What do you think about playing poker as a career?

Answer #1

It’s not a smart career in my opinion, you could get into serious debt and there would be no steady income.

Answer #2

awsommee dude, if ur good and go pro, you will be making at least 10,000$ a month and if ur really good, millionaire status. its even better because u dont even have to be amazing, u could just be rlly lucky haha

Answer #3

While I respect the fact that you can make a lot of money playing poker, poker is a game and I don’t think it’s something that should be used in place of an actual job. I’m not sure if I’d classify it as a career.. I classify it as an expensive game that only wealthy people can afford to play. People who aren’t wealthy can’t afford to lose, and let’s face it.. you don’t always walk away as a winner.

Answer #4

Once a week get together with 3 friends and play poker (just for chips) for a year. If you win more than 70% of the time then you are a natural and may be able to win at high stakes poker. One problem is that at your age you may not have the credibility (or cash) to get into big games in your area.

If you enjoy g*mbling perhaps a better option (which I enjoy) are bets on NFL games- takes a bit of research but can be profitable.

And of course as in all games of chance there is always the caveat “NEVER bet more than you can loose, comfortably”.

Good Luck, M.

Answer #5

lol to that caveat… u havent been in a real poker game then. :)

Answer #6

IDK as for a career, but if you are a good poker player you can make good money, but there is always the chance that you can loose lots of money at the same time.

My grate grandfather was pro at blackjack. He didn’ t play it “professionally” but when ever he got a little short on cash he would wander into the local cas!no and at least double his money. He had several things that gave him an edge tho. First he would only bet the original money he came in with, none of his winnings. And second he had a truly photographic memory and could count cards in his head :P, and figure the odds on the fly. Not bad for someone with a 5th grade education :P.

Answer #7

For poker playing to be a career, you have really be good at the game and yet it wouldn’t be a very great idea becuase it’s a game of chance in the end and hence there is risk involved of you losing a large amount of money.

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