Do you think the photos of bin Laden should be released no matter how gruesome?

Answer #1

. The verbal facts should be sufficient.
. I see no particular need for any photographs to be released - especially not “gruesome” pictures which would be merely distasteful and offensive. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

Yes I do. We as Americans need proof.

Answer #3

Photographs, not even video footage, proves much to Americans - unless they are faked pictures. I guess there are more Americans that believe Extra-Terrestrial Aliens regularly visit the Earth on account of the faked Area 51 photographs, than believe the photographic and video evidence of the greatest American achievement in our lifetimes - that of putting men on the moon, and bringing them back alive again.

Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #4

No. They already took the DNA and I’m pretty sure Obama would not say that they killed Usuama and then later have them fricken attack america cause that’d be pretty embarrassing to say you have him but then find out it was just another decoy. They did DNA testing and it matched with DNA they had had from some other thing. (sorry I don’t really know much about this besides this)

Answer #5

Well…..(I’m thinkin) what is proof? The entire media and most of the country has already digested this. With today’s technology,photos can be “made” and then what? We have to choose for ourselves what we believe and how we feel about it. Since the very start of any kind of governments and media, sometimes you get the truth, sometimes not, and other times a product of a little of both. Decide for yourself where your at, keep an open mind, and fiqure things the best you can.

Answer #6

i think even if a pic went out they would still say it took to long to get it out there and say they needed that time to make a good fake pic that cant be detected. people are never happy. they wanna line up and see him dead in the flesh. the DNA matches. The goverment will not exploit his body like that. it is disrespectfull at the least. we have enough proof.

Answer #7

the DNA matches his family line. they got samples from a lot of his family and therefore could put in the peices. kinda like a family tree

Answer #8

I can see why people might want pictures, to prove that he is dead but i don’t think it is a good idea it could just cause more hurt to people

Answer #9

There are already pictures of him dead. My guess is someone had a cell phone or something when it happened.

Answer #10

Hmm, pictures…with today’s tech a few clicks here & there & poof here is all the footage toyed with on Photoshop! Is it real, is it fake, who the hell knows or cares as long as they say it is then we should believe it?!


I’ll be honest here…pics mean squat! video’s mean squat…the prob in todays society is that the media + the government show only what they want us the people to believe. If they caught bin laden 2 days ago…or a year ago it is not really any of our concern..fact of the matter is they felt the need to share that to impress the world since everyone keeps hating on pres Obama! It’s all a strategy to get people to like him again…to say: “I Obama caught him…I Obama brought justice to the world…!!!” In my opinion, its all corrupt!


Suppose they found his body a year ago got dna samples from a chicken & scattered it all over the place, could we ID it from pics, videos or even looking at a body?! It could be a decoy a replica like cloning or just someone dead with his face on it…we the people will never truly know…but you have to admit it got the world shaking. People are looking at Obama & saying: “ Wow, he finally moved his @ss & did something right since til now he has done everything wrong!” Great save Obama…I gotta hand it to him! People want justice at all costs…people want someone to pay for crimes that have occurred…who’s the first on the list…everyone hated the terr0r!st Osama…sweet…the wicked terr0r!st is dead…now what…you think the war on Terr0r is over that now life will finally be back to normal…? Ha Ha Ha…Not a chance…now the next guy in line is going to retaliate…and it is a battle that will never end! Not until there is peace on this damn earth…so go on…K!ll all the terr0r!sts…more will just take their place & continue their fight against the world! Doesnt change a damn thing. Trading one face for another…One name for another…Instead of the name H!tler you have Najid…and instead of Osama you still have Nasrallah…they will always be out there…using the world as bate! Sad. :( That innocent human beings have to be the victims of this genocide, crime against humanity!

* Until they dont wipe all of them out, there will never be peace & quiet anywhere…Al Quida is everywhere…in every country and you will never know who is a part & whom isnt! They have merely found a new way to legitimize things calling it a war on Terr0r! I am outraged! :(

Answer #11

I’m not sure what proof would be sufficient for those bent on questioning every single aspect of every fact. Photos can be manipulated. Labs could lie about DNA tests or perhaps DNA from OBL obtained elsewhere was substituted. There is no limit to the mental gymnastics that people are capable of when trying to make reality match their prejudices.

Answer #12

Those pictures were fakes. There has not been any pictures released as of yet.

Answer #13

Yes, I do. And I think they will. It will be the only way many people will accept it as true. Especially among the Arab world. But I have no real doubts it was him. If it weren’t, he would have already released a video stating he was alive and well.

