Can a pregnant shih tzu have a bath?

hello there hope you can help me because my shitzu is pregnant now its her 1 week pregnant and is it possible we can take her a bath or not allowed for the dog pregnant can you help me to answer this because im so petty for my dog not smeel good

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Hey, you people. If the dog needs a bath, give it a bath. I am a shih tzu breeder. Soap and water will not hurt your dog. Of course, use a little common sense. Don't dip her in excessive hot or cold water. I prefer to stand my shih tzus in the utility sink and spray her down with comfortably warm water, apply dog shampoo, lather up with a gentle massage. Rinse well. Remember to gently brush her before the bath. You don't want to shampoo a shih tzu that has matted hair as that will make the matts harder to get out. If you use electric clippers on your shih tzu, only use the clippers on clean hair. Clip hair on her underneath side and in the perineal area. Be careful to not nick the teats.

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Yes...she can have a bath.


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