How can I be popular in school?

well first of all even though I am really awesome looking I think I am still I geek even though I friends with the most popular people in school and I also have a boyfirend. but I don’t no if that is helping. see these girls are have a party it is almost like a sweet 16 there is going to be maybe 2,000 people there. well one of my popular friends said that they were going to invite me and my friend but now they aren’t cause they think we are lesbians, I know that is really stupid, so we decided not to hang out that much, I know what you are going to say next you shouldn’t change cause you just want to be popular but this middle school, yeah now you understand, so can you give me some advice on how to be really really popular

Answer #1

hey, I’m twelve and I’m the second most popular girl in the school, basically, I got there by being nice too everyone, always looking perfect, flirting a lot, not slutty though, not having a boyfriend is helpful, so the boys think your available. I’m one of the rich kids and it helps, watch a film like mean girls, and try too copy regina george at the start. You can build yourself up from litteraly nothing. Remember too walk round school, with your head held up high, and try too make yourself look inmportant, eg. if someone gets in your way go eurr, or give them a shove. hope this helps.

mwahhh zoe x

Answer #2

Well, I am popular at mine. But I really didnt try to or really want to all I did was I became friends with these 2 girls. And then we sorta formed like a little group. Then, I dont know how but some how we just became popular.

 Ok. here are some tips that (might) help.

Try wearing mascara, eyeshadow, and just be creative and play around with makeup until you find something that looks good one you. ( I havent looked at your picture yet so I dont know if you were wearing some or not.)

Same thing try to be nice to people. And just I dont know just start talking to the popular croud and they might exept you if you start being nice to them.

dont be shy just get up there and start talking to people.

maybe try to do different things with your hair.

And they are right too. It doesnt really matter if your popular or not.

I think thats its more important that you have good friends. But do what you want. I hope this helped I tried to think of some edvice. But nothing really poped into my head. But once again I hope this helps.

   golden kiss
Answer #3

lol sorry to tell you but it is NOT all that fun to be on the upper side of popular. As soon as you get out in the real world that stuff dont mean sht too. Most of the “Popular” kids from my high school have not done anything with their lives. Hell I just read about another one of them getting arrested yesterday for drunk driving. Just find a good group of TRUE friends and dont worry about the rest. I was one of the more popular guys all through my school years tell I did hit high school then I said fck all the BS that comes with it. You have to be some one else almost just to stay in that group. So I started to be the real me and was more happy then ever. Got some new great friends that I know would stand by me through the hard times. Still friends with them even though I am out of school. I know you hate hearing this but trust me in the long run none of this will matter and you will probably not even remember about this part by the time your 20 even.

Answer #4

dude, being friends with the most popular people in school means nothing, some advice… be really nice to everyone…well not too

Answer #5

This is like what happened to my friend and I. We kinda driffted apart all through middle school because of it.. and now that wer both have boyfriends we started hanging out again and no one has said a word.

Answer #6

guys hello you all do not really mean that i mean come on you all are not giving good advice is said something i could do like be flirty or soemthing, and just to let you know i am very nice to everyone and have alot of friends and that is not working for me and by the way, being friends with the most popular people in school means everything, man it is like you all have never gone to high school before

Answer #7

how does this make me popular and hasn’t said a word

Answer #8

how does this make me popular and hasn’t said a word

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