If i am on my period should i let someone finger me ?

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he never said he wanted to..
I was just asking because there was boy that wanted to one time and I didnt know if I should just tell him I was on my period.. or not let him..

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I def think that is a very bad ideal!
I mean any guy who wants it while your on your period just wants you for that.. he should respect you and wait till your off!

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Very degrading, that you would just let some boy use you that way. How sad! Are you trying to make a name for yourself? Because letting some horny boy finger you isnt going to make him fall for you, or want to date you. You're only going to give him something to tell all the boys about...and that is how easy you are! They will only see you as some sex object, not as a person! If you want respect, then you better start respecting yourself!

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If you and the boy are ready then you should let him finger you. It is a personal preference as to if you want him to finger you when you have your period. Talk with him and make sure he is comfortable fingering you even though you have your period. Good luck!

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Your contradicting yourself. First you say he never said he wanted to, then you to on to say "there was a boy that wanted to one time".

Also a previous question you posted said,> "There is this boy that wants to finger me and he wants me to give him a handjob and blowjob.. Im only 14 were not dating and I dont know if he is going to use me or like me after all of this."

Why would you even have to ask if you should let him? You would be> getting used & being easy!

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its all about personal prefereance, and its not nasty
he might want to or might not, youll need to ask him
its normal and theres nothing wrong with doing it if you do
just make sure hes comfortable with it
and perhaps you could sit on an old towel or something to make sure none of your sheets got dirty

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Fingering a girl is very natural, its just a way that girls want pleasure. So If your on your Period and he ask you can I finger you, Then you should tell him to wait. If you want he to do it,and your sure about it, then you should when your off your period. But if your not sure about it, Then dont pressure yourself to do something that your not sure about.

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you could let someone finger you but it is kinda nasty to let it happen on your period, and like angelfire said its not going to make them like you but it might give you the name of easy

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If you're dating and both serious, it shouldn't be embarrassing or awkward to admit you're on it and be upfront about your feelings towards him doing it to you. Especially if you both are comfortable and aware with what you're getting into..if he knows you're on it and he still approaches you and goes for it if he's in the mood, then he's obviously comfortable with getting somewhat messy and doesn't mind something that happens to every girl in their life. My boyfriend and I just did this, and I was a little weirded out that he wanted to, but I love him and wasn't going to stop him from doing something that emotionally benefits the both of us anyways...it's natural and there's no "gross-ness" or problem with it as long as you two are serious and can be open about your sex life fr

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