Why do some people think weed isnt a drug?

My cousin told me God made it so its not and I tried to explain that God made hemp, and man were the ones who turned it into drugs. Whose right?

Answer #1

the earth made weed.

Answer #2

it all depends on the persons opinion but i think it can go both ways when it comes to weed being a drug

Answer #3

so wtf are actual drugs made of? that doesnt make ANY sense.

Answer #4

idk most drugs can be made form house hold items such as drain cleaner and cough syrup

Answer #5

but then again the ‘house hold” items were also once made by earth.

Answer #6

yes but those things were messed with by the addition of other chemicals. weed is in it’s natural state. it is only dried out. no chemicals added.

Answer #7

salvia is even worse than marijuana but it is legal

Answer #8

A drug is anything other than food/air/water that, when taken into the body alters the way it functions, regardless of its origin. Also, cocaine, morphine and heroin are all plant derivitives, so going by the God made it argument would mean those three are not drugs either.

Answer #9

A drug is any mind altering substance, this includes weed, coca!ne, hero!n, pills, caffiene, alcohol, etc. Theres no denying that it is a drug, marijuana alters your state of mind. Shrooms grow on the earth also, yet they are a drug and are illegal.

Answer #10

Its a plant, so people think if mother nature made it is ok but our mother nature can make things that hurt us too.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Alcohol can be naturally produced as well. What has that got to do with anything? And in answer to your question, weed advocates will do anything, including lie or delude themselves.

Answer #13

some people may think this but its not ture

Answer #14

So what? Alcohol is worse than weed and it is legal. SO WHAT?

Answer #15

but the earth made heroin too…..

Answer #16

Haha yeah dat foo knoes wasup haha ;)

Answer #17

why do people think cigerettes are not a drug? it alters peoples thinking and kills them too. In fact it kills the people that they smoke around as well.

People will try to convince others that anything that alters your body is not a drug.

Answer #18

exaclty cause weed is a natrul plant made on earth there for some people like me consider weed a plant and in noway a drug…. i enjoy weed very much!

Answer #19

exaclty cause weed is a natrul plant made on earth there for some people like me consider weed a plant and in noway a drug…. i enjoy weed very much!

Answer #20

becuse its a plant and does less damage than alcohol or tobaco!

Answer #21

I think its pretty obvious why anyone would want to disassociate their drug of choice as a drug. Drugs are classified as any substance that, when absorbed into the body, alters normal bodily function. Obviously this covers a wide spectrum of things, including coffee to cocaine. Let’s be honest, though, if you take something and suddenly you don’t care about anything that normally bothers you, or suddenly want to fight everyone, or start to see pretty colors and lights that aren’t there, or begin to feel like you could run 10 miles and free-lift 300 pounds… you’re doing a drug. To make a counter-point: if I take a small puff or two of a joint and don’t really inhale it, I feel about the same as if I take five or six deep breathes and breathe out slowly. If I snort a small bump of cocaine, I feel about the same as if I drank half a cup of strong coffee.

The issue is that if I take a lot of really deep breathes, I will pass out. If I drink a lot of coffee, I will become jittery and irritable. If I smoke a couple big bowls of marijuana, I may fall asleep. All of these things are relatively harmless.

(As an aside, one could argue that someone who just smoked a load of pot could try to drive and potentially wreck. This is purely argumentative, but have you ever been out in the coffee-riddled 1:00 PM post-lunch traffic in a big city? That shit is crazy! The likelihood of a pot smoker even making it to the car when they’re THAT high is little to none, and I assure you they aren’t going to make the speed limit, much less speed dangerously. I can’t say so much for a coffee-fiend bent on getting back to work on time.)

Continuance: The heavy point is made when I decide to snort a lot of cocaine. Suddenly I am on top of the world. I am stronger, I am smarter, I am faster, and I am meaner. In fact, if I keep snorting it, eventually I’ll realize its too costly to snort it and I’ll start cutting baking soda into it and smoking. Now I’m even strong, even faster, even meaner, but stupider than I’ve ever been. My teeth are rotting out, I’m always on edge whether I’m high or not, and I need your money more than you do. So give it to me before I do something to you or your family!

You see where I’m going? If you’re getting robbed by a pot-head, he was going to rob you whether he was stoned or not, whether he smoked or not. If you’re getting robbed by a crack-head, he was a coke-head at one time, and just a normal guy before that; and never would have dreamed of robbing anyone. But he’s desperate for a fix now, and you have something he can sell to get high off of.

So I propose that the true answer to your question is one of perspective: What you don’t understand is why marijuana smokers/supporters don’t want you to call marijuana a drug, when it is obviously a mind-altering substance. What they don’t understand is that that is your perspective. What they WANT you to understand is that they aren’t physically addicted to marijuana, so you can keep your patio furniture, your wallet, and your family’s safety; and just want you to let them be if you aren’t going to be nice to them… so please don’t call their drug a drug because it permeates the misconception that addicted, strung-out drug users are in the same boat as lazy, bored teenagers looking to enjoy their summer and get a few healthy laughs. If you don’t understand that, well then you’re what the outside world calls ignorant.

Answer #22

Im wit dis foo

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