What's the best place to live in Spain with kids?

My family and I are considering living there, if we can work out the visa issues…I know we only have a couple members that live there, but, I’d love to know if anybody has any ideas. Thanks.

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my mate and her children just got back from holiday in spain and she went to the costa del sol and she said it was a very nice place for the kids as the residents were very nice/pleasent and the night life wasnt as loud as ibiza

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How about the United States ?

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I wasnt aware the US was in Spain…

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i’m going to spain this summer though i’m only going to barcelona .. i really don’t know anything yet.. though i’ll let you know once i do know how it is :)

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Hmm, all depends what you are looking for…hope this helps! its sort of broken down to certain places…city life or country life…tourist attractions(like vacation islands) I have never been to spain so I cant offer my best advice but i have asked around & looked up what people that live there say & what some sites have said…but if you truly want my best advice do some research…no will satisfy you til you do it yourself…perhaps with a real estate agent…because you need an environment that is safe for the kids…yet still close to a job offer…you dont want to have to travel a few hours to get to your job every morning & back home…so see where your job is & then find a location around there where there is also a place for schools so they can continue their education

Some will say Barcelona…some will say costa del sol…if you love the island tranquility then i would say look at this…if it is what you really want tourist galore… http://funadvice.com/r/3k9o02bpdc Ibiza is def not for you as a family with kids…too much noise & way too much partying! some people say Costa De la Luz.(in the South of Spain) some say Costa Del Almeria (Its a continuation of the Costa Del Sol, so you get the benefit of the sun, but so far without the very high property prices.) I got this off someone that lives in Spain…his words…All the towns and cities in Spain are good for live, but are better Madris or Barcelona, because are two big places. And the best cities and towns to live are in the North of the country. Some more advice from people…If you like modern cities, Barcelona. Older historic places but still a city, Sevilla. If you like mountains, any place in the Pyrnies, northern spain. If you like the feel of desert and mountains, Cordoba. A city on the ocean, Cadiz or Gibralter.

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Inside joke for Jeremy, I guess I’m envious of his ability to just pack up and go !!!

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I’d pick gran canaria, there’s so much to do for the kids and i know, it’s not in spain but it’s in the canary islands which are so close. :) teehee. oh, and they speak spanish in gran canaria!

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