Why are people so scared of needles?

Ok, this might seem like a stupid question, but I am truly curious why some people are terrified of needles. I mean I don’t like them, but I certainly don’t recoil when I have to get an injection. So does anyone know and if you are scared of needles what are your reasons?

Answer #1

I’m not “scared” per se, but i had a reaction last time I was at the doctor. Felt fine, then about 3-5 minutes later, felt like I was going to collapse, started shaking, etc. Apparently, it’s a genetic issue, as my brother had the same thing happen…he actually did fall over though. Very odd, as it’s not really an issue for us to get poked, but our bodies disagree which makes for a very awkward half hour till the shakes and dizziness go away.

Personally, if I didn’t know if that was - or wasn’t - going to happen, I’d start to get a bit panicky…also, some needles they stick you with are HUGE…I’m as comfortable with myself as the next guy, but I’m not happy at all when somebody starts getting ready to stick their long, hard thing into me.

Answer #2

I was afraid of needles when I was little until I had to get 6 shots at one time (I was behind on my boosters) and somehow that made me overcome it. Then, next thing I know, I’m piercing my own bellybutton lol.. I guess I was afraid of the pain..?

Answer #3

I am not afraid of needles but the idea of shots freaks me out, i dont like having chemicals injected directly into my veins or having blood sucked out. Piercings are perfectly fine for me though, always got odd looks at the doctors when my face was covered in piercings and I told them I was afraid of getting my blood drawn though haha.

Answer #4

i just hate the fact that a big (or little) pointy needle is going to be stabbed into me and either inject soemthing or take blood out. the place i hate to get a needle the most in is in my arm, if i do i end up holding it for the rest of the day and cant stretch it out straight, sometimes even thinking out it maeks my arm feel funny. i otherwise still hate but dont mind if they go soemwere ese. like for example i got a needle in my foot a while ago thats sore, the doctor said it would hurt a lot and i thought it wouldnt. really..it ended up being about as painfll as slowly getting shot with a nail gun, and then burning. still though as horrible and painfull as that was, it beats getting one in my arm, even if its not painfull, i just hate them going there

Answer #5

I have the same issue when it comes to needles; I end up almost passing out after wards. The last time I was in the doctor’s office they had to put me on the floor and have my legs put up on a chair. xD It wasn’t too cool at all.

Otherwise, I just hate the idea of being poked by a needle.

Answer #6

xD The Ending Made Me Wanna Say Something Really Annoying “That’s What She Said” xD

Answer #7

Needles Aren’t Bad I’m Not Really Scared Of Them, You Know How The Doctors Say Look Away To Feel Less Pain? I Drill My Eyes Into That Needle As It Pierces My Skin xD I’m Wierd Like That, But Still I Think It’s The Fact Of Not Wanting to Feel The Pain Or The Shock Of Seing Blood, Again Used To Both Because Pain: Older Brother xD And Blood: I Had A Huge Head Collision With A Friend And Blood Was Every Where, My Dad Said He Could See My Skull… 14 Stitches… Sorry Off Topic, But I Think Like Mostl;y Everyone Else Said It The Fear Of The Pain Not So Much The Needle… Cause I Got 5 Shots (Drawing Blood) At 1 Time So I Was Good After That ;-)

Answer #8

i am not at all like this,i am not so scared of them and i also never look away,i always want to see the needle when it goes into my skin. People can be scared of needles,its common for most of the people.They are usually scared of the pricking pain,even if it not so painful,but usually before injecting,people are always scared of that kind of pain.Also,some people dont like the way blood comes out of their veins,that sometimes make them nauseous.Sometimes i dont like the way the medicines go through the veins,it makes me feel sick.So,these are several reasons why people are scrd of needles.

Answer #9

I have a bit of a phobia of my blood coming out. If I start to bleed a little bit, I can get quite panicked and start feeling dizzy, as if I am actually losing all my blood, which I know is completely ridiculous, but I cant stop myself from thinking it. Its embarrassing, I do biomedical research and Im terrified of my own blood! Im fine with everybody elses though! I also dont like the idea of something being injected into me… Its not the pain, they mostly dont hurt at all. Its just all in my head and its really frustrating because I know this but somehow it doesnt register

Answer #10

A-team tune plays in the background im diabetic and have 4 injections a day a-team tune stops playing i think its a thing ppl have to answer individualy as theres no single answer

Answer #11

I have a phobia of needles…they’re absolutely awful. I just…I’m not really sure why I don’t like them. It just really bothers me that some big pointy metal thing is going inside my arm. It’s terrifying. I also don’t like getting needles because my reaction to them is really embarassing. -.- I actually punched a nurse in the face once because she was about to give me the needle. It just like, happened! Of course I wouldn’t ever mean to do that D: and like, I scream and cry and they have to hold me down (I don’t know why they go to so much trouble to give me one stupid needle >.>) and afterwards I throw up and pass out and I have to sleep for the rest of the day and I’m jumpy for the next like, three days. Gah.

Answer #12

Dont worry, I know how you feel. I hit my dentist really hard with my elbow once. To be fair, he asked for it. I told him I was panicking and would he please give a minute. He refused, I reacted.

Answer #13

needeles do hurt but you cant stop them, they have a natural part in this world

Answer #14

It’s a somewhat irrational fear but it makes a little bit of sense if you think about it. Needles have the ability to puncture your skin but then again they more than likely won’t seriously injure you.

Answer #15

thats like exactly the same as my mum :L:L:L even the job :P


Answer #16

I’m not scared of them. But i know of people who are. In my view,it has to do with the pain. I kinda like certain phyical pain to an extent. I know that sounds weird,but i used to be afraid of any pain. I trained myself not to hate it or be afraid of it. I like to face my fears and get over them. The thing is pain and nerves hitting the skin and such,everyone thinks they can’t stop pain from happening,when they don’t know that pain is controled by the brain. If you think it’s gonna hurt,it will. If you think it won’t,it won’t. It all all controled. When i got my first tattoo,i sat in the chair for 45 minutes straight. Not one cry or ‘’ouch’’ i just took it. At first when the needle hit my skin and i heard the buzzing noise,i started thinking it would hurt. And it did,until i said in my head ‘’this doesn’t hurt,it feels amazing. I can take this,i’m cool’’ and for the rest of the time i was getting it,no pain. The owner was watching me and was like ‘’Are you sure this is your first tat? You’re takin it like a pro! Most people cry.’’ i just laughed. –The reason people have fears of needles and pain,i think is because they haven’t learned how to master pain and having mind over matter. –That’s just my view.

Answer #17

im not afrid of needles at all… but other people jus freak when they see them.. my friend had to get her blood taken and she pasted out and she didnt even look at the needle she jus felt it go in her skin

Answer #18

Why are some people afraid of spiders? Why are some people afraid of heights?

Answer #19

Gah! Me too! it makes me cringe to think of something metal and pointy sliding through my skin…

Answer #20

cuz they HURT!
I been scared for ever! hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt ! OUCH!

Answer #21

I am afraid of heights because as a child someone found it funny to hang me over a high building. IT was pretty terriying. People are scared of spiders because they bite and can be poisonous.

Answer #22

There is always a reason for a fear, whether rational or irrational.

Answer #23

I was watching The Maury Show and some chick had a phobia toward cotton balls. She just hated that little scrunchy noise they make when you squeeze them. HAHA!

Answer #24

o.O I Feel So Bad For You…

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