What's the most physically demanding sport?

what is the most physically demanding sport?

Answer #1

believe it or not…wwe wrestling lol im not kidding! I mean they constantly have to take all these drugs and they still train and get injured… theres also a lot of pressure too…

Answer #2

Swimming is the most physically demanding sport as far as practise goes

Answer #3

football has to be up there (american football)

Answer #4

if you classify marathons as a sport, then yes, I think it’s the most physically demanding. I wouldn’t really call it a sport (I’m not demeaning marathons or anything, they are quite difficult, just they’re not my definition of a sport), so I say the most physically demanding is soccer. you’re constantly running, and focusing on small aspects of how you place your feet and what part of your foot you use to handle the ball. it is a huge cardio workout, and you really don’t get a break to rest. (especially if you played the whol 90 minute game, as I did!)

also, I don’t think dance is a sport, but when I was on dance team, that was killer. you used muscles you didn’t even knew you had. practices could go for hours on end and are very tedious (STRAIGHT LINES!). Ballet dancers have it the worst I think.

that’s what I think!

Answer #5

I play ice hockey and I think that’s gotta be up there.. especially when I was playing with boys teams before there was enough girl interest. Although, I think gymnasts are definitely some of the most in-shape athletes out there. Solid muscle. :)

Answer #6

The most physically demanding sport is basketball that’s if you’re playing it right.

Answer #7

I’d say wrestling bar none.

Answer #8

Wrestling is hard even though you think it is fake

Answer #9

would ballet be one of the hardest its just as physically demanding as gymnastics but they have to go on pointe

Answer #10

the most physical demanding is swimming then football Basketball & soccer

Answer #11

I think I read something on Sportsnet last year that it was boxing, followed by ice hockey.

Answer #12

If ballet is counted as a sport, BALLET. If not, GYMNASTICS is a close second.

Every sport at a high level requires lots of time, energy and mental and physical toughness.

Answer #13

I think cross coutry because you are using a lot of energy

Answer #14

it could be any sport, really. it just depends on how hard you practice and how intense your warm-ups and conditionings are, which has a lot to do with the coaches. I know I played on 2 different soccer teams and one of them was not difficult at all because our coaches were really laidback and lazy. but the other team I was on was hard. our coach had us running 3 miles every morning and 1 mile after practice at night. it could be anything..

Answer #15

I go with gymnastics.I’d love to see a soccer player, a boxer, and a marathon do half the training we do.

Answer #16

I agree wit the ones that said wrestlin yea’ its fake but that makes it harder, I mean to restrain yourself from really hittin a dude/chick that talks down to ya or trying to pretend you really hit it hard, yea’ its harder and it takes more out on them on the road bout everyday of their lives, different time zones, workin out or just doin steriods with some LOL, then practicin then wrestlin then fans, and its all yr around, they dont get much breaks unless they get hurt of fake an injury or somethin…dont get me wrong im not sayin other sports are the easiest thing to do…but im just pointin reasons for wrestlin and I also agree with gymnastics, si I say those 2 sports

Answer #17

gymnastics. it requires SO much mental toughness. after falling on your neck after doing a skill, you have get right back up and do it again. gymnasts also have practice all year round. competetive gymnasts are not just “part time gymnasts”, they are full time. we have to practice year round, because we will loose all our flexibilty, cardio, skills, and more if we skip even one practice. there is so much pressure on gymnasts. the struggle to be perfect is what every gymnast faces. I would love to see a football player try to do our conditioning. we have to do pull ups, running, push ups, leg lifts, v-ups, sit ups, crunches, side cruches, calf raises, squat jumps, and after that tough stretching for 15 minutes. the pressure that goes on in the sport is also really hard to deal with. on top of school work, social lives, trying to fufill parents dreams in your gymnastics career, and some gymnasts deal with anorexia or depression because they feel like they have to be perfect. I havent dealt with this, but I know many people who have. honestly, I think all other sports are just lame excuses for extra-curricular activities…

Answer #18

marathon running would have to be up there

Answer #19

I agree. gymnastics.

Answer #20

hmmm…soccer takes a lot out of you but gymnastics maybe?

Answer #21

gymnastics (: seriously…[and running..like track/crosscountry]

Answer #22

in 2002 scientists put this to the test Motocross wins soccor got 2nd in motocross you muscle a 200+ pound angry beast around the toughest terrain that is possible to race on for over 30 minutes!! in football you get breaks every 30 seconds!! motocross racers get there heart beat up to 190 for 25 straight minutes, no breaks.. all you have to do to be good at football is be fat! id like to see a football player hop in a motocross race THEN tell the world wich is more tiring!! if you disagree with anything I said, then you have never raced motocross.

Answer #23

mxboy721 is almost correct, they rated GP Motocross riders as the most physically fit athletes. This was determined because they where better able to react and make quick decisions when fatigued than other athletes.

Please note the difference between Motocross and GP Motocross is that a GP race is run in 45 minute motos, not laps.

Answer #24

if you know anything about water polo its that you cant touch the ground in a 12 feet deep pool and if you do touch the ground your not breathing. I think its up there because your getting punched kicked,drowned, and for girls, they scratch bite pull punch and even PINCH LMAO but yea they do a lot of stuff like that because I mean theyre girls lol we’re fiesty =p but yea your working out alomst every muscle in your body even if your not doin it right if you do exercises on the side it makes you fit all around well… hope that helps ^^

Answer #25

Track/Cross Country DEFINITELY :P

So much Running, Weight-lifting, stretches, Technique [Hurdles are MY THING :D ] Practice goes for a while, then there is working on it AFTER practice if you are really dedicated…and days without practice like weekends, and, you have to run all year round to stay in shape..unless you really don’t care that much and don’t want to be all that good…heck, with my coach, you could stand there all practice and he won’t say a word to you about it.

Answer #26

swimming I know iz an awsome one for workout because it uses all your muscles practically so that could b 1 of em..

Answer #27

well, I play hockey now but wrestling is definatly the hardest sport on your body

Answer #28

like lacrosse hockey and rugby they are pretty intense

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