot of a in the world I understand about keeping the baby make sure you do what you think is right and best for not only you but the baby as well

Answer #8

you must tell your mom it will only get worse. dont worry she wont hurt you no one asks to be raped. remember SHE cant make you not keep the baby. if you want to keep the child there’s nothing she can do. but she needs to know because when you go in to labor she will be pretty confused.

Answer #9

You need to bring this to your mother’s attention. Make sure you tell her that you were raped and this was not by choice. Then, you and your mother or family can talk this over and decide what you want to do.

Answer #10

I think that you should just sit her down and tell her that you dont want to tell her this but you need to. Say im really scared about this but I hope you understand. Tell her exactly what happened and that you want to keep the baby. If she doesnt understand and starts yelling at you you should go tell someone that is a professional with this stuff. I hope everything goes ok. Just remember it isnt your fault of what the other person did. You are her daughter and if she gets angry or mad then she aint a true mother

Answer #11

My gosh girly, where do I begin! First you need to talk to your mom, aunt, older cousin, anyone who will give you good advise and you feel comfortable talking to. Dear you need to talk about what has happened to you with your loved ones and then from there decide what needs to be done about the baby. There are many choices regarding such circumstances and depending on your religion, financial situation, and future plans, there are sooo many to choose from! There is adoption, abortion, or haveing the baby! You will need tobe seen by a doctor to determine how far along you are and what your options are. Having a baby is a big decision especially at your age, trust me I know, I was a mother at 15, so please, please, please talk to someone that can help you through this. If you were my daughter I would be more upset with the fact that you didn’t come to me than the circumstances at hand…everything will work out! Talk to your mom!

Answer #12

I doubt that any mother would be mad at her daughter for being raped, but you will have to tell her anyways if you want to keep the baby. im sure she’ll be more supportive of you than you think, and if your mom does get angry at you than you should talk to some other adult about whats going on, because thats not right. its not like you chose to be raped

Answer #13

yes. you need to tell your mom. especially of you want to keep the baby, your going to need to go for check ups and all at the doctor. and she will not be mad at you for it. the guy who raped you needs to be caught, so you need to go to your mom and tell her what happenedd. im sorry that happened to you and hope everything works outt! =]

Answer #14

Well, I agree with what everyone else is saying, the first thing you need to do is contact the police, and by no means would I have an abortion, but you should consider your options, having a child that young can be very difficult, good luck to you

Answer #15

Hun, if you’re pregnant because you got raped (I’m sooo sorry that happend to you♥ ) you’ve gotta tell your mom. She might be a little shocked and upset, but because you got raped and ended up pregnant because of it and she will want to kill the dude that did that to you. Trust me and everyone else here, she will not be mad at you, it’s not your fault. So tell her, and if you’re afraid to tell her face to face, write her a letter, I find that doing that always works. Once you tell her, she will be able to help you decide on what to do and hopefully get the cops on this guy, not to mention she’ll be your biggest supporter. Again, I’m terribly sorry. If I could, I’d find this dude and set him straight, if you know what I mean. Be strong hun.♥

Answer #16

hi my name is emily I know what its like to be stuck in a problem like that. I was molested for 2 1/2 years he also raped me but it was from behind. im not pregnant an I still have my verginity. but it is better to tell your mom. she will be upset but not at you at the person who did it and if she does get mad you need to stand up for your self and tell her what happend. dont keep it from her bc it will only be harder to tell her. trust me I know. it was my dads ex girlfrinds dad that did it too me and she told me that I riped apart a perfect family. so please dont keep it from her your better off telliing her. im very sorry that happend to you. you gotta be more careful girl! there are keeps out there. and if dont tell now he may never get introuble. I waited to tell and he lives right by now. so please tell her.

Answer #17

I am deeply sorry for what has happened. you need to tell your mother about the rape and go to the police. Your mom won’t get mad at you she should be fully supporting you during this difficult time but you will need to tell her. you should discuss the pregnancy with your mother. if you plan on keeping the baby you must first realize the mass responsibility of a child most teenage mothers do not get a decent education because of a child and do not make enough money to support a baby I’m sure your mother will help you to raise the child but you must be open to the options available if you are not able to raise the baby

Answer #18

I’m so sorry, that is an awful thing to experience, if you were raped than it’s not your fault, tell your mom, contact the police, and do what you think is right for the baby, don’t have an abortion or anything, you don’t want to sink to the rascists level, have the baby, if you think you arent ready for it, then find some parents who maybe are unable to have a kid, couples who aren’t able to conceive would love a healthy baby no matter how it happened.

Answer #19

I am sorry that such a terrible thing has happened to you and I know this is a hard time in your life and a very difficult thing to talk to your mum about but you will need all the support you can get and if you have thouht about it and you want to keep the baby then good on you for making such a mature decision.

I think you should take a little time and think of the reasons why you want to keep the baby then sit down and calm fully discuss these reasons with your mum she might have some reservations and remember she will only have your best interests at heart and might be worried about your decision but let her know you have taken time to think about it and the reasons why you want the baby and stand by that in sure she will understand and support you. just remember at first she will be shocked dont be offended her hurt if she firstly has an unfavorable response trust me she will not blame you or hate you for this she will just be concerned because she loves you.

Feel free to email my fun advice box if you need to talk further

Good luck and lots of love for you and your baby

Answer #20

omg I am sooo sorry! the jerk who did that needs to b caught or he can do it to another girl! your mom wont get mad at you, just the guy who did it!

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