Would you prefer a high paying job you dislike or a game with less income but you enjoy?

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Definitely the one I enjoy. I don't think money is worth being miserable all the time.

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I think personally I rather enjoy my work than feel miserable and get paid better. However, some people might be able to shrug off work easily and just see it as a thing they do to get paid. It's just work takes so much time in your life, it seems like it should be committed to doing something you at least enjoy rather than hate wasting time on.

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I'd say take the high paying job for abit, and than do the less income that you enjoy when you're older.

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It honestly would have to depend on what I need to survive. If I needed the high paying job to put a roof over my head, pay the bills and take care of myself, I'd take it. I would much rather prefer a job I enjoy, but sometimes it isn't ideal.

If I could get by doing the job I enjoy, however, I'd take that over the other any day. My happiness would be worth the less pay.

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They say money doesn't buy happiness , but it does for me. Heck yeah I'm happy when I can go out shopping and get a bunch of stuff. If I can do that then I'd be happy with the job I hate. I would love to have the job I love , but beggers can't be choosers .
In this case higher paying would be my choice. Money , and I have good friends and family out of work. I wouldn't mind at all. And I'm just being honest. I would hate to be a football player , but if I get like 2million? dollars a year id be happy and I'd eventually get good at it haha.

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The one i like. I'd never do a job that i dislike. Thats stupid even if it did pay alot. I refuse to endure something that i hate. lol

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I think i'll take the higher-paying job when i need the money or someone i love needs it. but aside from that i'll definitely take the job that i enjoy.

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It usually comes down to finding a happy medium. I started out as a musician. At one point in my life I was willing to accept the standard of living necessary to be a struggling musician. Later I was a bike bum working just enough in bicycle shops to get by and spending all the rest of my time training and racing. Again, having a lot of fun but not making much money. Now I work with computers. It isn't as much fun as music and bike racing was but I don't dread coming to work and I make more money than I ever could expect to otherwise. I don't think I could do a job that I hated no mater how high the remuneration. Now I have a well paying job that I usually get some satisfaction from. Like I said, a happy medium.

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Maslows heirarchy has been proven time and again... Moeny does not match enjoyment even halfway. Definately enjoying.

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