Can you get pregnant if he wore a condom and didnt cum?

Are week or two ago me and my boyfriend tried to have sex, but we couldnt get it in because I was to tight. We used a spermicidal condom and he didnt cum. I was suppose to get my period today, but I havent yet. But I have been stressed to the max about school and my boyfriend ect.. Could I be pregnant?

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u guys didnt have sex so you r not pregnant haha wow looser you didnt have sex because you were too tight and her didnt even cum wwooowww

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Just calm down. I seriously doubt you are pregnant - period can be delayed for numerous reason's.

Condom Broke...but He Didnt Cum
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If you used a condom.. and he didn't cum and you couldn't get it in.. then im guessing you are not pregnant.
Periods can come a couple days late..maybe even miss sometimes.. it doesnt make you pregnant.
Just don't worry.
Im very sure your period will come soon

No condom but no cum?
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For Blonde - you dont have to actually even have intercourse to get pregnant. All a male has to do is ejaculate or get pre-cum on your vagina and you can get pregnant. Sperm swim honey - remember that.

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