poem by crystal and matt

(Crystal’s Words) Never before did I believe a friendship could be so great, now that I’ve met you our bond is impossible to break, your kindness and charm has put a smile on my Face, you make me feel so happy when my life is a big disgrace, I wish I could take away all your sadness, I wish I could hug you and take away this madness, I wish I could smile at you and brighten up your lonely days, I wish I could be there for you in every possible way, I wish we could talk all the time theres just not enough time in the day, I wish I could promise you everything will be fine,
I wish more then anything that you’d be mine.

(Matt’s Words) I wish you’d give me two signs, one that says I love you and one that shines. I wish every angel was amazing like you are. Even when we hug you seem too far. You’re so beautiful, you glow like the brightest star in the sky. I’d like a piece of the love in your heart. I’ll get rid of all my past mistakes. I want to love you, like a bullet I’m willing to take. Ill accept your death so you don’t have to die. I’ll give you my every breath, so you can breathe and theres no need to try. Ill always tell you the truth and never lie. As if I were the star of the north, I’ll be your guid. I’ll walk you thru life and stay by your side. Just stay with me, there’s no reason to hide. Shoot for the stars and dont look down. Keep your head up babe, theres no reason to frown. I want to be the reason you stay alive. I’ll remain in your heart forever, like a bee in a bee hive.

(Crystal’s Words) When I Think of you the first thing I do is smile, im not a determined person but for you I’d run for miles, My feelings towards you are oh so strong, between you and I I don’t want anything to go wrong, your perfect to me in every single way, I promise you my love forever I mean every word I say, I didnt think the perfect guy would ever come along, but you have and together we belong, forever and ever you’ll always be in my heart, I love you matty I hope we never grow apart.

(Matt’s Words) I can’t believe I found the best girl so soon. What are the chances, it’s like the sun has met the moon. So now I’ll always hum this tune, because it’s the tune I was humming when we first met. There’s something I have to say, and I don’t want you to forget, that I love how you look at me this way. Your heart showed me a better way to live. Your lips taught me how to forgive. Your words got me to try, and your arms helped me to fly. Your pain made me want to help, so I decided to wipe away your tears, to fill the cracks of your heart and live in there for years. I hope you feel this love I’m making as it takes form. You can live near the fire in my heart, hopefully it will keep you warm. You can run into my arms, and Ill hold you thru this storm. All night long I will hold you like a shoulder. I told you we’re getting older, and it’s time to decide what we want for the rest of our life. because I will be your husband, if you’ll be my wife. We both always felt so alone. But now we’re in love, sinking like stones.

(Crystal’s Words) for the longest time I felt sad & alone, now that we’ve met I want it to be known, I know longer feel dead inside, instead I feel this sensation thats so hard to explain, slowly over time your words have taken away my pain, I know longer feel as though I’m fading away.. if I could be with anyone at this moment itd be In your arms that I’d want to lay, you pick me up when I’m feeling lonely and down, during this time we’ve spent together its happiness that I’ve found, you can’t begin to imagine how much you mean to me, maybe one day I’m the future you’ll see, every bone in my body aches to be closer to you, I honestly hope deep down you could say you feel this way to, it would b such an honor to b considered your wife, I wanna live forever with you in my life.

(Matt’s Words) I’ll give you this ring, if you’re willing to take it. my heart will continue to sing, as long as you don’t break it. follow me into eternity, I know that we can make it. if we saw a heart along the road, maybe we would follow it. if you tasted my kiss in your mouth, I hope you would swallow it. like a pill that you need, a strong addiction to love. it starts off like a seed, and it grows so far and high above. in the breeze, it will fly over the sea. beyond the trees and beyond the stars into sweet sweet heaven, its like a wish from eleven eleven. love lives above and below the clouds. it feels greater than happiness, and it’s better than being proud. we live our lives like a dream, where no one else is allowed. only me and cwissy cakes topped with whipped cream. rainbow jimmies and a cherry. but nothings as good as the seed we chose to burry. and now that you think of me so high, I don’t want you to think of me any less. I would feel like I deserve to die, I would really be that depressed. but I want you to know that even when I’m gone, this road for you will still be long. you’ll be surrounded by the sky and the lawn, and I’ll be there to keep you strong.

Answer #1

Where awesome!! :D:D lmao oh my gosh that was soo sweet..that was the most cutest conversation I ever had it was all mushy and stuff xD heh… iloveyoumatt! x33

Answer #2

Crystal I fkin hate you. This is sooo sweet :D:D:D:D Yerr so lucky :D

Answer #3

So sweet.

I love to read your poems. They’re pretty good. So, are you two lovebirds really getting engaged?! :)

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