Why do my breasts hurt so much?

why do my breasts hurt so much? every time I feel this intense pain in them, and if I poke them, they hurt really bad! what is going on? do I have breast cancer or cist? or what I am only 13!

Answer #1

umm im not really sure but you shud get chck by your doctor 2 noe if you hab breast cancer

Answer #2

im 16 and sexually active. my left breast hurt and I don’t know y…my period didnt come on 4 nearly a month. and not 2 soun stupid but I don’t know what a lump feels like, breast feel weird anyway

Answer #3

They’re growing. Sometimes girls feel pain during, before or after a period too. If it’s really worrying then you should see your doctor.

Answer #4

if your bot sexualy active then there A)growing or B)your getting your period

Answer #5

Dont worry im 13 and my breasts hur all the time, it just means they are growing. x

Answer #6

girl…your boobs are probably growin.

Answer #7

you are either pregnant or your breast are growing

Answer #8

u could be pregnant or … (got this off yahoo :P )

Breasts can become sore from menstration, stress, and also from them growing Another reason for breast and/or nipple pain besides pregnancy would be PMS.

Answer #9

(((the best answer))) for teens I see that most girls research to find info about why their breast hurt!! I know you guys thats the question I wonder to ask 2 butt the main 3 reasons are 1 you are growing up 2 you are going to have your period soon 3 you are pregnant more details about 2 okay soo im 14 yers old now and my breast hurt its normal because I didnt had my period for like weeks and it happens sometimes your stomach hurt when you are going to have your piriod thrust me im telling you its normal if you take it sirious and you think it hurts alottt ask a doktor or use vitamin e skin cream thrust me when I dont weat to have breast pain I use it its nothing bad you can buy it in walmart! thanks for the question still puzzled? ask me

Answer #10

My breast hurt I had a misscarry in sept 2008 and have had two period after that I have been trying again for a baby I am 28year old…my period is to come tomorrow I am on a 31day cycle I had sex on dec 21 the day they said I could get pregnant and now my breast are hurtting why…I guess I would like to know if I could be pregnant is my period started on dec 4 and went tell the 9 of dec and I had sex on dec 20-21 can I be pregnant? I toke a test is said neg but my do not show up tell I am 1 1/2 month along why is this my kids I have here never shown up tell then either… can anyone help me out thanks

Answer #11

my boobs hurt if I press them there growing love no worrys.

Answer #12

Sweetie, if you haven’t had sex, you’re not pregnant. It is probably just because your’e growing. They start to hurt during puberty, you’re not the only one, this is happening to me and I’m your age. Don’t worry, and remember what I said about having sex and being pregnant. :) x

Answer #13

It is totally normal girl, I am 28 and my boobs hurt like hell for about one and a half weeks before my period( they are not still growing they just swell because of my period). The hormones in your body increase rapidly when your period is about to come on, plus your very young so your breast are still growing. They souldn’t hurt all the time if so talk to your mom and doctor.

Answer #14

my name is natalie hi I 16 year old I was on birth control but I miss it my shot for like 2 months and I had my piriod for like a week and then after that I had sex and my boobs staring 2 hurt a lot

Answer #15

Ok I was Googling this, trying to find out what it wrong with my breasts, also. I am also 13, and not only do my breasts hurt when I’m PMSing, but they hurt ALL the time. This is an everyday thing for me. I thought it was normal because everyone always talks about how they hurt, but after a while my friends and my boyfriend told me that it is definitely not normal for them to hurt this much. They hurt all day every day and I just want some answers. I noticed that this was posted about 2 years ago, and I would like to know if you got any info about it yet. If so please e-mail me at my a social site e-mail account at nwemerald5@a social site.com. I would appreciate it very much as I am very worried. So please reply ASAP. Thanks. ~Nita Williams(:

Answer #16

I’m 13, I have had sex, but he didn’t cum, and my boobs are aching when ever I touch them, what’s wrong with me? :(

Answer #17
  • m why s p a c e * (Sorry. Forgot about that)
Answer #18

im 14 and mine also hurts a lot, but its only one of them.. whats that supposed to mean? if only one grows and not the other, I will be somewhat pissed.

Answer #19

well, girl, im 21 now and my boobs are hurting like crazy.but thats because I mite be PG/ but your too young and still are growing, so im sure its just that your growing…dont worry…you are way to young to stress yourself out.

