What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists

this a a significant difference between the 2. what is it, cause I’m thinkin of going into one of these fields when I’m older=D

also, does anyone know how much money these jobs pay anually or per hour?

Answer #1

physcologist can prescribe meds…phsyciatrists cant, they only counsel you whereas physcologists can do both.

Answer #2

I think a psychologist has more to do with therapy; they talk out the problems and a psychiatrist is more likely to administer drugs to help the problem. That’s why I think a psychiatrist requires a medical degree whereas a psychologist doesn’t.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how much money they make; I couldn’t see them making less than $100/hr, but I do think psychiatrists get paid more than psychologists.

Answer #3

Volleeit has it right, and the amount you make depends on how much you decide to charge and how many clients you have. Most psychiatrists I’ve met charge people based upon their level of income making it cheaper for people who cant afford high priced therapy. Then there are some psychiatrists who only treat people of wealth, like Hollywood stars. They of course make a killing. Either way though all the ones I’ve met seem to have a comfortable life and can afford to take vacations.

Answer #4

actually I thikn its psychiatrists get paid more and prescribe the meds while psychologists are like consulers! psychiartits also have to go to more years of med school!

Answer #5

A psychiatrist has a medical degree and has completed additional training in Psychiatry. A psychologist has a psychology degree and has completed additional training in Psychiatry. A Psychiatrist is more likely to look for problems within a person, and treat using medication, although they may also use talking therapies. A Psychologist looks more at the person within the systems around them, and is most likely to use just talking therapies. Psychiatrists work in clinics, but Psychologists are free to work in a range of settings. Psychiatrists earn more and have more kudos, but some people find the principles upon which psychological practice is based more at one with the way they want to practice. Don’t go into either profession for the money.

Answer #6

maybe that’s the field for me, bimjob =D

Answer #7

volleeit18 is right. Psychiatrists are medical doctors in addition to being fully trained in psychology.

Answer #8

Thanx Guys!=D

Answer #9

Yes, there is quite a difference between the two. First lets start with schooling.

Psychologists: Bachelors (4 years), Doctorate: clinical/counseling/doctor of psychology (5 years), Internship (1 year), Licensing (1-2 years) Psychiatrists: Bachelors (4 years), Medical degree (4 years), Residency (4 years) (I dont know about licensing).

What they do

Psychologists: psychotherapy, assessment, research, Psychiatrists: prescribe medication, psychotherapy, research


Counseling Psychologists: tend to take a more holistic approach. They are less interested in diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology, and are more interested in working with the whole system (I.e. looking at the person’s environment, family, etc), look at positive psychology, alternative forms of therapy Clinical Psychologists: more roots in medicine, they will diagnose and look at psychopathology, see problems as more lying within the person. Psychiatrists: extremely medically based, diagnose and treat, less talk therapy

Where do they work

Psychologists: research labs, hospitals, private practice, schools, businesses, law firms, universities, basically anywhere and everywhere. It just depends on your area of interest. Psychiatrists: research labs, hospitals, private practice, universities, again lots of places

How much they make

Psychiatrists: Median wages (2008) $154,200 annual Clinical/counseling/school psychologists: Median wages (2008) $64,140 annual Industrial/Organizational psychologists: Median wages (2008) $77,010 annual http://online.onetcenter.org/

Answer #10

Psychiatrists are physicians who treat mental illness through “medications”, though they also have the option of talk therapy,but most prefer not to.They hold a M.D.
Psychologists are scientists who do research for advancement, though some have do go into practice like Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologist. They hold Ph.D’s or Psy.D’s (doctor of psychology) Psychiatry has its roots in medicine. Psychology takes its roots from science. Psychiatrists are paid at least 145 600. Psychologists are paid in between 35,000 to 100,000. But mostly somewhere near 75,000. Choose which do you truly feel passion for, not for the money. Just, reminding you, you get paid huge amounts but end up doing something you despise-everyday. Remember what a wise person said (possibly Confucius I think): Choose a job you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Good luck, God bless.

Answer #11

Im currently becoming a psychiatrist, after having spent years yearning to be a psychiatrist. The main difference between them is that Psychiatrists focus on mental health disorders, preventing them, and treating them medically; whereas Psychologists focus more on research and experiments. Psychiatrists are more likely to work in a hosppital or a prison, where on the other hand, Psychologists tend to work in labs or clinics. And Psychiatrists earn way more, due to them also being doctors of medicine, and psychologists only having a degree in psychology. Hope this helps x

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