persuasive essay help!!

I have to write a persuasive essay for school because I’m reading animal farm and that uses a lot of persuasion. I’m trying to persuade my parents to let me get my belly button pierced. I have their arguments against it, I just need too refute them [if you don’t know what that means, ask] they’re arguments are:

1] risk of infection 2] look bad 3] unnessary 4] look bad when your old 5] waste of money 6] could get caught and rip 7] out of style 8] shock your grandparents 9] unable to get through the metal detector at the airport. 10] risk of hepatitis with the piercing.

thank you sooo much if you can help! you can look up facts of the internet but post the link or something =] thanksss!!

Answer #1

Well I have some answers…

  1. As long as you keep it clean for a while it should stay healthy.
  2. Most people think it looks good now, it’s whats in style.
  3. Ear peircing isn’t nessasary either, but parents agree to that
  4. You can take it out
  5. Maybe you could use your own money
  6. Certain rings are “unrippable” I don’t know how else I could explain lol
  7. They aren’t out of stlye, plenty of people wear them today and they are stylish
  8. Take it out when you see them
  9. Put it in the boxes, and you can take them out
  10. I don’t think you can get hepititis from a peircing isn’t that scarring of the liver?

Here’s some info I got from a site:

How to have a safe body piercing?

* Consult a licensed or well-apprenticed piercer for advice on whether your belly button will accommodate piercing. The piercer will decide how well your tissue will hold a ring in place.
* Confirm that your chosen piercer works with sterilized equipment and disposable hollow needles and that he or she wears new latex gloves for each client. Confirm also that he or she offers only piercing-quality jewelry, and is accessible post-treatment should you have any questions or concerns.  
* Schedule your appointment when your calendar is clear of any strenuous or even moderately physical activities. Yoga, dancing, and most sports may be out of the question for a few weeks following the piercing.  
* Try to wear loose-fitting clothes to your piercing appointment; opt for low-slung pants or skirts and tunic or wide-belly tops. Wear anything that will not rub or pull around your belly button.  
* You should also remain focused on your breath and fix your gaze on a stationary point during the procedure. This could keep your muscles relaxed and help minimize any discomfort.
* Go with the jewelry that your piercer offers, provided that it is titanium, stainless steel or niobium. These are the metals least likely to promote infection. Gold may not mesh well with your body’s chemistry. 

Although the freedom to wear belly-baring clothes makes summer a logical season to get your belly pierced, you have to remember that swimming and bathing is not advisable for a few weeks after a belly button piercing procedure. Moreover, you have to take special care when getting dressed during the initial weeks that follow your procedure. This is very important, since clothes may catch on the ring and when pulled may cause a lot of pain.
If you experience excessive swelling, prolonged redness, throbbing pain or sensations of heat in the pierced area, you should definitely seek immediate medical attention.

It is important to be aware that piercing can cause nerve damage if the jewelry is positioned improperly. Also, communicable diseases may spread during the procedure if performed with un-sterilized equipment as some piercers do.

Remember that belly button piercing is popular among models and celebrities. However, it is not for everyone. They work best on innies, and the more recessed the indent the better the case. Most people say that belly button piercing do not hurt that much at all; if anything, the clamp hurts more than the actual needle. At the same time, some people are surprised by the pain, so this is individual. The piercer tells you to take a deep breath in and then let it out. By the time you are done with that breath, the procedure is over, so at least it is relatively fast. When some people have pus and crust on their piercing, they will most commonly think it’s infected. However, it is actually just healing in most cases, but you have to be careful. You could put warm salt water in a shot glass and lay down with it on the navel, which could help the healing process. If you notice there is something wrong report it to a doctor because it might be very important.

This is from

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