Easiest way to be a pregenant?

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To be a pregnant...?? ...what???
Goat, sheep, cow,,,!!!a pregnant what??

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Lmfao, you better not be a kid wanting to get pregnant!! Or you better not wanna get a kid pregnant, first of all you dont wanna bring a baby into the world if your not even Stable still living at home... and such... Its HARD to deal with all the crazy symptoms.. and being young is dangerous... soo I would wait.. I seen some lively looking dolls on tv, if you wanna baby stick to thos things!

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Hahaha, such poor grammar - please do us a favour and do not reproduce. For the greater good, please keep your pants on and learn to spell and construct better sentences.

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awesome answer mandyloo!!!

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Have Sex.

You might want to get an education first though. It's "Pregnant" my dear.

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