Where would be the best place to learn how to code & programme & all that stuff?

Basically, my dream is to become a games designer and always has been but never really known how too get there. I was too late getting into collage and can’t any more so I’m looking for a different way to learn.. What would you say is the best way for me to learn? Maybe a course or instructor online?!

Answer #1

I was in that program two years ago I found it extremely hard to learn on my own. I really suggest taking some course. Look into night school at University or college where you are. There are that specifically teach video game development and you end up with a diploma where I am, so look into such schools like that. I would definitely look into getting a diploma or a certificate at the very least in video game development or IT. Why can you no longer get into college? You can always apply a year later.

Answer #2

College is actually not too late at all! January is right around the cornor and you could easily sign up for the new semester. Or if you’ve got a busy schedule, look for night classes that are offered. You’d most likely want to look into graphic design courses that are offered online if you like the comfort of doing your studies at home. Whatever route you choose, act soon and good luck to you!

Answer #3

I will advice you to join any educational institute where you can learn coding and programming or else you can also learn is online at w3schools.com

Answer #4

Do you have a computer? Great!!!!

The best way to learn programming is to teach yourself. If you think you can’t teach yourself, then you’re simply not motivated enough and this is not a good career path for you.

Why did I say all of that?

Because programming (unlike a lot of other careers) is something that you have to learn by yourself, not be taught. And the best way to learn it is to start writing simple, practical programs, then actually writing your game.

There is no shortage of resources online available. Most of the best ones are actually free too. All the languages you want to learn are free. All the instructions are free.

SO its just motivation. Pick a language, and stick to it. I recommend:

Objective C - for iphone/ipod mobile Java - for android Ruby - for web

Again, a simple google search for “learning [language]” will give you hundreds of thousands of great results for any of those you pick.

Answer #5

Agreed. There are so many resources online its rediculous. Then at least you can find out if you like programming before you spend money learning it.

Answer #6

Thank you so much! I’m thinking Objective C since I’m a huge iOS gamer! Seriously I would do anything to achieve my dream I just wasn’t sure where to start! You’re awesome xD

Answer #7

I can tell you lots of people graduate with Computer Science degrees who are poor coders. In fact; in most of my CS classes there were usually just a few students who liked to code. Many people see programming as a stepping stone before moving on to better things. Programming is a craft; some people are good at it and enjoy building things while others struggle and only do it when they have to. Video games now are huge. It often costs more to develop a major video game than it costs to produce major motion picture. There are whole teams of designers, architects, engineers, artists, animators, photographers, composers, programmers, and testers. If you have dreams of building the next killer game by yourself don’t bother; it doesn’t work like that. If you think that spending months figuring out why a game sometimes hangs or plugging memory leaks sounds interesting than your expectations are more reasonable.

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