Do you prefer book versions of a story, or do you prefer the movie versions that get produced instead?

I personally prefer the book versions. After reviewing a recent movie that I watched and the book it was based on, I noticed a lot of key parts were left out in the movie production. Due to this being something that happens a lot, I prefer books.

What do you prefer? Also, why do you prefer it?

Answer #1

Movies. Reading is boring.

Answer #2

I don’t think I’ve yet to read a book after seeing the movie version, only vise versa.. and in the cases where I read the book first, I’ve always liked it better. But the movie version is good too.

Answer #3

I prefer reading the book. A book has the ability to portray characters emotions and insights while a movie cant. With a movie, there’s usually a lot of scenes that have to be removed. They can’t be acted as writtten in the book because the characts emotions play an impact on some occurring events. Also I like to predict my own characters in my head before watching the movie and being disappointed by the actors chosen because I feel the don’t suit the role. Books show more depth and in my opinion are more compelling to read.

Answer #4

I think Reading, cause the movies miss out alot of stuff thats in the books. I like the Harry Potter books better than the movies

Answer #5

Books are definitely better.

Like cookielove said, a book is better at portraying characters and emotions. Even the best actors cannot play characters properly. Look at something like Hannibal, Anthony Hopkins is a brilliant actor, one of the best, but he cannot even live up to the Hannibal described in the books.

Answer #6

I prefer the Book for the details and the extra long version of the story. However the movie is just sooo much easier.

Answer #7

It has to be the book. Reading the book you understand the characters better and you get to know every little detail and it creates some sort of image in your head in what the characters look like, the setting, and basically everything. Some films are good but some just ruin the book for me and ruin my little image of what it would be like. However the Harry Potter sequel is a good example of a successfull book-to-movie adaptation.

Answer #8

Books are a hundred times better. They have way more detail and storyline. When they make a book into a movie they have to leave so much out of it , it sucks. I’m yet to see a movie that even came close to the book. Books rock!

Answer #9

it really depends.

some films go from book to screen perfectly and it doesnt ruin the book.. trainspotting just as an example pulls it off bang on.

films that just didnt hit the screen as good as the book are things like bridget jones diary.

it really does just depend for me.

to be honest id rarther watch the film though :p

Answer #10

I tend to prefer the books and a lot of time I have already read the book before I see the movie. However, I do like watching the film first if I know there is an adaptation of a book I am about to read, simply because I think you can enjoy the film more on its own merits if you have not read the book first and will not constantly pick on the differences from the book. Some adaptations can be really good, although not exactly the same as the original. Revolutionary Road is a recent exaple I can think of for me- I watched the film first as my friend rented it and really enjoyed it. I am liking the book a lot too, but do not think I would have enjoyed the film as much had I read it first.

Answer #11

Books. Love to read, and I prefer to come up with my own images of the characters. And as others have said, you can’t ever fit the whole book in the movie, so something gets chopped or the director/producer takes “creative freedom” and buggers something up (or at least makes it a lot different from the book).

Answer #12

I like the book version better because it is more detail and you would have to use your own imagination. On the other hand the movie version gives you a better visual. The good thing is that you can compare whether the director had the visual creativeness to ponder out those schemas.

Answer #13


Answer #14

I enjoy books. I know thats wierd cause i am in highschool, but you can get more involved in a book. You can make the characters whoever you want with the guidance of the author. Also, it is more fun to be able to have different interpretations of a book, and be able to be completely surprised. In a movie you can usually tell what’s coming without to much thought. Also you can speed the story up or slow it down depending on how fast you read, how closely you pay attention, and how often you read it. You can go back and reread parts if you want, like if later you realise you really like how a character worded something, you can go back to find it. You feel fine reading a book alone, and its not boring. You cant really enjoy a movie as much without the presence of others to share reactions with (like laughing or crying, or screaming) I really enjoy movies too, but to me it seems like comparing apples and oranges.

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