Where is the plane and its crew and Passengers then?

OK Conspiracy theorists, if it was not a jetliner that crashed into the pentagon, then where in the hell is that plane and all of its passengers? I believe Our government is corrupt and used 9/11 to further its agenda, But we need to be realistic.

Answer #1

I have to say that anything & everything is a possibility! Unfortunately we cant prove anything at this present time & if the gov has it their way, which they do…then we wont fog it out for a long time! Seems like when ever they feel like covering something up they tend to do it well…there is proof all through history just have to really look for it to fond it!

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There is proof that the plane took off with its passengers, veered off course, and is now missing with all of its passengers and crew. That is a fact.

Answer #3

The jetliner could be anywhere… as could those on board. According to the blueprint for Operation Northwoods… plans were made to paint a decoy military jet and divert the original passenger jet to an military airbase and disembark… one can only assume the fate that awaited those aboard. Perhaps the Pentagon was struck by a similar decoy… one in which the certainty of its precision strike could not be compromised by the flight experience Hani Hanjour lacked or by passenger revolt. The glaring problems that trouble the official take on the impact of the pentagon are:

A. The maneuvering of flight 77 in midair is one that only the most experienced pilots could manage to perform… at least in theory. Flight 77 managed a 270 degree turn while descending 5000 ft and maintaining a speed of over 500 mph. Hani Hanjour had little pilot training. One year prior to his flying ace aerobatics he had failed the required skill test to rent a single engine Cessna. Experienced pilots consider the Zelikow Reports conclusion of Mr. Hanjour’s culpability as absurd…

B. The lack of a NORAD response to intercept AA Flight 77. NEADS… the division of NORAD tasked with protecting the Washington DC area had ample time to scramble fighter jets to intercept AA Flight 77 once it had gone rogue… why didn’t it? Especially in light of the fact that two other jetliners had also gone missing and were then crashed into the World Trade Centers. Testimony from air traffic control centers… from US Air Force brass… and even from Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta were expunged from the final draft of the Zelikow Report. Norman Mineta testified that VP Chaney was kept informed of the trajectory ETA of a jet at 50… 30… 10 miles out and then asked by the aid if orders still stood to which VP Chaney answered “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”… suggesting the orders were to stand-down.

C. The unwillingness of the FBI to release confiscated surveillance tapes. The FBI confiscated 87 tapes from cameras surrounding the pentagon… of which they have released one that shows little more than an ambiguous streaking object and impact explosion. Why not release them unless there is something to hide? The hijackers that would have stood trial are dead so it is hard to argue a legal formality.

D. Flight data for AA 77 provided by the NTSB via an FOIA request proves that the flight deck door was never opened during flight. The status of the door was taken every 5 seconds during the duration of the flight as is standard procedure. Every documented data shows the door closed. How else could hijackers breach the c0ckpit?

It isn’t necessary to prove an alternate theory in order to disprove another… all is required is that the conclusion doesn’t follow from the premise or that statements used to prove the conclusion are not true. This is the case with the Zelikow Report’s conclusion. I am not sure as to how all of the aspects were accomplished… but I am certain that they were not accomplished as we have been told in the official accounting.

This fact suggests that our govt did more than take advantage of this disaster in order to further its agenda… along with the collapse of World Trade Centers 1… 2… and 7 in a manner inconsistent with the explanation provided and requiring explanation that cannot be provided but by assuming some surreptitious assistance. We know that Zbigniew Brzezinski created the mujahedeen during President Carter’s administration… and that supposedly members of the mujahedeen embody most founding members of the database… or Al Quaeda. We know that Osama Bin Laden was at the time the CIA asset Tim Osman. We know that PNAC had called for a catalyzing event on the scale of Pearl Harbor in order to justify a US presence in the Orient. Is it so far fetched to suggest that a warmongering cabal entrenched in our Federal Government planned the entire thing? In my opinion… considering how this cabal has behaved historically… knowing that war is essential to a debt based economy… in light of all the evidence that favors an alternate explanation than the one concluded by the Zelikow report… 9/11 was a false flag terr0r attack… carried out by behind the scenes agents in government Fletcher Prouty would refer to as the Secret Team.

Answer #4

No doubt in my mind that “The hidden Cabal” within our government has benefitted from this. That Americans havre been stripped of freeedoms, and that The rulling class have a tighter grip on the world. . . I am torn to believing that is was Muslim extremists and that our own government relied on that to do there work. Which is more sinister? I guess the attack on the pentagon is the key to all this. we need that video footage.

