Pittsburgh, PA?

An online friend is coming to visit me this summer, and has never been to Pennsylvania.. so I want to take her to as many places as we have money for lol. I live about half an hour away from Pittsburgh, so we will be spending most of our time there.. anyone who has never been to Pittsburgh, where would you want to go first if you were coming here? or if you have been to Pittsburgh, where is your favorite place?

we will def. be going to the zoo, andy warhol museum, and the waterfront.. but other than that, im not sure where else we will be going. any ideas of what we should do? [cheap ideas! haha]

oh, we want to go on a ‘dinosaur hunt’ but im not sure if all those dinosaurs are still around pittsburgh? does anyone know if they are? I know there is one… at one of the colleges, I forget which one, its the triceratops with letters all over it.. but are there still other ones around?

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im not sure yet about kennywood, we will probably end up going though. She is 18, and I am 17 :]

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pittsburg is my favorite city! would it be too expensive to go to kennywood? and how old is your friend? because that would kind of help me determie what kinds of things she would be interested in doing.

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ok, we might have to go there then :] I want to go to the foam party thing lol.. but my stupid boyfriend will never go with me :[

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yeah, east carson street is my favorite place ever! lol, so we will probably be going there. its all up to her really, since shes the one with the car.

have you ever been to club zoo? my friend went once to see Relient K, and she said it was SO hot, and so tiny, and it wasnt any fun because it was so hot

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I would go to South Side for shopping or the Cheesecake Factory. Club zoo. If you go to Mount Washington you can look out at the view of the whole city.

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Go to City Hall and get a map & program of places to see. They will usually have information at the desk. Ask question when you pick up this information. They will gladly help you or else go the to the Public Library.

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yeah, I saw that on their website.. id go, but have no one to go with again haha

Answer #8

awee. this saturday is a blizzard snow party so they’re going to have snow in the club.

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I go to club zoo all the time. I think I’m going this weekend. I have a lot of fun there with my friends.

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