Can she get pregnant from the condom popping?h

I had sex with a girl and yeah when iw as changing position my condom got dry and I didnt have a lube but anyway I put it back in slowly because she told me to, and when I put it in I heard a pop noise and my condom blew up in there or rather the tip ripped but made a blowing up noise and the head of my penis was exposed. could she get pragnant from this? I didnt ejaculate or anything though I had the fluid in the condom. could she get pragnant from this? does the fluid carry sperm at all times or is it only when you ejaculate?

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that is funny(sorry) but there is a possibility that she can be pregnant...sorry.

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if you had a fluid in th condom and the comdom broke yah theres a chance she can get pregant dude

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Have you ever heard about the man whose penis exploded during sex? Your story ranks second to his in terms of hilarity.

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YES>fluid carries sperm ALL the time... precum also does!

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It is possible she is.

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