Answer #5

I believe that proof of a conspiracy is evident in the collapse of the WTC towers. To fall at such a speed… completely and precisely is impossible without the aid of demolition explosives. The numbers aren’t even close. The infrastructure of the building included huge steel beams that would inhibit the pancaking theory of collapse to such an extent that physicists conclude a complete collapse impossible. That the buildings fell at freefall speed means that the infrastructure must have been removed simultaneously in the manner of a top down controlled demolition. This means that explosives must have been placed in the building and the debris that was allowed to be sampled shows evidence of thermate charges. Since explosives must have been required to explain the collapse… this implies someone other than Islamic terr0rists are responsible… why fly planes into the buildings if you can push a button and bring them down? The planes were the distraction to lead us to the foregone conclusion of war in the Orient. Perhaps this clip can help explain:

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It sounds as if you are already aware of something askew in our government. I have found one clearinghouse website envaluable for its reliability and discernment.


Although I am not in total agreement with Mr. Rivero’s analysis… his website is in my opinion the best there is for exploration of the total problem. Keep an open mind. We’re all in this together and the more people we have discussing the issue… the faster we can meet resolution. Thanks for the question.

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[link removed]

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It’s disallowing a link for the video submitted at Funadvice… sorry… the title of the video: 9/11 Physicist and Chemist discussing the collapse of WTC 1 & 2 part 1

Answer #8

i agree! there answer is they have perished! how can prove it happened or didnt…

Answer #9

I’m not convinced about demolition. No outward and upward explosions. And the build up of weight as the floors fell does add up scientifcally. We are chasing our tail. Matters not how it was done as much as why, and the removal of our liberties. I also woukd not dismiss Islamic Extremism, whether or not we helped cause it or not there is no doubt that is is real.

Answer #10

Check that science… even NIST initially refused to explain the mechanism of the collapse… stopping at the catalyst… and had to doctor the numbers… extremely exaggerating the input values of the of the steel floor joists in order to come up with a cause that didn’t violate the official explanation. Mind you these three buildings are the only steel reinforced buildings ever to have suffered global collapsed from fire damage. In some cases… towering infernos ensued for days… the buildings were gutted… but the structural steel remained standing. Perhaps the Islamic terr0rists hit the terr0rism lottery thrice on the same day… on two attempts?

For arguments sake… let’s accept the official account of the catalyst for the collapse. In order for any mass to fall at free fall speed… all of the energy potential of the mass must be converted to kinetic energy. With each successive floor… the falling mass is met with a resistance that would require the kinetic energy to be converted to an energy that would overcome the potential energy of the structure to remain stationary… thereby slowing the collapse. The buildings fell at free fall speeds… to compensate for this face… energy necessarily had to come from some other source. Islamic extremists cannot alter the laws of physics.

Video footage of what can be considered squibs exists… it’s open to interpretation admittedly. Thermal imaging of the ruins following the collapse is consistent with what is expected from thermite enhanced demolition… it isn’t consistent with the official pancaking theory. NIST didn’t check for explosive debris… their investigation presupposed their own conclusion… but thermate residue was found in the debris. Eyewitness testimony is corroborating.

Cui Bono? Who benefits? Islamic extremists? All their land are belong to us now. You don’t intentionally p!ss off the planets superpower because of some irrational hatred of their freedom. This makes absolutely no sense… even considering this region of the world has given us the assassins whose name is derived etymologically from their proclivity for the wacky weed.

Not to be a smart aleck… but these details are important… I hate to play any man’s fool. I can trace my roots back to this country a century before it was one… I am not trying to sully our reputation. My only intention is the justice that every person who died on 9/11…and since in these needless wars… American… Military… Iraqi… Afghanistani… deserves. I respect your opinion concerning the matter… hopefully you can maintain an open mind and accept the transition…should you come across paradigm altering information you can believe in.

Answer #11

Oh, I have an open mind, now that I have finally opened my eyes to new world order theories. . .I cannot help but to think that most of our tallest towers are painted with a thermite compound so that just in case of an attack our builings fall in such a manner as to keep destruction down to a minimum. Kooky!?!?!? Almost as kooky as the “magic Bullet theory”. . And to say that you “dont pi$$ off the planets super powers because of some irrational hatred”, well then you would have to disprove all of there attacks on the west, not just 9/11. You keep an open mind as well, and be ready to shift paradigms. . . Would it fit a new world order contrived of super elitists who meet in super secret meetings around the globe to conjur up new plans of war and genecide, by implicating them in far larger more complex plots? What if these people devised plans that would eventually lead up to a 9/11 without ever pulling a trigger?

Answer #12

And to say that you “dont pi$$ off the planets super powers because of some irrational hatred”, well then you would have to disprove all of there attacks on the west, not just 9/11.

You’re on to something there… scrutinize any supposed attack earnestly. I’ll retract my suggestion… it does sound as if you have no problem following the truth wherever it leads you… I apologize for any false assumptions.
Who knows what machinations the elite are up to? I have to stick to what is provable and leave the conjecture for debate. It is certain that the events of 9/11 didn’t happen the way the Zelikow Commission purports. I doubt they would leave very much to chance… so I cannot agree with the wait and see scenario… they utilized the Hegelian dialectic in order to get their way… too much circumstantial evidence points in this direction.

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