Answer #1

No, I wouldn’t. Dogs aren’t people - they don’t require adornment, and their ears are too sensitive. It would be cruel.

Answer #2

Its over and done in less then 10 minutes, that includes from the time they walk in the door til the time they leave. Its adorable, they get alot of attention and love from people when they see the earrings..I truely believe its not cruel, if I felt that way, I wouldn’t do it. I have 8 dogs, my great dane has a silver stud in his ear. But Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you honesty.

Answer #3

F* NO!

Answer #4

No. It’s not a little person, it’s a dog. Which means they scratch it, and it could get stuck on something and get ripped out. Uhm no, absolutely not.

Answer #5

No, I find it cruel. I don’t see a dog as something to be decorated. For that I have a Christmas tree.

Answer #6

I dont even agree with piercings babies ears…so i definatly do not condone piercing an animals ears. Both are unneccasary and cruel imo. There is no reason to cause your animal or baby pain for the simple fact of making them “pretty”. Its stupid. You can say its over fast all you want…they still feel pain and its not needed.

Answer #7

I can’t stand it when people treat animals like humans. A dogs ear is not the same as a humans ears. They are way more sensitive. Just because you want your dog to get attention, doesn’t mean you need to put it through pain. Cute dogs get attention from just being cute. Without the clothes, painted nails, piercings, bows, booties, etc….

Answer #8

No because it may hurt the dog as it won’t know what’s coming, when it gets pierced. So no.

Answer #9

hell no! thats considered animal cruelty!

Answer #10

no ..because they play and jump so it would get stuck or may hurt them too..

Answer #11

if you want to, that would be on you……its like saying clipping a dogs ear…..does it have to be legal in order to proceed on…..its really your choice……many may disagree…….e.ven i disagree…..but its reallly up to you……..

Answer #12

im sorry but thats sick. dogs get attention for being cute. there are many other HUMAINE ways of drawing extra attention to your dogs by grooming them like they are going to a dog show or butting a bow in their fur. animals have super sensitive ears and having them peirced isnt healthy. there are so many risks. are you aware of that? i do vollenteer work at a no kill shelter and we ended up having to bring one of the dogs to the vets to be put down because his previous owner had his ears peirced and they got so badly infected that there was nothing we could do to help him and he was in incredible pain. every morning when i would go there i could here him yelping and whimpering. we had him on meds to controll the pain and to try and heal the infection but nothing worked and the only way for him not to be suffering was for us to take him to be euthanized. its peoples stupidity of doing things like this to make dogs look “flashy” and “adorable” that puts dogs in danger. what if the earing came out and they swallowed it? your dog would need surgery and if surgery wasnt performed then the post of the earing could scratch and rip intestinol lining. oh and by the way you might not think that peircing a dogs ears is painful but their ears are so incredibly sensitive. yea it might be over in less than 10 minutes but you are peircing a needle through a innocent creature. i have been raised all my life with dogs and my dad is a dog breeder, i am a member of ASPCA, i vollenteer at vet offices and animal shelters as well as do dog walking and some basic training. i have 7 dogs. so dont say im only 15 and i wouldnt know anything about animals. what you are putting your dogs through is cruel.

Answer #13


Answer #14

its actually cropping a dogs ears and for the breeds they do that for it is because their ears are very prone to serious infections if they are not cropped. same with breeds that get their tail cropped. and the dogs are under anistetic for that

Answer #15

no i wouldnt

Answer #16

I would if I knew it wouldn’t get infected or ripped out…But I know it would get ripped out easy and I love my dog too much to put him through pain(:

Answer #17

NO!! Most def not!

Answer #18

humana beings pierce … and if you comapre animals to us well i dont know what to say!

Answer #19

I agree with you, Emily_Rawrz_Hope. I’ve wanted my dog’s ears pierced before, but I would never do it. He’s cute already, he doesn’t need an earring to show that.(: I didn’t realize the side effects could be so dangerous…That’s sick :( I saw a Pug with its ears pierced once.

Answer #20

dogs play in the mud and get dirty and sometimes play rough which are all ways the peircing can get ripped out or get bacteria in it that causes infection. and the ears is the #1 spot for fleas and ticks and if one of those buggers gets in there that will definatly cause infection. the extent people go to to make their dogs get even more attention and “love” is getting way to out of hand. people are doing things like giving them peircings and those things can actually harm the animal. it makes me sick that people put their pets through this

Answer #21

NO WAY. the dog could eat the peircing and why put the poor wee thing through unecisary pain. NO NO NO. ur dog doesnt need a peircing. humans get them because they CHOOSE and KNOW what happens. doggies DONT. neither do babies. just dont do it!!

Answer #22

that is horrible why didn’t you listen to the advice when you asked for it? And did the dog howl in pain at all when he/she had it done? :/

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