I need help with my school matters

Okie well I am 13 and I have set in stone that I am going to pursue a career in literature. I plan to write fiction books, I have a few started already and an Anthology (as in a book of poems), but I need help with my school matters.

  1. I got my first C+ ever in Pre-Algebra. I have never gotten a mark below a B- in my entire life. Is it something I should freak about? And as it is an advanced class for my year should I be more concerned? Is Pre-Algebra going to effect my career options but much because of that mark? Is it important at all to literature studies?

  2. I really want to know what subjects I need to focus most on so I am going to tell you my classes and if possible you would put them in order from least to greatest in the importence of literature studies.

Pre-Algebra Gym Music Science Study Skills/Facs/(in Study Skills I usually leave to work for Student Counsil jobs.) English Geography

  1. Do you think I can pursue my career of choice? Details: I am in Student Counsil I used to be in band I play flute, piano, and picalo I am now an only child I have goals set in expences for varies things I read in all of my free time I have started my novel and anthology both I have placed multipul times in literature competitions I won the Veterns Essay for this year I keep journals to practice my working with words and vocabulary I live in a small town and that may effect the location in which I recieve education I am writing as vampires perspective and have had a lot of thought in Science to find out how it would be possible for vampires to live on water having only to drink blood once in a while by the ways of the blood cells multiplying and carrying oxegyn to the body without the need of new cells every dosage (this is as if they were real, if they were they could indeed survive this way) I did not get my ideas from newer books that all seem to have the same subject I’ve had the idea before I even knew of the serise I am sure you know I am talking about I put in much effort to my writeing You are probly getting bored with me but if you still want to find out more in how this can effect me send me a message and I am sure to obligue. Thank you, Daphne
Answer #1

Hey, to answer your question, I need a bit more info. Are you in HS? Your grades/classes don’t really matter until HS. The key is making sure that you aren’t going to be restricted from more advanced classes down the line(really a district based issue…).

With that said… please don’t stress out at all about your C+. I can’t say I understand much about the literature field as I majored in mathematics and currently work in advisory but all your classes until high school carry equal weight and you should use the time to learn how to study (I.e. make sure you know how don’t get a C later when it will hurt your GPA).

Your advanced math classes aren’t going to impact literature, but the issue is colleges tend to pay more attention to critical thinking classes for admissions.

If you want to start planning early, you should start looking at specific programs and schools you are interested in. Talk to their admissions departments as they can tell you which classes they will put more of a focus on. Whatever they tell you though make sure you keep your GPA up. Sounds like you have the extra curricular stuff covered… they usually just want to make sure you leadership and show a lot of potential. If you’re stressing out about career planning at 13, I’m sure you’re aiming pretty high on those schools list.

A word of advice, seriously spend your time exploring your interest and talk to all the amazing writers out there for advice (any that you can find). Not sure the best forum for that but teachers/professors are a great start.

I think you’d be crazy to avoid let anyone tell you that you can’t pursue your career of choice at 13. I wish I could give more constructive advice on #3 but literature is a pretty open ended field.. there aren’t many jobs and you usually have to find a niche. It sounds like you’re very talented so make sure you continue to grow and get recognition before application time.

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