Is keeping pepper spray a good decision for girls?

So…I go to this college that’s sort of ghetto. One of my friends that went there years before me, was snatched and almost raped by some random guy. Luckily, she fought the creep off and ran to safety. Anyway, I found pepper spray in my parents drawer, and have been keeping it with me since school began. My annoying dad came in my room again and saw it. Basically, he took it and started treating me like a five year old child. He told me I needed to take a class. (I know that, but does it look like I have time to take a class on how to aim a small spray bottle towards someone else’s eyes?! NO! I go to school..then work work work!)

So I just wanted to make sure that…being a girl and all, keeping pepper spray with me would be a wise decision. (Especially since I’m always by myself because I go to school early in the morning/afternoon before any of my friends) I understand there’s a fine if you are caught having it without a license.. but I’m still scared, and I just want to be safe.

…I wish he would leave me alone…

Answer #1

You are wise, especially in this day and time - I have daughters and I would be fine with pepper-spray and RUN RUN RUN - the others are fine but they scare me a little in that they can be wrestled away from you and keep you from getting away (turned on you) (just me) - of course, above all, NEVER NEVER get in that car…have a great year and be safe !!

Answer #2

The number one rule in staying safe is to plan and think. When I went to school there were escorts who would walk students to other buildings at night for their safety. If there is a similar program on your campus do take advantage of it.

I don’t want to turn this into a gun debate because pro- and anti- gun folks will never convince each other. The pro-gun people have statistics that make it sound like crime is everywhere and you are a fool for not carrying a gun while the anti-gun people have statistics showing that owning a gun is ineffective and puts your friends and family in mortal danger. I would caution you to think very seriously before getting a handgun though. If you do get a handgun practice a lot with it until using it is completely natural and go back to the range periodically to maintain your skills. You don’t want to have to figure anything out when you are in a life-or-death situation. Sikashimmer’s suggestion of a small revolver is good, so many kids these days think they need to carry a full size 1911 auto for personal protection. If you are going to carry consider a dual action only snubnose revolver. Very simple, point-and-shoot just like a camera. I never tried one but one of those crimson trace (laser) sights look like a good investment since short revolvers are more difficult to aim. DAO revolvers have a heavy trigger (which to a point makes them safer) but a good gunsmith can work on it to make it smother and a bit lighter.

Answer #3

You are a very smart girl to take your safety so seriously - Kudos! It’s better to have a weapon and not need to use it than to not have a weapon and need to use it!

There are other alternatives to pepper spray.

You can try a personal alarm - You can find something similar at Wal-Mart

Now there are other alternatives but they also require licenses but they may be worth it. (I think so)

Stun Gun (this is what I used to carry)


Gun- I personally carry a small revolver with me and I have a carry permit. You should take a training course even if it’s not required for the permit.) I think a gun would be the best deterrent but unfortunately our schools and campus usually have a no weapons/firearm policy. (which makes no sense to me… if someone wants to use a gun for ill will… why would they follow any rules? You’re just disarming the honest ones!)

I advocate firearm safety and definitely think people should understand their 2nd amendment freedoms a lot more. Goodluck!

Answer #4

a can of mace is not to expensive. . . also if your out on a walk an airhorn is good being Very very loud and will scare off an attacker in most cases. You can also go buy a bunch of Jalapena peppers and blend them up to a liquid and pour the liquid in a small spray bottle. . . . . Mace is a walk in the park next to that stuff. . . . . . Makes my eye’s burn thinking oafount it. . . And be careful not to rub your eye’s for a while if it gets on your hands. . .

Answer #5

Spray cans and tasers would have to be held in your hand at all times to be effective but most women would keep them in their pocketbooks in which case they might not be able to access them. Carry one of those old type beer can/bottle openers on your key chain and if anyone grabs you that can opener will slice him wide and deep, even if he grabs you from behind. A Baltimore City Cop once told me that was one of the worst weapons on the street and they’re legal to carry. Just take a look at one of them and use your imagination. OUCH!!

Answer #6

YES keep pepperrr spray with you! and also you could get a whisle or however you spell it lol… my aunt bought me and my sister one its little and you just hook it onto your bag or somthing that you always have with you

Answer #7

i think womens safety is a top priority! if you could you should take a gun safety course and maybe carry a little pistol. my grandmother kept a little baretta in her purse but she never had to use it luckily but its still a good idea.

Answer #8

pepper spray or a tazer arent illegal to carry because they are not deadly so they are not considered a “conceled weapon”

also if somebody does grab you and they hace tou by your wrists swist your wriste twards their thumbs turn in a circle if you have to do this because humans cant grip with their thumbs.

another thing you can do is if somebody grabs you instantly go limp and pretend you are dead it will scair the crap out of your attacker they will think they killed you and it will give you time to excape. i learned that in my tkd class.

your voice is also a verry usefull tool. scream as loud as you can if somebody is attacking you

Answer #9

Pepper Spray? Excellent idea, there are so many weirdos around nowadays. I’m pretty sure you can get a small bottle at Sports Authority or something (I thought I saw them once).

As for alerting people… if you are being attacked, do NOT yell “RAPE!!!”, People are more likely to run to your rescue if you yell “FIRE!!!” Most people would rather run into a fire and save someone and be considered a hero rather then risk getting shot by someone with a gun. Plus a fire is like an accident on the road, everybody slows down as if they’ve never seen an accident before, thus causing traffic and making me late to school. If you yell FIRE then most people (I know I would) would like to take a glimpse of this “fire”.

Answer #10

You are very smart for wanting to carry pepper spray. But if you explained to your dad WHY you had pepper spray, and he took it, then ask him why HE had it. You being a girl, and I’m NOT being sexist, I’m just saying that you being a girl, and him being a man, then you need it WAY more than him. And he should’ve undserstood, he should’ve wanted to protect you. I’m not saying that he was wrong for telling you to take a class, but still he shouldn’t have taking the pepper spray away from you. So, good luck.

Answer #11

you can buy a different form of it for defensive measures. If it is sooo illegal why do they have it :P you can find something for defense. You really do need it seeing as you are alone most of the time. We do not need to question ourselves on how we think some people in this world will act when they think they can get away with something. I can give you many many ideas on how or what to carry with you to protect yourself. GOODLUCK!

Answer #12

ua id say keep it and try not to run into someone who was bult up an imunaty like quagmire heh

Answer #13

definitely. or at least a tazer. tazer them!!! stupid rapists…

Answer #14

I think its a good idea. If I were a girl Id do this.

Either that or bear mace lol

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