Answer #14

Numerous sources have reported of Bin Laden’s kidney failure since 9/11. He had Marfan Syndrome. His attendant…Ayman Al-Zawahiri is a physician and surgeon. Le Figaro reported that Bin Laden visited the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001. He has been in need of dialysis treatments three times weekly for ten years. I would think that maintaining these treatments while on the lam would be extremely difficult. Even if the logistics were somehow accomplished… the subsequent videos of Bin Laden following 9/11 showed waning health in progressive stages. By most accounts Bin Laden has been dead from kidney failure for several years.

Bin Laden worked for the US. He was a CIA asset. His family helped finance the Bank of Credit and Commerce International which was used by the CIA to funnel money to the mujahedeen during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. When the US needed justification for war… they propped up their old ally to play the role of Muslim fanatic. Unfortunately for western intelligence interests… his health was deteriorating.

The government needed their bogeyman to rabble-rouse and for the interim since his death… they have been rehashing old videos and even concocting some in house to try and rekindle public support in these wars.

The government would have to admit that they have faked the videos of Bin Laden if it is determined that Bin Laden has been dead. So the intelligence agencies put their heads together and wrote this far fetched fire-fight narrative to try and sell the public. They disposed of the body at sea… so that no one could verify if it was the real Bin Laden… or how long he had been dead. This is destruction of evidence to obfuscate the truth. Residents living near the Abottabad compound have contradicted the official account that Bin Laden had been there for eight months.

The CIA has already been caught supplying al-qaeda in Pakistan with materials to build a dirty bomb.

Military brass has been making allegations that since the alleged compound housing Bin Laden was so close to a Pakistani military institution… this must indicate collusion between the two. It is apparent that the warmongers are gearing up for another invasion of Pakistan and are using the political capital gained with this farce towards that end.

No… pictures aren’t good enough… words are not good enough. The body would have answered many questions. Questions that the government would rather not be answered. Taken along with the profound body of evidence that implicates western intelligence in carrying out the attacks of 9/11… I would hope that this example of smoke and mirrors could be seen for what it is by the public. We can’t be this naive.

Answer #15

yeah… ‘cause pictures can’t be faked

Answer #16

I didn’t say that. I merely stated I think they will release them.

Answer #17

Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes that bad guys are real, and sometimes we actually get them…

Maybe this is one of those times…

Answer #18

…and maybe Chuck E Cheese is the hybrid bastard son of Minnie Mouse and Andre the Giant.

Answer #19

wow, that is some imagination you have there…. Andre the Giant? Haven’t heard that name in a long time. I loved him in the princess bride….

Answer #20

Are you suggesting that we should just ignore madmen that kill thousands of people? The fact that there might be bad guys in the future is no reason to not deal with the ones we have now.

Answer #21

And just because his visage graces the movie screen… doesn’t mean he hasn’t been dead for eighteen years.

Answer #22

no, i am saying that anything can be faked…pics or video’s the issue is we need to get rid of all of them not jump for joy thinking we got 1 so now the war on ter is over & go back to living some nice cozy life! It aint over til the fat lady sings & believe you me she aint singing any time soon is what I am saying!
They are taking far too long to find & eliminate all of them. In the meantime, more innocent men women & children are dying all over the world. to me that is sickening!

Answer #23

who gives a sh*t, hes dead. damn. when americans finally get something to talk about they want more and more. whens enough?

Answer #24

Yes pictures can be faked. What does that have to do with anything? Are you suggesting he isn’t dead? That this mission was faked? I haven’t heard anyone say everything is perfect now, and we are completely safe. In fact I have heard the exact opposite. That we need to be careful in case of retaliation. As far as the “war on terr0r”, I have always thought that was an idiotic expression. And it was certainly stupid to think we could fight terr0rism with conventional warfare. It’s like trying to swat a fly with a sledge hammer. This action, that killed OBL, is a perfect example of how it should have done all along. With intel, special ops and small arms. And please don’t discount OBL as just another cog in the wheel. He was THE leader and founder of al Qaeda. As someone who knew quite a few people who died at the WTC, including my brother-in-law’s brother, I can tell you that their families are not celebrating, but they are extremely relieved he has finally been caught.

Answer #25

I think there should be the option of viewing the photos available to the public. 9/11 was an event that affected thousands of people directly, and instilled fear and worry and panic in the countries that it didn’t physically effect. I mean, airport security has never been so tight before. I believe that if people want to see the photos, they should have the right to. Maybe actually seeing Osama’s dead body would serve some kind of feeling of justice, relief, etc; in them. At the same time, however, the world is already a tough and gruesome enough place without having the extra images of a dead, shot and bloody terr0rist ready for anyone to see at any time. I guess it all depends on the person.

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