How can i get possessed by a demon?

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you dont
come on
your not that stupid are you?

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What do demons eat?

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what? Why would you want to get possessed??? It's not cool!!!

What happens if you worship the devil?
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...are you trying to?

It's not usually something people go looking for, you know...

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demons nor ghost exist, get real.
it's just a belief by the mentally insane or some one who has an addiction.

just watched drag me to hell, "I don't want your cat"

this must be a joke if everyone is so interested in this<33

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I want to know how to be possessed so that I can prove that there is an afterlife. Most of you say that's not a good idea, so is there another way to prove that there is an afterlife?

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get a fucking life

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u wouldnt want to be possessed trust me right now my soon to be wife is possessed a evil spirit was place on her by a friend because of jealousy and we are searching ways to get her better its not a nice thing and the she is always in pain it never goes away her back head lung chest and she get a black mark under her eyes right now im searching for help and you want a demon on you, you must be a real sick person or a demon is already on you

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To get possessed you need a wigi board..!and ask for the unpositve engry to come and the positve to keep away...then ask if anybody or anything is here move somthing if there is a presence say I give premision for you to posse my body if you dont want them to posse you for ever say but only for the amount of time you want the for...coose your time wisly I have seen this done be for..!if at any time during the ritual you get to scared and dont want to be possessed close the wigi board..but be ware some spirts may be to strong..and take complete control of your body straight away...and remember it is a painful experianc and exircism by a priest is the only way for you to be healed..!and by then it may be to late..
So be wise.!with the way you use it...

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you dont need an ouigi board. you dont need the black bible all you have to do is give a demon permission or ask them to come into you. the ouiii board gives automatic permission but its more like speaking to a demon than becoming one. make sure the demon is stronger than you are or else you will find that you are almost completely in control. your vessel will be useless and your own free will to hate is just an illusion.

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by gicing you'r heart mind body and soul to them infact they even give you a future sight of things to come because you can be come one wit them and become the demon I became a king thanks to it so try to be the demon you'r self mind gets twisted though! yay awesome ain't it

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DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH DEMONIC SPIRITS!!! you have no idea what you would be getting yourself into, my personal experience (a permenent burn on the back of my neck) should tell you that demons are nothing to mess with. DO NOT!

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well I don't know if his helps the matter any but I can ask one of my demons if they could possess you if you wanted me to...
DEMONS AND GHOST DO EXIST!!! Oh and I have watched drag me to hell at least 25 times! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

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Demand that you be possessed... Loath your enemies... loath everyone... demand that all burn including yourself... all must be return to the void... you are nothing... they are nothing... blood and tears must flow... demand hate... demand chaos... chaos is nature... chaos... is everything and nothing...

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Demons are real. As a matter of fact just asking advice on here means you are possesed already. Computers are demons. They posses you! You constantly thinker with them. You are addicted to them. They got a hold of your soul! Hahahaha. Hehehehe... :) or so some sociologists think.

I mean why do you think we have all these movies showing our fear of robots and machines taking over? Terminator, War Games, etc...

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Do what jessimica said..

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Well I dont know if this helps any but I can ask one of mine if they want to be your possesser...

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urr crazy !!! do you know if you got posessed your life is going to be a leaving hell also after you died you will go to hell cz evil is the enemy of god ...!

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How to get possessed by a demon in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a demon.
2. Create a leprechaun.
3. Tell the leprechaun to place the demon inside you or you will take his pot of gold.

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I am sure of one thing: demons do really exist, so don't play aroud with them, it's just an advice!!!

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By not being experienced and attempting 'The Triangle of Solomon' if you do it without much experience you can end up posessed or dead according to some

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1. Be overly religious
2. Be mentally unstable

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Lol I dont know for sure if demons exist as I have never seen one. I guess in a way it is fun to think there is such things as ghosts and demons out there however why would you want one to enter your body if what is said happens when they possess you sounds NOT very fun.

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You have to be evil and a sick person

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***I dont think you wanna do that. Your a young vibrant girl and you should enjoy your life. Please, dont be possessed. Live life to the fullest because you'll regret taking toadaly's advice***

Are you SERIOUS? Toadaly was kidding...that should have been obvious as soon as he started speaking of leprechauns.

Demons DON'T cannot get possessed with something if it doesn't exist.

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I hate to tell all you people ghost and demons are real...but if people chose to mess around with it like me...I love satan and demons and vampires...but for me I would not get into it its very dagrous...I know for experents DO NOT DO IT...REPEAT DO NOT DO IT...dont be stupid like me I cant change.It's who I am.its how I was born to be I guess...just dont do it...-MEGAN LOVES SATAN WHOOO-

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uh, why would you want to be possessed by a demon?
If you are serious about it ill tell you this, if you let them inside of your body it makes you weaker to keep them out, and soon they will be able to controll your thoughts and even you actions.. once you open the door it is almost impossible to shut.

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I dont think you wanna do that. Your a young vibrant girl and you should enjoy your life. Please, dont be possessed. Live life to the fullest because you'll regret taking toadaly's advice.

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I don't think you want to be possessed by a demon because I heard that it can turn against you and try to kill you. But if you are so paranoid about it this is what you should try (I haven't tried this but I looked it up and a lot of people said it could work) First, you need to get an Ouija Board. Then at night, (with the lights off because you get a better connection) you need to use it ALONE. I've read if you use an Ouija board alone you are likely to be possessed if you ask the demon or ghost you are communicating with possess you. I STRONGLY encourage you not to do this but if you do- you'll go through hell. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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Well, that's what im asking too but nobody seems to response a good answer, i am trying too because im a little atheist, and i found it really interesting to see if i can get demon possessed even if i don't believe on it, they say demons commonly attack people with weak minds but i don't have a ouija board to prove it and i don't even know where to buy one, so if you get a good answer, tell me please:)

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It's quite easy to bind and summon demons onto this plane. All you must do is obtain a copy of the lesser or greater keys of Solomon. You can find english translations of the original manuscripts, but the greek versions are the best- I find that some of the actual meaning of the words is lost in english- Simply follow the steps laid out in the texts, you will need a few things, skin of a male virgin deer tanned or raw, a brass host adorned with the sigils depcted in the manuscripts (if you want to be possesed then write or cut the sigils into the flesh, be sure to be precise.) Then simply preform the rituals explained in the text, be very sure to face the East, as it is the dirrection of the house of the Great Beast 666. I can tell you from experience that it is quite unpleasent to have one of these entities within you, it feels alot like suffocation. You will feel pure dread. But from this experience can come many great things, such as a greater understanding of the occult and the world around you. I have been a practicing member of an occult order (that shall remain unnamed) for 4 years now, and I have learned things that would drive most "human beings" mad.

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