Answer #20

Breasts tend to hurt if you are A) Menstruating B) They may be growing (which I think is about correct since your only thirteen=)) C) If you are pregnant

If you still feel worried about it, you should talk to your mother. I’m sure she has all the answers=) Or consult with your doctor. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. It’s all a perfectly normal part of growing up=) Hope this helps=)

Answer #21

my breast hurt all the time. I am 32 and no I am not pregnant. My boobs hurt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are sore. I am a DD. I found on several other websites where I have looked this up and they say one cause of this could be too much caffine. Coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks… and that fits me to a t. So I intend on laying off the caffine and seeing if that works for me before I go to the doctor about it… I actually have got used to living with it. They really hurt the worst when I take my bra off.

Answer #22

your growin luv its normal! just deal wiv it! x.

Answer #23

Thats exactly what im like I am 13 and they have been hurting for ages like 8 months!! :( they hurt when I take my bra of and put somthing against it.

Answer #24

My breasts are so small, I have no cleavage noticed. When I am around other girls at the swimming pool in a bathing suit I feel so uncomfortable around my friends. I just want them to grow bigger and fill in some, if you understand what I mean by that. Mine have been hurting sense a year after I had my first period at age 13. I don’t get it, why do my breasts hurt all the time even though mine don’t seem to grow. :(

Answer #25

im 13 also so dont worry their just growing I get that some times theres nothin to worry about. hope this helped =)

Answer #26

probably growing

Answer #27

If it happens about a week or so before you get your period.. it could be your body retaining water. The tissues in the breasts stretch and causes the pain. That is pretty normal. A couple days into your period, the pain should go away. It is okay to take a tylonol or other pain killer to feel better.

If you do not think it is period related, ask your doctor what else it could be. But most women experience breast pain at one point or another.

Answer #28

okey people what is happening is the tissue around the breast is contacting causing them to expand if your brestes are hurting it because they are growing not beacuse you are pregneant the only reason they would hurt if you were pregneant is because you are lactating therefore you would see a liquid come out of the nipple and for the 12 yr old that thinks shes pregenant hunny your not your just a late commer you will get your period very soon I promise

Answer #29

Don’t worry. Do not listen to these people trying to tell you that you’re pregnant. They are trying to scare you. I am 22 years old, and have had breast pain once a week every month since I got them. It has to do with your hormones, and your menstrual cycle. I know it sucks, I usually just take some motrin, and it helps.

Answer #30

actually my boobs never hurt before my period. Sometimes it feels like I’m having a heart attack though! or a boob attack I guess. It’s a good sign, who knows maybe we’ll end up with big boobs. you know what they say, no pain no gain ;-]

Answer #31

Omg! Mine hurt too I’m only 14 and it seems to be happening a lot latley. And I have my period but I’m not on it right Now??

Answer #32

girl I have that two that means your boobs are growing

Answer #33

its normal your breast are growing or you are around your period date

Answer #34

Ok so, my breast have been killing me and I don’t know why, I’m suppose to get my period in like a week and I’m praying that I do get it. June 5th I had protected sex but the condom slipped and he cam inside me but I took plan b within 36 hours…so I shouldn’t be preg right? I’ve also had UTI on and off for the past month, I’m really paranoid. As long as I’m not preg, idc what happens. I’m 18 and a soon to be college freshy.

Answer #35

The same thing is happening to so I looked it up ang you are probably inthe 2nd stage of puberty and it is called breast buds. Here is some info bout it!

The development of tender breast “buds” is usually the first sign of puberty in girls. Some girls notice breast growth as early as age 7 or 8, while others don’t start until age 13 or so. The timing is determined by your own biologic “clock” that tells your body to start producing high levels of female hormones. Breasts go through five “stages” of growth over the next five to six years, until their full maturity is reached by age 17 or 18. The final size of a girl’s breasts is determined by heredity and can range from very small (like bra size AA) to very full (such as size EE). Breast size varies greatly among women, and all sizes and shapes are normal and healthy.

I got this forom teengrowth.com

Answer #36

I am 14 and my boyfriend feels me up and I have 2 tell him 2 stop because they hurt. It is normal. I bear through the pain just to see my boyfriends face. Hope this helped.

Answer #37

Because when my are sore I usually get my period a week later after they started hurting. I am 13 too so don’t worry :)

Answer #38

You are at the age where your body is starting to produce new body parts. your breasts are growing and is totally normal. Dont be freaked out if you feel a lump its just your breast forming. This is when you will need to start wearing training bra’s. And now that you are growing breasts you are getting closer to starting your period soon. 8)

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