How can I persuade my parents to let me have Facebook? I asked my parents if I could get an account and they simply said NO.

Answer #1

Tell them you will let them monitor your activity on Facebook. Let them have the password and check it when they want. It may not be personal but you could still have one. So I guess they are okay with you having a FunAdvice account!!

Answer #2

just make one its not that hard

Answer #3

Tell them u need it cuz ppl can help u with homework and that’s the only way u can communicate with friends

Answer #4

I agree with Rachael. Tel them that they can have your password and check it whenever they like. Also put your account on private so that people cannot view your photos/information unless they are a friend.

Answer #5

As wrong as it is sometimes you got to bend it and do it your way sometimes. Make one keep it from them unless they have a facebook {which would be weird} cause then they could search you name to see if you made one but anywayz just make one and if they have facebook accounts block them and if you know their friends block them all too hehe

Answer #6

I like Rachael’s answer. Ask mom to make a page of her own, then befriend her, so she can keep up on what is going on there. You can negotiate a deal where mom can see you page “but please mom, don’t post on it”…(I would have let my mom post, but I’m saying that’s an option)….

This way they can see that you’re not being sneaky, you don’t have to lie or be nervous about getting caught.


Answer #7

Ah, the classic question. X3

Sometimes, parents just can’t be convinced of these things. You can ask, and you can pry, cry, scream, snipe things, and STILL not get what you want. I suggest not asking them too much. Ask them, let them say no, and don’t bring Facebook up for a while. Then, bring it up offhandedly–make a comment about without bringing it into conversation, kind of one-sided. Don’t bring it up for a while. Be a good child and don’t pester them because pestering will get you nowhere; it’ll just tick them off. Believe me. XD Keep doing this. Be aloof with it. And then, when you feel the time is right, ask again. Be forewarned, this tactic does not work with all parents.

Another thing I would suggest is inviting a friend over who has a facebook, let them use it at your house, and…hang out with them as they’re using it. Hang by and read comments with them. If a parent so happens to wander by, invite them over and let your friend show them around the site. Many parents, I’ve noticed, once they’ve tested the waters of the site for themselves–seen it firsthand–they’re much easier to convince. Talk to them about how much easier it’ll be to stay in touch with friends you won’t be able to see over the summers and talk to friends you NEVER get to see anymore–ya know, the sugar-coated stuff. :)

Never be afraid to sugar-coat!

Oh, and one last thing, and much easier than the other two. Just TALK to them about it. Talk to them about BOTH the positives and the negatives about getting your very own facebook, let them know you understand the risks. Just talk them up. Be a good child. SUGAR COAT! XD LOL

I personally hate facebook, but I hope I helped! Good-luck!

Answer #8

Rachel is SO RIGHT. my mom had an FB account before me & when I made 1 for myself we became friends and she know what Im doing on the site. I didnt give her my password though..

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