Why won't my breasts grow?

I’m flat chested and I’m 15. I got my period at 14. They have stayed the same size since sixth grade. I don’t understand why. I’m in ninth now. My cousins have bigger boobs than me. Even sixth graders. How can I make them bigger? I’m literally flat. Will I eventually grow? Three years passed and they haven’t grown at all. What the heck? I’m a little skinny and I eat all the time. I’m not malnourished. So what’s wrong with me? I hate having no boobs!

Answer #1

some people get matured faster…it just takes time.. but if you really want boobs, then you will have to get fatter.. boobs are just fat..and extra weight

Answer #2

I am 15 years old and I turn 16 In a few months. I am a 34A. I used to wear push ups to make my boobs look bigger.People always tease me about my breasts. My families boobs are all bigger than mine even my 12 year old sisters boobs are bigger than mine! Sometimes your boobs just grow later because your body is focusing on it’s height for now most of you will get thicker after you stop growing tall. Have you ever noticed a lot of tall skinny people don’t have boobs?!and the shorter girls do?! It’s just because they stopped growing tall earlier. My grandma didn’t grow boobs until she was 18! and My cousin didn’t start growing boobs until she was 17 years old!!! It is said somewhere that girls BOOBS DON’T STOP GROWING UNTIL 18-21!!!I pray to god almost every night to let me have the boob size I want…Do you want bigger boobs?

Here is some tips if you WANT BIGGER BOOBS.

1.try to stay away from caffeine(such as coffee,tea,soft drinks, and chocolate). CUT BACK ON CARBOHYDRATES!!! 2.eat more proteins such as’ raw fruit and vegetables,pure soy products,wheat grain foods,cinnamon, nutmeg,flax seeds or any seeds,oats, berries, and organic foods, Herbs are really good too! 3.you need atleast 5 hours of deep sleep. 4.Reduce your stress level and keep blood sugar stable. 5.Try to let your breasts be as free as possible, even if it means wearing looser bras or NO bras at all once in a while.(I only wear loose sport bras to bed). 6.Excersise…don’t do the runniong because you usually lose your boob fat! Do push ups and chest presses. They do not make your boobs bigger but are said to make them appear larger because you build muscle under your boob fat. 7.Regulate your metabolism,growth,development and puberty,tissue function and watch your emotions.An imbalance of any of these glands will infleunce the supply of hormones around the body which can prevent successful breast growth development. 8.Breast massage…I know it sounds weird but it is a must for healthy breasts.(Do it twice a day for a few minutes)(I do it in the morning and before I go to bed). Massaging improves skin tone and helps firm by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the area, nourishing the cells. It can Also help RELEASE TOXINS which can lead to the breakdown of breast tissues.

9.Hydrotherapy is the practice of water to heal your body. One effective technique is alternating between hot and cold water in your shower which increases circulation by as much as 95%.

Reasons why your boobs are not growing; -If you don’t sleep well -have cold hands and feet(not enough circulation in/around your body) -headaches -moodswings(WATCH THOSE!) -constipation -low in energy -low in sex drive -If you have lots of fear and anger(Loosen up a bit) -or experience painful and heavy periods

I hope some of these things work for you. Don’t expect to grow boobs over night! It takes a while. Tell some girls these things so they too can be happy.

And if none of these things work for you, you can always get surgery, get lotions, or pills.

Answer #3

I’m in almost the same place; I didn’t start getting my boobs untill almost the end of my 13th year. Now I’m 14 and I still only have a 32A. You sound like me; I have a fast metabolism, so my body goes through calories relatively fast. I’m quite skinny, though I am always snacking on something.

If you look at pictures of the really skinny models, what do you notice? They hardly have anything to call boobs. Since most of the makeup in breast tissue is fat, it’s rare to find skinny girls with some major cleavage - unless they’re fake, of course.

Why not try talking to your mom? Since you get half of your gene composition from your mom, and your mom’s side of the family, you will probably be around the same level as your mom was, as far as developement goes. Try also talking to your grandmother on your dad’s side of the family, since that’s where the other half of your gene composition comes from.

You will most likely have to wait for a while and see if they grow. For now, that’s the best you can do.

Luck, support, and wisdom. Kylie

Answer #4

Okay you guy’s who dont have this problem dont understand whaat us girls are talking about…Im 13 Soon to be 14 as we speak on the 24 Of Jan. and My Breast started growing in the 5th Grade But Yet Im In the 8th grade and I think I kinda moved up from a 30AA to a 34A or 36A [But Not Really] Everybody at my WHOLE SCHOOL have more than me I mean literally. and then tey started growing and suddenly stopped :[ My Mom Is A C & Grandma a DD or DDD and my dad Mother has big ones too :[ But why am I stuck with these?I get teased on about being Skinny having no boobs or butt…but I pray every nite that they will GROW forsome reason but, I HIGHLY doubt im just so sick of getting picked on I wish people would grow up & Except me For Me!Also I never had a b/f because of my size :[ I just feel so lonely at times I don’t know what to do like now as im typing this I feel like im about to break and cry :[

Answer #5

I’m 13 going into year 8 soon. I have a fast matabilism which means I’m skinny but I’m tall. You could call me flat chested, they just stick out a tiny bit. I’m just self conscious, what age will I get them? or have I stopped growing? please tell me.

