how do i get my pet rat to get over being mad & not trusting me?

i had to grab her by the tail to get her out of harms way & i am sure it had to hurt because she squealed,I feel so bad but it was all i could do to keep her safe…will she ever get over this! this is breaking my heart PLEASE HELP!

Answer #1

Well I don’t believe that rats hold grudges and not trust people. So, chances are…you are just overreacting, and thinking about this way to much.

Answer #2

noooo sorry rats just like other animals HAVE to trust you before you can even pet them…& since this happened she won’t let me near her…. obviously you either don’t have pets or don’t like animals … =o) …or they dont like you

Answer #3

i totally agree with u

Answer #4

She will forget about it if you are nice to her. The same way you could yell at a 3 year old and make them cry, then 2 minutes later give them a lollypop and they will be all good. Sit by her cage and annouce yourself so she knows you are there and you don’t frighten her. Slowly reach into her cage, pick her up and gently pet her for a while. Talk to her about your day and let her know your voice and when you feel like she has had enough, pop her back in the cage and leave. If you drag her around everywhere she will soon resent her time spent with you. She needs to have her own time alone in her cage.

Answer #5

wow are you guys kidding me…do either of you own a dog or a cat or any animal ….if you hurt any animal they wont trust you….& really rats are way smarter that dogs or cats…but i aint mad at ya….just feel sorry for ya

Answer #6

I have a dog. I love animals…maybe I am not informed about every single animal out there…but I was just stating my opinion. If a pet is “mad” at you…there really isn’t anything you can do…just continue doing whatever you have been doing before, feeding, cleaning, playing, etc… I guess it will get over it. You can’t exactly ask it to forgive you. I still think you are overreacting about this though.

Answer #7

renee you are awesome …really makes me feel better & i do talk to her all the time & during the day she is free to come & go as her cage is open…& this has JUST happened maybe 2-3 hours ago but i am protective of her now because she is going in to have a rather large lump removed from her neck & i have been thinking of that…PRAYING its a fatty cyst & not cancer, i would really hate to lose her & her be mad at me too….sounds funny but they do become family =o) thank you so much for your kind words!

Answer #8

Well, that’s your opinion…

Answer #9

i do have pets actually ..but anyways its a rat and im pretty sure it will get over it … just be nice to it and ur good lol so stop stressing over nuthing

Answer #10

ok…i guess by you calling her IT tells me really just how much you love your dog & sure you can ask for forgiveness…maybe its that YOU cant hear or rather FEEL their answer…guess you have to be an animal person see the thing is i treat ALL my animals as my family & so does the rest of my family…but opinions are like….well you get the picture

Answer #11

I agree.

Answer #12

Well, I feel humans are more important than animals…in my opinion, animals are great for cuddling with, playing with, loving, etc…but I would never treat an animal like a human. That’s just me. I know they have feelings, and that is why I don’t believe in animal abuse (including dressing them up, painting their nails, taking them every where you go and not letting them have their space, etc…) I would never love an animal MORE than a human being…I don’t believe you can ask a pet for forgiveness like you can a human…they won’t know what you are talking about (they don’t speak or comprehend English most of the time)…

Answer #13

Anytime :) But yeah talking to her and petting her gently will help re build the trust between the two of you. With the operation: She actually will not remember any of it as she will be sedated. If you think about humans, the only reason we know we have just had a huge operation is because we communicate with our peers and are told about it. If, for example, somebody came up to you, sedated you, performed an operation, and you woke up in your bed, you wouldn’t have the faintest clue as to what’s going on. If you were younger you would ask your mom what happened and look for her for comfort and this is exactly what your rat will do. She does not understand the operation as we cannot communicate to animals in english. She will just feel groggy and sad afterwards and look to you for comfort, and in a way you will be the ‘hero’ and her mummy.

Answer #14

Which will build trust ^

Answer #15

nobody ever said anything about loving them more, but you have a very low regard for them…& have no clue as to weather or not the know what your saying…an infant has not the faintest idea WHAT your saying but they sure know tone of voice…

as far as not speaking or comprehending ENGLISH…guess ill try Italian

Answer #16

you have a beautiful heart Renee…thanx again i will keep you posted to the outcome of all…surgery is thursday at 9 am…& i am taking your advice on her needing time lol she is so mad she turns her back & squeaks hahaha like shes cussing me out

Answer #17

All I meant was if you go down to them and say “Hey little buddy, will you please forgive me?…I really didn’t mean it.” Things aren’t going to automatically change, he or she is not going to automatically cling to you because they forgave you. They didn’t know that you just asked for forgiveness…”as far as not speaking or comprehending ENGLISH…guess ill try Italian” I’m sure you knew what I meant.

Answer #18

you know I really have to apologize…all this is really upsetting to me & it isn’t like me to be such a b___h! I do know what you meant & i do hope you will accept my apology!

Answer #19

you guys are totally right i am over reacting & i am sorry for being such a b—h! =o)

Answer #20

You are also overreacting now. Nobody called you a b*tch…or said that you were acting like one, because you are not.

Answer #21

You’re nor being a b*tch, you are just overreacting a bit. No need to apologize.

Answer #22


Answer #23

I SAID i was being a bit-h…..which i do think i was but thanx for disagreeing with me on that point ….

Answer #24

Well, excuse me for not calling you a btch. If you think you were being a btch then fine…but I am not going to call you one, or say “yeah, your were being a b*tch”…I think name calling is really rude and unnecessary.

Answer #25

I apologize if I offended you in any way. That is not what I was trying to do. I was just giving an answer, in my opinion. Which is why I said “Well I don’t believe…” at the beginning of my answer.

Answer #26

not a prob…i guess i was over reacting!! soooooo…..hi my name is Tami nice to meet you! =o)

Answer #27


Answer #28

:) Nice to meet you too. My name is Angel… :D

Answer #29

I dont think rats get mad. She will be a bit scared though. You can get her to trust you by being very slow and gentle with her, and with food rewards. Rats love food rewards, both for the novelty and the fact that its food. Giving her different sorts of food for this purpose can be useful too, because rats are really intelligent and they get bored with getting the same thing all the time. When we are training rats for behavioural studies, they respond really well to food rewards, so its a good way to teach your pet to trust you.

Answer #30

never thought of the fact of being scared …not mad lol…i guess it may take a little time then & the fact I have to be the one to take her for her surgery ….it may even take a little more time =o(

Answer #31

Aww she will be fine. I’d like to hear about the surgery, I’m sure she will be okay. Just Funmail me if you need anything.

Answer #32

thanx i will do that! btw she’s still a bit scared =o( but at least she lets me pet her a little lol

Answer #33

This may sound ridic.ulous but I used to sing to this one cat I rescued. She was absolutely terrified of people, but if I just sat with her and sang she’d calm down.

Answer #34

ohhhh thats cool & it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all…animals do understand kindness..i once read that if you breath into an animals face, not blow hard lol but just gentle will sooth them,apparently that what their mothers do …& that i think sounds ridiculous but it works! u kno prob why baby animals specially kittens get close to your face…hmmmmm

Answer #35

hold he/she alot… i have a hedgehog.. i got her to relax by holding her and cuddling with her alot.. after about one to two weeks she never spiked me or curled up in a ball..

Answer #36

exactly what angelee said

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