How should i plant this bean seed that it will survive?

So my friend was growing this bean plant in Biology, but he didn't want it so he gave it to me. It's starting to grow a leaf and it has like 10 or 12 roots. It's sitting on a wet paper towel in a petri dish right now, and I have no idea what to do with it. If someone's good with plants and can give me a detailed description of what to do with this thing, that would be fabulous. Thankssss~

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Any pictures?

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Well first off I would get one of those little plant pots & some soil...then I would fill half of it and place the 10-12 roots into the center
now add some more soil til the plant pot is almost full but not affecting the stem where the leaf is coming out. Now it is all nice & snuggled in the soil.
give it some water & find out if it needs sunlight or shade to grow better.

Remember not to over water or keep it in the sun for too long. good luck & hope this helps.

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I have nothing to take photos with D: it's like...okay so there's this beany looking thing and a leaf starting to like unfurl, and then this separate white part with really short little browny white roots.

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Thank you!

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your welcome sweetie :)

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Beans like FULL sun. My boyfriend has them sprouting up all over his garden and they grow very well in the sun. What I suggest you do is to plant it in soil and cover the soil with grass to keep the moisture in, that is what we do, it's a pretty easy plant to grow.

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