Picture ratings

I dont like them.
I mean okay its cool if someone rates your pic well
but why give them a one
when no one deserves a one?
No ones that ugly!
You people need to get a life.

People send me msgs acting me if theyre that ugly cause someone
rated them poorly.
I mean come on.
Dont think somone looks good dont rate them!

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I'm with thedude...
If they don't want rated they can turn it off - and they should expect the worst if they are letting people rate them anyways. It is mean to give someone a '1' but some people just don't care.

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Its basically all apart of the 1st Amendment. If you dont want someone to rate it do as the Dude says turn em off and dont rate others so poorly maybe they might have the feeling to do the same. There are rude people and nice people just gotta know them before you judge them

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I didnt post this cause Im tired of picture ratings
I think its just rude is all

ANSWER #4 of 5

You can turn ratings of your pics *off* by editing your profile. And that way, you never get rated :)

ANSWER #5 of 5

Well...if people *didn't* want a rating, they'd turn them off. You'd be amazed at how many people never click the "edit my profile" link.

And yes, rating a picture "1" is a little rude...but, you get an email (unless you have notifications turned off) with the name of the member who rated you. So if you only got one negative rating, you can follow up with them, OR if you feel the person was mean, use the abuse report, OR visit their profile & block them.

See? Lots of ways to handle it...

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