Pitbulls: Are they good pets to own?

so who has or owned a pitbull in there life?

I’ve got a couple questions to ask, okay well, if you work a lot, are they good pets to manage like I know every dog needs attention and everything but does it need any special training, I want one really bad but I need to know these things before I just go and get one? if you have kids that come around a lot are they good with them? and do they need to be muzzled in public? oh and how much is the insurance month?

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Yes Pitbulls are wonderful pets…the question here, is “Can YOU be a good Pit owner?”…They require LOTS and LOTS of exercise, both physically and mentally…they are not a dog you leave in the back yard to dream up their own brand of fun…way too smart for that.

It’s true that Pits do have a higher threshold for pain…but it’s UNTRUE that they are any more likely to attack a person trying to break up a fight than any other breed. NO PERSON, with a lick of sense, would dare enter a dog fight, unless they are an experienced dog handler. The chances are, that both dogs would turn on that person.

BE CAREFUL where you buy it…insist on meeting the parents…for it’s in the parents that you will see the base line for temperment.

Ask yourself the hard questions, and be hard on yourself for an honest answer…There’s millions of dogs out there, that don’t require quite so much from an owner…And remember too, that should something come up in your life in the next 14 years, to change your situation (there are cities and counties that don’t allow Pits), that you will hard pressed to rehome this dog…no matter HOW good it is.


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I read a great article on pits called BAD Rap in a recent issue of Dog fancy, maybe you can find it online. I agree with Phrannie. Most dogs were bred to , hunt, protect, herd, and guard, So it does all come down to the handle and how much time and effort you place into it. I will tell you, I have a deaf Aussie and every web site told me to always keep him on a leash, I had him here about 3 weeks and he has free roam of my outside when I am home, because I made the effort he will not go far without “checking in” ( I do not live near a road, so not beef please) Now if anyone can tell me how to get him to stop freaking out about shadows I would be fine.

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Pitbulls are getting a bad rap, but before you get one, there are some things you should be aware of and why it is that Pitbulls seems to be a dangerous breed:

Pitbulls become angry quicker than most dogs. Evidence suggests that it is due to their high level of L-tyrosine.

Also, when pitbulls attack, there is little that can be done to intervene. This is because of their insensitivity to pain. Pitbulls seem to generate higher levels of painkilling endorphins than other dogs. They will not back down like most dogs if defeated. Instead, they will attack someone who has vanquished them before, repeatedly.

It is in your best interest to do a thorough research before getting a Pitbull - they can be loving companions, but in the wrong hands, they are deadly.

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yea there great pets to have I own a whole bunch and raise and sell them with papers purple ribbion champion dogs no muts but if the person you buy off knows what he/or she is doing then you have nothing to worry about like mine they are all kid and baby tested because its me and my brothers who raise them and my brother has 2 kids one 2 and one 8 daycare might think if a little kid pulls on there skin or something they will bite not true the best is to get a baby and raise it to your own to your standers yes you can take them in public no mussel nothing as long as you raise it right

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I have owned 4 pitbulls and im only 13 well if you wokr a lot no because you need to socialize with them or else they become vicious (well thats what I’ve found) if you are going to get one get one that is trained and has lived with children before that way you know your okay well that your kinda okay hope it helped if you want to know more funmail me.x

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ichibanarky, I’m afraid that’s not true…

Pitbulls don’t get angry quicker than other dogs, they are just more loyal. When people train them to do badly, they will, to protect their masters. They are a fiercely loyal breed, and that is what causes them to not let go if they are told to attack. They want to please their masters.

This site is a great place to learn about the myths of pits: http://www.realpitbull.com/myths.html

The article containing the information you quoted: http://www.city-journal.org/html/9_2_scared_of_pit.html

Is more of an editorial than scientific research…

It’s misinformation that gives them a bad name…

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Yes pitts are like any other animal they are great pets I have two of my own and my female just got pregnant so we will be having a litter pretty soon..they are very calm. they are just like my kids they act like big babies and I have neices and nephews their around all the time they love kids…it just depends on how you treat them and how you bring them up just like kids sorta..when you go to get one just make sure the parents are friendly and not mean and youll be just fine…they are a wonderful pet to own…

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