Would it hurt to have a baby?

Would it hurt to have a baby? What are the steps you go through. Would they be able to put the daddy in jail if your 15 & hes 24? They baby wouldnt have a daddy then

Answer #1

Yes the father can go to jail…

Imagine a ball being squeezed out of your vagina…yes it does hurt…a lot. You can get pain medication to numb some of the pain but it doesn’t go completely away. I have 3 kids and all of them were completely natural…believe me when I say it hurts.

You will go through 40 weeks of doctors appointments, peeing in a cup, getting your weigh checked, having your belly poked, hearing the baby’s heartbeat and towards the end your doctor checking to see if you are dilated.

You could have any of the following: gestational diabetes, toxemia, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, gaining too much weight.

Then you go into labor (as long as your pregnancy is normal) and you will be checked repeatedly from every nurse and doctor who comes into the room to see if you’re dilated, you will have painful contractions and just hope you don’t have back labor (horrible), you will not be allowed to eat and barely drink (just ice chips for me please), you will have an I’ve put in and you will still be checked to see if your dilating, they will keep track of the baby’s heartbeat with a monitor, you will still be in a lot of pain, and then finally after about the 15th time of someone sticking their fingers in you to see if you’re dilated they will tell you it’s time to push. All those people that tell you the pain is over? They lied…now you have to try to push that ball out of your vagina…sound fun? You have what’s known as the “ring of fire” which is when the baby’s head comes through (it stretches to the point of feeling like it’s on fire). Then sometimes you could rip (from front to back) or the doctor could cut you to help the baby out, and lets not forget about when you’re trying to push out the baby sometimes you will empty you bowels (embarrassing but the doctor doesn’t care). Finally you get the baby out and then they whip him/her away to clean him/her up and weigh him/her while you’re left there to be cleaned up…stitched (which is very uncomfortable) and they have to get rid of the blood and placenta.

Finally you get to see your baby…what a feeling!

Now you have to go through the recovery process which includes wearing horrible big thick pads (no tampons allowed) and bleeding through them. You will have trouble walking (obviously) and sitting but it will get better. When you get home you can’t do a lot because the more you do the more you will bleed and the doctors don’t like blood coming out too fast. 6 weeks after you have the baby you will go back to the doctor for a check up and again he will check inside you to make sure you’re healed up ok.

Being that you’re 15 I hope that you’re not pregnant…if you are consider all your options, it will be hard for a 15 year old to raise a baby.

Answer #2

This is what’s it’s like, and yes he will go to jail for statutory rape:

-Your pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a pea. -You are most likely going to tear, sometimes from front to back. -You get stitches. -You get poked in the back for the epidural -The epidural usually just takes the contractions away not the pressure -The pressure is a whole different kind of pain, imagine all your intestines, trying to escape from your vagina. -The contrations are like period cramps times a million. -The nurses are coming in every 30 seconds, to stick their fingers in you to check for dialation, give you a catheter to drain the pee out of you, and to poke around down there. -There the ring of fire, as they call it when the baby’s head crowns, it really does feel like your vagina is on fire and ripping! -There is a 90 percent chance that you will take a crap on the delivery table while pushing, almost every woman does. -You cant eat or drink the entire time you are in labor. -Then afterwards, you have the fun adventure of bleeding for up to 6 weeks. The first time you get up out of the hospital bed after giving birth, blood and fluid gushes from your vagina all over the floor. -You’ll most likely pass blood clots after giving birth too. If you dont get to the bathroom fast enough, they can fall down your pantsleg. -Dont forget, no tampons! Only big nasty pads for the next 6 weeks!

That doesn’t even include the pregnancy -the swollen body parts that ache -the constipation -the hemmroids -the aching breast -the not being able to get up of the sofa by yourself -the strechmarks -the morning (allday) sickness -the kicks the baby gives to your ribs -the frequent urination -the constant pap smears -the blood work

Answer #3

They have medicine that numbs you from the waist down. My mom says that she didnt feel anything. Its just a lot of straining and pushing.

Answer #4

The big truth about pregnancy is that, even with pain relief such as epidural (injection in your spine) and gas & air, giving birth is still painful. You have to give birth to a child which would be as big as a melon. It has to come through a hole the size of an apple. It puts a lot of strain on the pelvis. Some expectant mothers choose to have a caesarian, where they make an incision to cut the baby out. They say it’s a lot less painful that way. Also, water births (where the mother gives birth in a large amount of water) are very popular as the water helps the mother relax her muscles better. There is no danger of the child drowning, because the baby does not breathe until it is out in the air. Once the baby is out, the umbilical cord will be cut (this does not hurt) and the placenta is disposed of. After giving birth, the mother’s breasts will swell and allow milk to flow for breastfeeding. Also, the mother will have stretchmarks, which sometimes never go away. The mother will probably bleed for a while afterwards because of the strain of giving birth. Tiredness will also be a setback for a while during recovery. Apart from that, the mother should have no more problems.

Answer #5

yeah, it would hurt the baby … an ex con for a dad and and a kid playing mom. just what do you plan on doing about the constant crying, feedings, changing, need for round the clock attention? you don’t really think you’ll be doing teenage things like hanging out with friends do you? they’ll be enjoying themselves while you try to fiind a few minutes to shower or nap.don’t for a minute assume that baby is going to think it’s job is to get the two of you a life. just what qualifications do you have the two of you (to parent?). babies are not toys or props. the little darlings expect and deserve to be the center of your universe. if you do this, you will regret it when it is too darned late to undo the damage. babies grow up to either love or resent you as a parent- resent you if they were brought into this world to satisfy your whim- love you for loving them enough to wait until you’re not a baby having a baby for selfish reasons.

Answer #6

what if hes already in there, but gettin out, can they put him back in.? he gets Nov.9th. they dropped the charges against him. im not pregnant but we thought if we had a baby together they would leave us alone

Answer #7

Yes, it does hurt to have a baby…it’s actually one of the most painful things to go through.

And, yes, they can put him away for statutory rape.

Answer #8

damn I get constipated when I start cramping and stuff, and I have hemroids…I couldnt take a crap for almost 2 months ..I tried and tried and tried but couldnt.. sometimes it feels like my stomache is shifting..its hard to explain but its weird..I eat allot more, I can eat somethin like a cheeseburger in like a second..

Answer #9

mz_anonymous Your talking about an epidural, which does not work in every woman. Also, in most women all it does it take some of the pain away, not all of it. You need to feel the contractions to know when to push so they will not numb you the entire way. I dont even know how to describe the pressure. There’s no way to get rid of it either. It feels like all of your insides are trying to push their way out of your vagina and you butt.

taylor_and_jonathan They will put him back in jail. No doubt about it. Having a baby is not something to play with or to do to get people off your back.

Answer #10

Even if her parents allow it HE CAN STILL GO TO JAIL. It does not matter. If the relationship is sexual, which it would obviously be if she had a baby, he CAN STILL get arrested. Dont give her false information.

Also, yes they will pay attention to those things. You have to fill out birth certificates, paperwork, etc. All which ask for birthdays.

Answer #11

no they wouldnt put the daddy in jail if your parents allow it. and when you go to the hosiptal they dont pay attention to those things

Answer #12

he won’t go to jail if you don’t tell anyone who the father is. just keep the secret between the two of you.

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