Answer #6

hey I have the same problem I grew my boobs when I was 11 but just a little and I got my period at the age 13 and they still havnt gotten big I am a 32a but my boobs kant fill the bra yet and mostly everyone at my skewl has the perfect body but most guysz don’t kare bout boobs they mostly kare bout butt so don’t worry your not alone and thts nothin to worry bout!

Answer #7

hey guys im fifteen march third and im completely DREADING the summertime. I love to swim and have a pool but I feel like I cant hang out with boys then because when I wear a bathing suit you can see that im pretty flat. im 5’5” and weigh 110. I’ve had two boyfriends so girls dont worry about that because they really dont care that much about it, just be fun and if you have a good attitude theyll appreciate someone to laugh with. it really sucks waiting for them and I kinda lost my religion because god couldnt friggin answer my prayers but I got my period in eight grade and am a size 34 a but I cant even fill it in. all my friends have got them and it just sucks but if someone has any ideas for the bathing suit thing ill love you forever okay sorry for the whole novel bye :)

Answer #8

if a guy really loves you he will accept you for who you are. it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. accept you for who are and learn to accept yourself. trust me you will be A LOT better off because I struggled for a while with my own appearance then finally one day I decided you no what if people what to hate me just because I look a certian way, then fine screw them. and in my opinion even though I’m a guy, I think smaller is better because if a girl has huge boobs then it just doesn’t look good. Don’t let people get to you because if you do, then it will just drag you down and you’ll end up depressed like I was. The people that you want to be with are people that really love you for you, not for you’re boob size. So just relax about it. I really hope my advice helps. :)

Answer #9

ok um mine started growing at an early age im 12 and im 38c but my moms didnt start growing until she was 20 my mom is an example just wait and see you get what you get and you dont throw a fit thats what I used to say about stuff

Answer #10

hey I have the same problem. im 16 going on 17 next month. Oct. 29th to be exact. I have been a 34 or a 36 A for the longest and cant seem to figure out why I stopped growing. my mom has D’s and my grandma has B’s. all my cuzzins even the younger ones have bigger boobs then me. every night I always pray to god that my boobs would grow. I even tried to eat a lot of meat b/c I heard that eating meats increase yur boob growth. but I still have not seen a change. but yur not alone a lot of girls are going through the same fear yu are going thru.

Answer #11

Everybody changes different times, and size etc) can differ through genes.. You can always ask your mother when she got her period, or started growing. My mother did around high school sophmore Junior year? So my family was laite bloomers.. ahah. My two sister also got their’s the same time as my mother But some how I got my period the end of 8th grade. Get a push up bra if you want Just dont try to change it, its more horrible to see a person try to, its just self concious. It will happen sooner or later.

Answer #12

mine wont grow im really not that fat but please if im 32a you should have big booobs

Answer #13

ummm…hey your just like me I have a high mentabolizm and im flat I think so yeah!!! I heard that if you sleep on youz side and drink diz: -glass of water -1 tablespoon of olive oil -1 tespoon of sugar -1 teaspoon of salt -then you mix them all and drink it -then you sleep on your side then by tomorrow you will go from an A cup to a C cup!!! -well I havent tried it yet but I will today then I will comment on weather it worked or not ok I hope diz workz 4u!!!

Answer #14

I hate having a flat chest it’s horrible I WANT boobs sooo badly because all my friends have really big boobs it’s so unfair !!! one of my friend is really tall also she is skinny but she has big boobs I’m so confused ?? also my mum has REALLY massive breasts and my auntie and older cousins ! can some one help me I’m really confused?

Answer #15

Boobs are strange things, Woman who are realy blessed with big perky ones say they get in the way and are a strain on the back. So they get breast reduction surgery. Woman who are less endowed feel un-femine and inferior so they get them enhanced. Are we never satisfied with what we got. Come on now. Guys forget the size of your dicks and girls forget about your cup size and just learn to accept yourself for who you are not what you look like. The world has this thing all upside down. Honest. Gino

Answer #16

omg same with me!!! im 14 turning 15 on Aug. 2. im a 32A. I don’t know what to do!! all the girls at my school have big boobs. the bra I use makes my boobs look bigger but I wish it were true. Ok im 5’3 and 95-99 pounds. I also have a fast metabolism.

Answer #17

people who have boobs sometimes think they are fat . pluse that some girls cant find good clothing to fit them because of there boobs size. if I were you I would just talk to my mom and see what she says and if doesnt help come and talk to me again and ill tell you what I did that is very silly to get boobs and how it worked . just private mail me !

                                                                     Good luck reply!
Answer #18

Im 13 about to be 14 and I wear a 34A. I started my period about a year ago then they stopped growing. HERE ARE SOME TIPS: massage your breats before you go to sleep DO NOT wear a regular bra to sleep (no bra, or sports) Sleep on your side then alternate In the morning your breast WILL hurt but its only because they are moving closer which makes them look big!!!

Answer #19

I would go see a doctir first and if your want them fast maybe you could stuff it like just foldin up a tissue and putting it in a bra

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