Can't think of any good story ideas

I have been in a slump for days now. I Can’t think of any good story Ideas. Can someone please Help me?

Answer #1

If any of you have ever read the story Vampire Kisses and your looking for stories to write do somthing like that except mix it up a little and add different things. If you guys havent read that book and you need vampire ideas you should totally read that book it will help a lot.

Answer #2

What about this: There’s an earthquake and a family of four in that area. A mum, dad, sister, brother. The mum and dad die. The brother is told that his sister’s body was not found. They assumed she was dead He knows she’s alive, he can feel it. He looks everywhere for her and after many years he finds her. He was told she was adopted by a rich family, so he is sure she is his sister. He get’s a place near the area she lives in. His sister doesn’t have any memory of what happened in her life before the earthquake. She doesn’t recognize her brother. So he can keep an eye on her, he attends the same school as she is in. They become close friends.

Answer #3

My favorites are fantasy. Stuff like vampires, and goblins ans stuff. But not in the kid way, more elegant and lovey. So basically like twilight if you have ever read the books. Read them, and then write the book.

Answer #4

well I love to read and write, well it depends on what type of stories you like tell me and then il tell you some good stuff!

Answer #5


Answer #6

umm I like to write emotional stories… like something that happened to me, like my parents divorce..and then twist it up and add more horrifying stuff…crazy stuff…or fantasy… when evr I do that…I get a A+…

-Tiana {add me}

Answer #7

Abstract Nouns.

Determination. Obsession. Anger. Sadness. Happiness. Fame. Depression.

They all light flames of inspiration and belonging. You should also read stageplays/screenplays as well as watch films and read other books of the same genre- once you’ve chosen a genre and theme eg. Genre = Fantasy, Theme = Fame.

Answer #8

you could write about a girl’s life. like personally… like a war with-in herself. for instance: she could have low self esteem… she could be bulimic and be on the verge of going anorexic and be cutting . she could be expeirementing life… with boys and possibly with her thoughts on how far she can go with her problems. she might try pain killers and get high off them and not like it and want to stop.then she would see her wrong doing… and get help. but in the end she turns back to cutting and what not like someone who never learns… that could lead to another book. or another idea might be that her friends at school find out and all she falls apart… her parents could be going thru devorce… stuff like that. hope I helped !! feel free to fun mail me!!!

Answer #9

Whatever springs to mind. You’ll probably find that inspiration will just hit you, tons and tons of carefully thinking over the main idea will just eventually lead to you finding a major flaw like: Its to short, doesn’t make sense, lame ETC (No offense I’m sure you’re stories are great)

Answer #10

I find it easier if I write about something I know a lot about, so research something a bit 1st, like vampires, the slave trade,etc. Or you could do a fantasy, which I recommend, bcos you can totally make the rules for the entire world and dont have to know much about anything. is it a romance? Mystery? Horror? Adventure? just make a character, decide the genre and get going!

Answer #11

well I couldn’t think of anything to write either so I thought of something that happened to me in my life and then twisted it and added bits and voila I had myself a story!

Answer #12

If any of you have ever read Vampire Kisses then you should probably base your story on that. give yours a twist add more details and have fun while doing it! If any of you have not read Vampire Kisses Read it and you will know what I mean.

Answer #13

I just let my imagination do the work…n I realise that if you constently think bout sumthing long enough…ull dream about it…or if you cant wait…write sum of the dreams youvee had in the past then twist it around if its not juicy…eassyy and simplee as that…hope I helped!!!

Answer #14

you could write about mythical things such as dragons or vampires and werewolves, thats what I write about mostly.

Answer #15

whoever asked this, read all of the answers on this page and mash them together :D

Answer #16

pssshaw, that’s easy! I’m a writer myself and hope to be when I’m older. I love to read romance stories, so I write them. Ever read Sarah Dessen’s books? Well, in basically every book there’s a guy. Not trying to push this, but it’s fun to invent the curves of a relationship. It doesn’t have to be mushy gushy, the guy could end up dead if you want. But really, just write about your intrests. EX: Sports, family, activities, time of year, period in time. And give it a twist. It could be real or fake. Try it:)

Answer #17

you could write about a runaway princess, she runs away because her mother and father lock her away in a tower and she gets out (you think of how), and it’s about if she goes back, if she makes friends and how does she survive. or if you want, you can writte about a very princessy like princess who oneday has to act as a farm girl and it’s how she copes with all the muddy places and others.

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